Jennifer Aniston Pulled A Chris Brown

October 6th, 2011 // 51 Comments

If you thought throwing a chair in a fit of anger is something only black hip-hop singers do, you need Jesus in your heart to cast out the devil of racism. Also, tell him the turkey’s done. Via The HuffPo:

“I threw a chair at a director. It wasn’t my proudest moment,” she tells the magazine “He was treating a script supervisor horribly… When the director walked in, I threw a chair at him. I missed, of course. I was like, ‘You can’t speak to people like that.’ I can’t tolerate it.”
She didn’t give any indication as to who the director was, and given her long career, it’s hard to make a guess. Though no one would be too upset if it was Andy Tennant, her director on “The Bounty Hunter.”

Just so everyone’s clear, Jennifer Aniston saw a situation she didn’t like and was allowed to throw a fucking chair at a dude without anyone going, “That’s assault, lady,” and calling the cops. Which apparently is exactly what film sets are like, and if you haven’t read Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can, Too! by Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, they say exactly that. If you’re the “star,” you can basically traffic children through your trailer and everyone on set has to say you look beautiful doing it. “Why, yes, Gerard Butler, I’ve never seen a man sell Croatian toddlers so handsomely before. Scone?” is something I like to believe was said at some point.

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  1. But instead of breaking a window, she just scratched the shit out of it with her nipples.

  2. ace11

    Nice Nipples

    i mean real nice

  3. Ed G.

    “Jennifer Aniston Pulled A Chris Brown.” Is that code for anal penetration?

  4. once i lost a wheel right outside a sanitarium, after the bolts had worked themselves off. i mounted the spare in its place but needed new bolts. oddly enough jennifer aniston was on the other side of the fence, gardening. (she was supposedly taking R&R after her divorce from brad.) anyway she suggested i took one bolt from each of the other three wheels. presto my car was back in order! i said wow that was pretty clever. she said “you know i really don’t belong here”. so i said ok i’ll put in a word with the caretaker, which i did. well about thirtty mins later i was pulling away from the place when a fucking shovel came through my windshield. there’s aniston screaming to me, “hey, you didn’t forget to put in a word for me, did you?!”

  5. Any Guy

    SPAMMERS GET ASS CANCER. FISH, c’mon dude… ban this spamming cunt already.

  6. it was probably a solar powered eco-friendly chair, so no harm done.

  7. Jennifer Aniston beat the shit out of Rhianna too? That makes up for “The Bounty Hunter”, but she’s still got “Marley and Me” to answer for…punch the bitch again.

  8. peterbekir

    Hello wery good Thank you.

  9. it had to be said

    Whatever else is true, I support her commitment to hard nipples.

  10. Jennifer Aniston Braless THO Nipples
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice smartwater add. Wonder how much she made for this little “walk.”

  11. I was going to say something about chairs but then I looked into the eye of Sauron burning through cotton fabric and saw a powerful vision of hobbits running up a mountain.

  12. Was really pulling for some lesbian action in the post. Should have said she was pulling a 2009 Chris Brown.

  13. cc

    If she threw a chair at me I’d give her a spanking. Actually, I’d give her a spanking regardless.

  14. Jillia

    This story bores me. She saw some sort of injustice, threw a chair and missed, and isn’t proud of it. Who the fuck cares?? Comparing her to Chris Brown is a bit of a fucking reach. It’s not like the director went looking through her cell phone or anything…

  15. Max

    I love this-

    “Just so everyone’s clear, Jennifer Aniston saw a situation she didn’t like and was allowed to throw a fucking chair at a dude without anyone going, “That’s assault, lady,” and calling the cops.”

    This article seems cut and pasted. The situation was explained, then this. ?

    Her actions are taken totally out of context. Some people deserve to be chair targets. Sometimes a chair is thrown for the right reasons. She’s Robinhood in my book, now. btw, props-Smart Water, for having a great pitch-person who actually *uses* product. Go, righteous indignation! ;)

    • Dan

      No, we totally agree on some people deserve to be hit by a chair. Some people deserve to be hit in the face with a bat. But we have built this society where you cannot do this without assault charges – unless you are rich and/or famous.

      Sometimes I wish we had the tolerance of today with the attitude of the 40s. If someone says something about your wife or whatever you can punch them in the face. If cop that shows up decides the other person probably deserved it, that is the end of it.

      The new law should be the “Don’t Be an Asshole Law of 2011.” If a jury of your peers decide that someone is being an asshole, being knocked around a little is not a crime.

      • .

        “Sometimes I wish we had the tolerance of today with the attitude of the 40s. If someone says something about your wife or whatever you can punch them in the face.”

        I’m Turkish, and in Turkey, if someone insults you, your mother, father, wife, children etc, you can take them to the police. This might sound ricidulous to an American since the states have this “freedom of speech” stuff where people can say whatever they want to and justify it with 1st amendment but yeah, in Turkey, you can do it and even sue the person. I mean, very rarely people do it but when you do, the hassle the defendant has to go through to defend himself teaches him a lesson that they think twice about opening their mouths and saying things like “I’d fuck your mother’s pussy and your wife’s mouth, you son of a whore!” haha

        “An established morality is as necessary as good government to the welfare of society. (As a result of morality) Societies disintegrate from within more frequently than they are broken up by external pressures.” – British lawyer and jurist Judge Devlin

      • .

        correction: (As a result of LACK* of morality)

  16. J. Glenn

    People GTFO here talking about how extreme it is to compare her with Chris Brown. She was defending another person & he was defending himself. SO CUT IT THE FXCKK OUT. Tired of ya’ll tryna put him down & obviously it isn’t working they just said he has the biggest fan base out of any artist..AND his album went platinum WHILE his concert tickets are selling out. GET OVER YOURSELVES..hating NOT a good look.

    • Schmidtler

      really, can’t we just focus on Chris Brown’s love of having men’s penises in his ass?

    • Jillia

      I hate Chris Brown followers more than anything. These are the same people that think everyone who are “haters” are just “jealous.” Wake up! It’s really because you’re just a piece of shit!

      You can sell all the records in the world but that doesn’t stop someone from being a bag of douche who has to “defend himself” from his girlfriend looking at his text messages by “punching [Rihanna] and she interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face. She then bent over at the waist, placing her elbows and face near her lap in attempt to protect her face and head from the barrage of punches being levied upon her by Brown.”

      • Nugget

        We “haters” are not only “jealous” — but usually
        fat, disgusting, slobs as well. Ohhh, if I had a nickle !

  17. A.T.

    Is there ANYTHING that can block this bitch’s nipples from showing?!!!!

  18. wtf

    This story makes me like her more. What a stupid fucking story…she threw a chair at an asshole, she missed and should be charged with assault? If she feels bad it should be BECAUSE she missed. Guy sounds like a jerk.

  19. DeucePickle

    It’s not like her skinny ass could lift a very big chair anyway. How much could that have hurt ? I’d have a chair throwing contest with her.

  20. TomFrank

    I figure that any chair Aniston could pick up and throw with ease is probably one that’s too light to do any kind of real bodily harm. Probably one of those canvas director’s chairs.

  21. Frank Burns

    Put me on Team Aniston for this one. She got pissed on someone else’s behalf. And yah, I think the comparison to Chris Brown is off base.

  22. Jennifer Aniston Braless THO Nipples
    oh i know
    Commented on this photo:

    i could’nt care LESS about Jen Aniston but i LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag!! :)

  23. Buddy the Elf

    Never been a fan of her, but DAMN she is twice Lohans age and looks SMOKIN most of the time. Gorgeous. (But still figuring her for a diva bitch…)

  24. Panty Bear

    Jen sounds like a moron. Just like Chris Brown.

    When they no likey something SMASH!!! Lame. And I hate her even more for trying to make the excuse that she couldn’t stand how the director was treating someone. Donate to a charity loser.

  25. Dan

    If I threw a chair at my boss I would be fired and in jail.

    I cannot believe we still allow people to act totally above the law where we are supposed to be a classless society – and these rich people keep saying how bad class society is…

  26. Beefarino

    These pictures make me feel like her nipple is following me.

  27. wft

    How is she like Chris Brown? She didn’t beat the tar out of someone smaller then her.

  28. Al Swearengen

    She’s just entitled !

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  30. Ghost

    She’s a monster.

  31. shay kay

    Well if this is how the lady defends her friends than I want her on my team.Our society is such a “set back and watch people be a@@holes and ignore it even if you actually have the power to do something about it.”
    Maybe throwing a chair wasn’t the most diplomatic response but it was better than”Not my problem.Let the little person be treated like sh@t but I’m not getting my movie star a@@ involved , too much trouble.

  32. Jennifer Aniston Braless THO Nipples
    Commented on this photo:

    is pulling a chris brown code for having sex with a dude and then denying it? is that what i’m supposed to take away from this?

  33. Its me snitches

    It was Ted Griffen she threw the chair at.

    And it wasn’t because he was mean to a crew member. It was because he wasn’t lighting the scene in the way she wanted. She’s very concerned about lighting because she needs to try and hide her hideous acne scars.

  34. Elihu Smails

    She’s the talent , and the hollywood machine allows the talent to do virtually anything. These people do not live in our world . The live in a place that most of us will never visit , the world of privilege and fawning , obsequious ass – kissing . Enjoy it while it lasts .

  35. Jessica

    She beat up Rihanna?

  36. “And now it’s time to go live to Jennifer Aniston’s nipples for your greater New York weather report.”

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