Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Are Living Together

June 16th, 2011 // 102 Comments

Where one home has been wrecked, let another take its place to be wrecked at a later date. Us Weekly reports:

“He’s living at her place in L.A.!” an insider tells the new Us Weekly, out now. “And she’s introducing him as her boyfriend.” That’s a big deal for Aniston, 42, who hasn’t been open about any of her beaus since her 2008 split with John Mayer.
39-year-old Theroux (who usually kept a room at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont before taking up residence at Aniston’s posh place) has an apartment in NYC — and now it’s all his, after girlfriend Heidi Bivens recently moved out.

And it gets even more serious. They’re adopting a puppy! I bet they’ll name it Brad. Via Life & Style:

Life & Style can reveal that after discussing it with Justin and gaining his support, Jen is actively looking for another rescue pup to adopt! Jen’s beloved Welsh corgi-terrier mix, Norman passed away earlier this year at the age of 15. The new addition will join Jen’s other pooch, Dolly, and Justin’s two dogs, Lou Lou and Pooma.

And Justin can’t wait to start making a life with Jen. While dining with a buddy at the Chateau Marmont on June 7, he couldn’t stop bragging about his “amazing” girlfriend and even showed off a picture of Jen on his cell phone. “He’s at that place where he wants to settle down; he wants a wife and kids,” a friend of his tells Life & Style. “And he doesn’t have any doubt that Jen would be a good mom.”

Except Justin Theroux should have doubts that Jennifer Aniston would make a great mom because they just adopted a dog instead of her saying, “I’m on the pill,” and tricking him into ejaculating into her vagina which is how normal people make a baby. That plus she’s barren.

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  1. Dirk Digler

    And I give a shit why?

    • Obvious Troll

      Because “America’s Princess” is now a home-wrecking hypocrite.

      • pam

        Jenifer Aniston is not American Princess. She just no talent movie star.Whinny and hypocrite. No wonder why she stole some one long time boyfriend. Shame Jen. Please, cover your thick skin face by a blanket before go out

    • brad's pit

      Perhaps your life is devoid of meaning?

  2. Dan

    Hate to say this, but they are going too fast. She shouldn’t be moved in with him yet. This can only end badly.

    “… her saying, “I’m on the pill,” and tricking him into ejaculating into her vagina which is how normal people make a baby.”

    This is sooo true!

    • M

      How astute. Now excuse me while I vomit.

    • Deacon Jones

      My exgirlfriend told one of her friends that she stopped taking her pill 4 months before we broke up.

      She thought a baby would “save the relationship”. She was fucking crazy.

      • Rancid

        I’ve always thought that “chick putting a needle through a condom before sex” was an urban legend, but then I found out about an associate who had that actually happen to him. As a result, there was a rushed marriage within a matter of months. The dude looked like a deer in the headlights. He actually quoted to me the Talking Heads lyrics “I have a beautiful wife, a beutiful house, and I wonder “How did I get here”? His expression said it all.

        Many years ago, when I was a kid, this teenaged redneck (forced into a shotgun marriage) told me his sad story. I’ll never forget how mournful he sounded. He looked me in the eye and said “Always wear a boot. Ah don’t care if she takes her pills in front of yuu. Always wear a boot.”

      • rican

        what a moron martyr, get divorced!

    • KV

      Why are we all assuming this bitch can even get pregnant ?? Her uterus must be completely whithered.

  3. Buh Bye

    WOW she looks old in this picture.

    HAH…watching the weiner resignation (who gives a speech to resign in shame) and the crowd is calling him pervert etc. Good Ol NYC!

    • TomFrank

      Yeah, two or three hecklers say it, and suddenly it’s “the crowd.”

      • Buh Bye

        @ Barney Franks molested & orally serviced by his dad son Tom^

        Wow, my bad. I was taken 100% literally because Im a superficial commenter with more journalistic integrity than 95% of the mainstream media. Thanks for correcting me. God forbid you do something about your Dad fellating half of the liberal pages in congress & Huma Weiners in house human bidets (ya wash out that muslim stink that they are all born with. If you go by what the inside of any mosque smells like, id guess it was goat, sour milk and pedophiliac guilt, which your Dad can explain if you dont know…yet).

      • Buh Bye

        and BTW, you dont have a press conference to resign in shame. You do it with a letter and in silence, unless youre a scummy, typical muli grease ball that thinks someone gives a shit what you have to say about anything.

  4. I don’t think it qualifies as “home wrecking” when the two weren’t married, I think it’s just called “getting dumped”.

  5. Torimili

    Does this mean no one feels bad for Jen anymorethat Angelina stole Brad? Finally!

    • tammy

      But it’s not mean someone stole her husband then now she stole someone boyfriend back? Idiot question? People feels when she was a victim but they are not feels when she is a homewrecker

  6. dumb

    Calling someone barren is NOT a fucking thing to joke about. Would you make fun of someone that has prostrate cancer and cant procreate? Beware of fucking karma. Shit stings HARD.

  7. MarkM

    I liked her better when she was with Ross!

  8. M

    What kind of lame ass names are those for dogs??? Chrissake…

  9. Clarence Beeks

    Her makeup is horrible here, and I hate that she started using fillers in her face. DO NOT follow Courtney’s plastic surgery example Jen. CC looks awful now.

    • She has aged fast lately. I remember making a comment not too long ago about how she looks young for her age, but she’s looking haggard here. Her face looks waxy and lumpy and kinda grinch like.

    • Deacon Jones

      she looks like shit

      • tammy

        She was born fugly and now she want to keep her look young by injected Botox make her face look bloating and un-natural. It’s fake young She fixed her nose 3 times and get lipo-suction before famous. and get fake boob now. No wonder why her body look perfect. She total plastic but not sexy or pretty

  10. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I had hoped that when I saw a more recent photo of him with less facial hair I might understand.
    I don’t.
    From Brad Pitt, John Mayor & Gerard Butler to this.
    He must have a PhD in cunnilingus.

  11. Scully

    I wonder what Aniston’s new stance is on dating men already in other relationships now that the vagina is on the other penis.

  12. Cock Dr

    No babies are gonna come out of that woman ever.
    Yes, get more dogs. Give yourself loyal friends to play with. Hire more help to scoop the poop & groom their fur. It helps the economy a lot more than buying a Hermes handbag.

  13. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    Commented on this photo:

    He better hope she doesn’t star in another movie. He pussy tends to be the welcoming committee for all her co-stars.

  14. rican

    I wonder what her twat smells like.

  15. lol jen sux

    she’s always been selfish and somewhat vapid. thas wy brad lost interest. angie has things going for her.

  16. First she goes around stealing other people’s (stupid looking) boyfriends. Next thing you know, she’ll be stealing Christmas too.

  17. oh i know

    honestly, i never understood the interest in her…she isn’t great looking; although she has kept her body in shape; probably just from lack of use, and her acting skills are about as boring as her sex life! how many times has she made the same movie??? i don’t get it….

  18. AleisterCrowley

    So psoriasis face got a boyfriend. Big whoop!

  19. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    Commented on this photo:

    that is the real face of a home wrecker … and she can’t denied that

  20. Amy

    Gross. I used to like him, but now….

    His ex-girlfriend is much prettier and more interesting than Blandiston.

  21. cc

    Chelsea Handler’s advice to Jennifer ‘the best way to get revenge is to steal someone else’s husband. Payback against random strangers is how the world goes round.’

    • lora

      Chelsea Handlers is a bad girl who slep with her boss { who married } to get a job and nasty joke ,no talent comedian Now she Jen best friend. No wonder why Jen turned bad ,stole someone long time boyfriend.

  22. SexyCaramel

    Not surprising…she is gonna get her some happiness anyway she can…this will come back to haunt her…she was put on a pedestal…and look how she kicked that over for a man that was someone elses….she is no better than jolie!!! Karma is a muther!!

  23. Well...duh

    @ SexyCaramel
    That’s what the people who aren’t her fan have been trying to say all these years…she’s no better than anyone but y’all put her on a pedestal, buying her butter won’t melt in her mouth bullshit. Bitch has always been self centered, now everyone can see it.

  24. bitingontinfoil

    To compare this to what Jolly-Jolie has done in her life is nothing. Lesse, she married Johnny whasisname, fucked around on him, stole BB Thornton from Laura Dern, got it on (admittedly) w/many co-stars, hung out in heroin dens, has done more drugs that most people can count, finally adopted a kid to try to KEEP BB Thornton (didn’t work), agreed to do Mr & Mrs Smith only ’cause BPittstain was in it and his desire for children was well known iin interviews, trapped this douchebag by having a kid, had kids w/him thru in-vitro, is back on the shit, ignores her “Goodwill Ambassador” duties when she doesn’t have a movie coming out, does a LV ad for which she was paid mega bucks in a 3rd world country *(the cost of 1 bag would feed a family for a week)…

    And we wanna compare Aniston who hooks up w/a guy who was already broken up w/his gf with THAT piece of trash?


    • watson

      No you bitch please. I love how people are like its okay because they weren’t married. I get it, theres no legal contract. But what about the emotional investment? 14 fucking long years of emotional investment? There are unmarried couples out there who love each other more than some married couples. Rings and the married titles do not define love. Where is the fucking respect for marriages or relationships these days? I would humbly like to know how you know that they two were separated prior to Jen the Hen? I am not blaming Jen for the split because it takes two to tango as she should know. Just ask Mr and Mrs Smith. But I would have thought all the Jen supporters would have already swallowed their large cup of STFU by now. I would have thought the only thing come out of those delusional fuckers is the sound of crickets. Guessed wrong eh?

    • watson

      P.S. I think you are biting on shit. You are crazy. Like, I fully read your seething comment. Wow. Quite a turd u dropped there. You talk like u know these people. Is your name Chelsea Handler perhaps?

    • lmn

      Uhm everything you read in the National Enquirer isn’t verbatim fact…I don’t even like the JOLIE that much but I think what you said is total bullshit…

      • bitingontinfoil

        BB Thornton and Laura Dern were engaged = fact. Brad Pittstain and Jen were married = fact. She’s admitted to heroin, cocaine and crack use = fact. She’s admitted to suicide attempts = fact. She’s admitted to keeping her father out of the grandkids’ lives = fact. There is no history of twins in either her or Pittstains family = fact (therefore invitro). She’s a narcissisting borderline personality whack job = fact.

      • lmn

        actually bitinginfoil according to her ESTRANGED FATHER his niece Angelina’s 1rst cousin had a set of twins also..

        Angie’s aren’t the only twins in the family. Jon shared that he has a niece with twins and from that experience he knows that “Angie is in for a handful.”

      • lmn

        All people in Hollywood sleep around, do drugs, and are narcissists….So what make this woman so special???

    • Peanutty

      This post is a thing of beauty. Angie thinks that she can erase her hoodrat past by posing in a headscarf like Mother Theresa.

  25. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    Commented on this photo:

    Channeling his inner Johnny Depp?

  26. tlmck

    This is the best looking guy she could find?

  27. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    Commented on this photo:

    Livin’ large off those Run DMC royalty checks.

  28. the captain

    just try to count all the wrinkles.

  29. Bison

    Equine genes 1.
    Human genes 0.

  30. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeap, she’s definitely into megadouches.

  31. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    Commented on this photo:

    Seen her doing his time-honored Dane Coolifianakis routine.

  32. Todd Hockney

    She’s never been more than lukewarm. She’s cooling now and will be completely cold in 10 years .It’s over .

  33. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    chazzy fries
    Commented on this photo:

    safe to say it is over man

  34. what?

    I wish her stupid fans would stop making excuses for HORSE-FACE McCHEATER already. She broke up a relationship by LYING and CHEATING. She’s a HO. And you are all sick HOs for defending her. Same goes for Angelina. Both Hollywood HOs. Now, moving on—

  35. Kiki

    Oh goody. Can we start calling her a skank and carry on a 7 year hatefest against her like her batshit crazy fans did against Jolie? Sounds like fun.

    It’s nice to see her crazy fans are making excuses for her bad behavior. Just shows that their high moral standards applies ONLY to some people and not others. HYPOCRITES.

  36. she is ugly and pathetic

    lol Jennifer maniston’s fans are trying to come up with a bunch of bs excuses to justify what she did. They are saying the guy has to be married for the woman to be a home-wrecker. Really? What difference does a piece of paper make?! If anything, what jen did is much worse. Angelina jolie got emotionally involved with brad pitt after jennifer aniston filed for divorce. What difference does it make whether the divorve was finalized or not? If i were brad, i would have started moving on, too. No one likes being rejected. What was he supposed to do besides moving on? Wtf was man-face jennifer doing getting involved with a guy who had a steady girlfriend of 14 years? She is pathetic. Also, has anyone noticed how justin’s ex girlfriend looks like angelina jolie???

    • gina

      Thank you! Someone that knows the real story! Jen was on TV before the so called ‘scandal’ stating how she wasn’t happy in her marriage and that she never felt like herself during the marriage and that she felt she had to be something she wasn’t and she didn’t like it. She was only comfortable when he was away, then she could be herself. He wanted desperately to start a family, she emphatically didn’t. She realized she wasn’t in love with this man, because she wasn’t happy, she loved herself more. She just saw that people believed that Brad and Angelina had a fling while they were still ‘happily’ married and she went with it. She got 100x’s more famous because of it. She played her role. She has daddy issues, too. At least, Angelina grew up and moved on, she and her father don’t get along, very well, but she learned to get past her issues and learn to love a man, the right way. Jenn has yet to do so, this is why her relationships falter. (along with being selfish, relationships do require compromises, they can’t be all about ‘me, me, me’.) Anyway, I hope she does find the right person, but she really needs to apologize for playing on her fans devotion and their emotions and admit that she had already planned on splitting with Brad long before he and Angelina started to become close.

      • Bob

        If you give her 100 millions to tell people she was split with Brad before Jolie came. I’m sure she won’t take it. Because she want people think Jolie is a bad girl, a homewrecker forever.

    • Ang

      Jolie fell shame but Jenifer Aniston is not when she show off her stolen boyfriend

    • allure

      Hahahaha.Lol Agree with all of you said.Thumbs up!!.When Aniston fans would realize what kinf of b*** is she?. Chelsea is nothing compared to her.Because her real name is Crazyhorse. She is so desperate to get someone. During 6 years her fans only find excuses for her. She can hurt, she can dump she can f**** with all Hollywood. But nobody can touch her because is a saint. A poor victim in this horrible triangle. HYPOCRITS. Crazyhorse loves manipulate .All of her beaus (lovers) run away from this woman.For years she was trying to ruin Brad and Angie careers.She sold her personal life only for her own benefit. Don’t you get it? Good thing she couldn’t do it even when her evil friend Chelsea did on her behalf.Obviously she’d been right back to her. She also said Chelsy I love you.Hypocrit. You one and only best friend is Courtney Cox . Friends are in the good and bad moments. Well now you don’t need them. Kids? Is she out f her mind? When her kid is teen she would be retired.

  37. Happy4Jen

    Wow. I was gonna say good luck, Jen. Hope it works out for you this time. The rest of you guys seem like you have some kind of personal ax to grind. Lighten up! Life is to short to be a hater.

  38. puddleduck

    Jen has seen better days…

  39. Tani

    Did someone say “qualifies as “dumped” because they were only living together…really? 14 years is a heck of a lot longer than her wreck of a 4 year marriage. and please don’t say 7 because…well they were only “living together for 3 of those 7 right?” geeze. I doubt Heidi sees it so simply. Besides 14 years in some states equates to “common law”
    marriage. So yup…she’s a home wreckin hypocrite. Lol!

    • rita

      California Law might considered Heidi and Justin realationship as husband and wife if they living more than 10 years. she can ask for Alimony. Clint Eastwood and his 11 years girlfriend broke up . No marry license but she got his money.. So Jenifer Aniston is a homewrecker Shame Jen. You are hypocrite!

  40. Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Rings Living Together
    Oh, what?
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks amazing…

  41. I don’t understand all the hating on JA. She has made her decision that her career was more important than a relationship and I respect her right to make that decision. We all remember a girl like JA, she was the girl from high school that everyone banged but no one wanted to take home to meet their Mother.

    It’s a well know fact that she will spread her legs or hit her knees for anyone that can help her career. The male writers on Friends used to brag about how Aniston would let them bang her if they’d give her a few extra lines per show or the best jokes. Go over to the Smoking Gun and check it out. It’s all in a lawsuit filed by a former female writer. Men use her for sexual release and run like their pants are on fire to get away from her.
    JA knows her role so she gets a pass from me.

    My only complaint is Jennifer is supposed to be really bad in bed. I also heard some columnist named Ian Halperin reported that she had a very bad female odor. Surely with her bank account she can find a cure for that condition.

    • Ane

      Yeah, some people got very bad smell. It’s come from their system. Can’t take the smell away permanent. Just use the deodorants for temporary.

    • Paul

      She didn’t spread her legs for famous because she was lucky married the famous guy Brad Pitt. If not she might spread her legs wide , wider , widest for anyone make her become famous because she has no talent. and her face so fugly

  42. Tori

    I never think Jenifer Aniston is a good girl, Nope. Now she show her negative sides : hypocrite, victim player, and homewrecker. …. and didn’t feel shame to show up with Justin. All of her fan should shut up, move on and cover their faces by pants. Shame shame shame

  43. DAN


  44. maggie

    who gives a shit? they are prolly partying and laughing at the time you all are writing shit about them….

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