Jennifer Aniston Responds to Bill O’Reilly

August 13th, 2010 // 69 Comments

Jennifer Aniston has fired back to Bill O’Reilly after he called her comments on single motherhood “destructive to society” presumably because they didn’t involve shower-themed sexual harassment. It’s the only true way to raise a child. People reports:

“Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth,” Aniston tells PEOPLE exclusively. “And, of course, many women dream of finding Prince Charming (with fatherly instincts), but for those who’ve not yet found their Bill O’Reilly, I’m just glad science has provided a few other options.”

What? No loofah joke? Jesus. Cold, emotionless and she sucks at comebacks. No wonder Brad Pitt left her.

Ha! Just kidding. I never wondered. Gotcha!

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  1. jay

    Bill O’Reilly is a ball washing bastard

  2. Cock Dr

    She bobbed her nose, didn’t she? It looks way different from her old movies.

  3. Deacon Jones

    ohhhh she couldve done so much better….

    Def. shouldve referenced the vibrator incident on himself…now he’ll just read that quote out loud to his audience and flash that “i’m a creepy pervert” smile as the credits roll.

  4. Cris Rock

    Chris Rock

    “yeah you could do it, but that does not mean it should be done.”

  5. Rob

    Her excuse is as strong as her last 40 relationships . #FAIL

    • Double D's in Napa

      Agreed. MAniston is so played out. She just happens to be a genius at publicity. Dried up, gigantic chin nasty vapid cunt. I bet her vagina could keep dry ice frozen for years.

  6. she’s just too nice.. guess id throw her a mercy fuck

  7. Taz

    Why is she wearing a bra? I want her nice natural eraser nips to poke out.

  8. Cyrus

    When will this desperate, old, dried up, small lipped, giant chinned, beady eyed, has-been go away? It’s just sad really.

    • fester

      There is a rational explanation for O’Reilly’s chin. After spending so many years with his head in his ass, his scrotum has become permanently attached to his neck. It could happen to anyone… well, anyone on Fox News.

  9. Viv

    she has a new movie coming out? oooh, it all makes sense now.

  10. fester

    It was a pretty clever response. People like O’Reilly only provoke these little slapfests for the sake of publicity. Aniston doesn’t need it and she pretty well shuts it down by (a) agreeing him with him and (b) equating him with Prince Charming. Even though she meant it as complete snark, how does he refute that?

  11. RG

    I will never understand why people give Jennifer Aniston such a hard time or refer to her as “dried up” etc. She has done just fine for herself since the marriage ended. She’s banging movie stars & musicians while Brad’s got a tribe of kids crawling all over him. People act like her world should end bc her marriage did. Big deal! thought her response was a classy way to go & she seems like a perfectly likeable person.

  12. You are an ass


  13. McFeely Smackup

    say what you will about O’reilly but he called her out and she backed down. It’s 100% pure distilled bullshit to suggest that singe motherhood is something responsible or even desirable. Granted, if you’re a multi-millionaire actress, it really is kind of a different game. so this just shows that she’s stupid, irresponsible, and out of touch with society.

    Good thing she’s aging well.

    • chauvinist ass

      It’s “irresponsible” to be a single mother? What century are you living in? Fuck off

      • McFeely Smackup

        The passing of centuries doesn’t suddenly make doing a piss poor job of raising a child more acceptable. It just makes it more likely that people like you will fall over themselves to excuse it.

        Having two parents of adult MATURITY and financially stable situation is far, far preferable over women deciding to get knocked up and drag some poor kid through poverty with them. And let’s be honest, it’s WOMEN doing this. No man can decide to have a kid that noboby else wants.

        Here’s a challenge for you women: You want to impress us with how you can “do it all alone”, then do it. get knocked up and have a kid, raise it and pay for it all alone. don’t ask for child support. don’t ask for welfare. don’t ask for foodstamps. don’t ask for ANYTHING a married stable couple wouldn’t have available to them. If you’re not a hollywood movie star, we all know that aint gonna happen.

    • The economist

      Actually….studies show that parents, single, gay or whatever that intentionally go into a parental life style (adoption, in vitro fertilization, etc.) yield significantly more stable and healthy children. Maybe it’s because these things cost money and so there’s some selection bias in that better off single people can raise a child more comfortably than a poor couple, but all else being equal, I’d rather have one good mother than two young idiots raising me.

      • McFeely Smackup

        actually, that is 100% bullshit. Single mothers have children who are MANY times more likely to use drugs, poor grades, drop out of school, become single mothers themselves, not attend college, and end up in lower income brackets.

        By almost every single measurable metric, single mothers raise children who are worse off in life than children raised by stable couples.

      • trillian

        here, here! I was raised in a single parent household – by my father! Ooh, she grew up without a mom, bet she’s all messed up. Nope, i had one of the stablest homelives of all my friends – including the ones with two parents who did nothing but bitch and fight with each other all the time. Ttwo shitty parents are not better than one fantastic parent. It’s about the love and disciipline that children recieve, not how many adults are hanging about.

    • brevity is the soul of wit

      McFeely is right. Right is right, it doesn’t matter if you feel guilty about your own shortcomings. They are not an excuse for compromise. Aniston and her ilk can keep telling themselves what a “success” they are despite their failure.

    • Stanz are the only one who makes any sense here. She’s vapid and boring and just because she’s a celebrity (beyond me) doesn’t make her inpervious to criticism…especially when it’s deserved.

      • lady jesus

        I love how now that women decided they don’t need some aging, balding prick in order to have a kid, guys kick into the “WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!?!?!?!???” reactionary mode.

        Newsflash, dickbeard, she’s not talking about high school seniors getting knocked up, but rather financially secure 30/40-something women.

    • sarah

      You are right, she is totally out of touch with reality!!!!

    • lola

      Instead of DIVIDE and CONQUER as usual we need to look at each case on a individual basis. You have to know the heart of the woman and her desire to have a child. The most stable family with 2 parents and a decent income could do the worst job raising a child. Children do not care about money, but love and attention.

      I think it is cruel that women are expected to hold down a job and bear children. In this modern society there really isn’t much difference between a single parent household and a 2 parent household if the child is shipped off to daycare most of the time.

      Single mothers that WANT the baby are often the most attentive mothers; with no guy to distract them the child becomes their life. I am not proposing that 2 parent households aren’t the best option, but look at PEOPLE and not statistics.

  14. McFeely Smackup


  15. I find her really sexy, personally. She has a fucking awesome body.

    Angelina has a better face, & used to have a nicer body, but these days she’s just too thin for me.

    Personalities and acting ability are irrelavent, since I will never be within a mile of either of them.

  16. Bugsy

    She’s looking very old and haggered lately, and soon she’ll be too old to have any kids! I’m hoping that when she goes to the sperm bank, since she hasn’t found any man that can stand her, she ends up with Bill O’Reilly’s sperm.

  17. KV

    “Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth”, how does she know that ??? Last time I checked here uterus was still covered with spiderwebs and she did’nt adopt any children either like she once said she would. Another publicity stunt ?? Definitely !!!!

  18. Armando

    O’Reilly has her on this – there is is extensive decadal case study on single parent mom and none of it is good. Children from fatherless households represent some 70% of the prison population, and remain similarly over-represented among high school drop-outs, drug users, gang members, and the poor. The notorious black-white gap in educational and economic achievement stems in large part from the collapse of marriage in much of the African American community. Among blacks, close to 70% of all new babies are born to unwed mothers—about three times the rate of illegitimate birth that prevails among whites and Asians.

    • km

      go armando! can’t fight the truth, try as the liberals might.

    • Ted

      Uh, nice try, but you’re explaining why black kids are losers. The stats you cited don’t hold for kids of single white affluent moms. As always, be sure to draw your conclusions within-species.

    • Me

      I wrote a similar post on the other thread, here it is:
      “Bill is actually right. Just look at the black community and how fucked up it is. I think something like 70% of black kids are born without a father. This means the mom has to work overtime to pay for the kid, so no one is there to raise him. Hence the crime, high school drop-out rates, illiteracy, and unemployment being so rapid among blacks.

      Now look at East Asians and Indians — perhaps the most traditional and strict in their family values. Their kids go on to become doctors and engineers.”
      You can’t ignore reality. The sub-cultures with the tightest, close-nit families are often the ones who succeed. Most of the people arguing against the fact that two parents are better than one, are most likely single mothers themselves. They are trying to make themselves feel less like failures who are raising their child in an unhealthy environment.

      Statistics show that single mothers and their children are more likely to be poor and on social assistance programs. Obviously if you are a multi-millionaire like Jen, and can afford to take off of work and hire nannies, single-motherhood is not much of a problem. But most people don’t fit this mold. Most single-mothers are not so because they chose to be. Odds are they banged some “bad boy”, got knocked up, and then he ditched. Few willingly got in vitro fertilization.

  19. Drew

    God I love Jenn. And her comment “find their Bill O’Reilly” was amazing.

  20. Jester

    HAHA you fags, it is better to have a two parent family. Kids being raised by a single rich Mom while I suppose preferable to being umm aborted is still a poor example to society. O’Reilly called a spade a spade and you cant deal with it, who really has the problem here.

    I dont care how F’d up she is, I will be a poor example to my wife and kids and dump them for you Jen, Fish has my digits, call me.

  21. Jester

    Oh, and I thought that was a classy response to a personal decision. She may disagree, but retains her dignity by responding without venom like most fd up libs with Daddy issues.

  22. Lil

    The day that Bill O’Reilly squeezes a baby out of his vagina, I might listen to his opinions on motherhood options. Until then, STFU.

  23. ilikesake

    Ok, two thing’s: 1) As much as I know there are good single mothers out there, I believe a kid should have two active parents in their lives. PERIOD. Because, if you want to bring stats into the equation, single parents are usually Mothers, and those mothers are usually from the poorer or less financially stable parts of North America (just took a soci class, I have references). So, they have to work hard to put food on the table or to make sure Jr has the latest gear or whatever. Therefore, they spend more time working and less time taking their kid to the park, or teaching them how to ride a bike. You know, the little things. So how does that help the kid in the end? I mean, even two parents have trouble sustaining a financially stable home and raising a kid or two. AGAIN, I am not saying this can’t be done, but like Chris Rock said, I don’t think its a good idea..
    2) I’m suprised Aniston even RESPONDED to this guy. I mean if it was Skeletor Jolie, I don’t see her saying anything back to Bill. I never liked Aniston, I was always for Jolie. But lately, Aniston has been doing and looking better then her.

    • kara

      Just because you are wealthy, doesn’t mean that you have a healthy and happy relationship. There are also families that are poor even with a mother and a father. There are families that I know where the mother is the one bringing in all the money, and the father spends it all. When it doesn’t work out, what’s wrong with being a single parent if that would mean a less stressful environment for the family. To me, in the end, it comes to the psychological factor. As long as the family is happy in the end, it doesn’t matter if it’s a single parent family or not.

  24. captain america

    just show your ANUS while SHITTING!!!

  25. Marcus

    Good discussion here, I’ll come back and read the rest later.

  26. TrouserTrout

    There is no way she came up with that retort. She is too f$#@#&% dumb for that kind of witty response. I also think she is a dead fish in the sack, that is why she can’t hold on to her men. The honest truth is this pathetic chick is still holding out for the hope that Brad will dump Angelina and come running back to her.

  27. Andriiya

    Did any of you people stop and think that maybe the reason sons of unwed mothers turn into gangmembers/drug addicts/etc. is because half of their genes come from the fucking loser that didn’t raise them because they are a gangmember/drug addict themselves? And the other half of their genes probably comes from a fat lazy bitch on welfare.

    It has barely anything to do with gender/number/age of the parents. If you have a family history of fuck-ups then there is a high chance you will be a fuckup, especially if you grow up in a bad area.

    Have you ever actually met someone that was raised by a single mother that WANTED to be a single mother? No? Well neither have I, so why not let these women have a shot at it and see the real results instead of claiming that the women that think of being a single mom as a excuse to stay home, collect welfare/foodstamps/child support and watch Oprah all day are the same as a 30/40 something woman that wants the child/children.

  28. kara

    My mom was a single mother that raised me and my sister. We turned out fine. I think I’d rather be raised by a single mother than having a mother and father that fights all the time (my friend’s parents). I know my mom has to work harder than a family with a father and a mother, but she makes sure to let us know that she loves and care about us. I don’t think it’s wrong to want to be a single mother.

  29. cc

    I am glad that Bill O’Reilly found another opportunity to demonstrate that he’s an ignorant asshole. He was running out. Honestly, he’s got to be, at worst, tied for the biggest idiot in American media.

    And Jennifer Aniston is still hot…I’d love to date her.

  30. JVA

    If Aniston’s fictional film caractor is such an attack to the moral fiber of American society and worldwide parenting, what is the moral scale of a phone sex pervert, who herasses his staff and then buys his way out of public exposure and ridicule, using Rupert Merdock’s FOX propaganda channel bucks?

    This whole things rings false like the Murphy Brown debockle of years past.

  31. lola

    the views of the lola above do not represent my views as im the lola thta always supports good breasts. i am annoyed this other lola is using my name for this purpose

  32. Dani

    I think she said it PERFECTLY… ure just so ANTI JENNIFER…i thinks ure gay…is the only reason u hate her…because u wanted to be just like her…FAG!

  33. Ryan

    Oh, snap! Rachel Green just pwned Bill O’Reilly!

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