Jenna Jameson thinks she’s Angelina Jolie

May 23rd, 2008 // 73 Comments

Jenna Jameson fancies herself as the next Angelina Jolie. Frankly, I’m surprised they’re not twin sisters. Who knew? Anyway, Jenna, who is way younger than her face and duck lips suggest, is ready to become a walking baby factory, according to Us Magazine:

“I think I’m gonna stay unmarried, and just go for the babies!” Jameson, 34, told at Maxim’s Hot 100 bash in L.A. Wednesday. “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps! We’re trying for a baby, so hopefully in the next couple of months!”

Baby #1: Mommy, where did all your money come from?

Jenna Jameson: DAMMIT, CALL ME ANGELINA! Tito, your kid’s acting up again.

Tito Ortiz: Tito punch!

Oh yeah, this’ll go well.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Dilawar from Bangalore

    the blonde, very pretty, the eyes, I say very scary

  2. DJ


  3. Positively Duckface

    Ah, duck face is back. Anyone have any stale bread to throw at her?

  4. Lord Of Bacon

    I love women who are famous for thier abilty to be sodomized on camera.

  5. Toon

    I think it would be interesting being her kid. Eighth grade would be a real treat.

  6. Goblinkatie

    What the hell is going on with her eye makeup?

  7. p911gt10c

    Who’s worse; Jenna for fucking her face up and looking like a duck or Tito for fucking said duck?

  8. nipolian

    Good luck trying to get Tito to father your babies………it’s a well documented fact that he has blown every fag from Venice Beach to Costa Mesa.

  9. Shecky Vegas

    I met this porn broad after a show I did at Ceasar’s. I had too many scotches, tripped, and my face bumped into her breast. I asked if her heart was as big as her bosoms, would she forgive me? Jenna answered, if your schmeckle is as long as your nose, I’m in room 515. Zing!!

  10. Sport


  11. Dudan

    hot woman

  12. Barak Obama

    It will be the easiest birth ever. When the little squirt is ready, he will just fall out of her gaping vagina. You know, from being double stuffed on camera so many times.

    p.s. Vote Democrat if you want your taxes raised!

  13. cuifw

    She’s starting to look normal again.

    Too bad about the make-up.

  14. Forrest Fordutreese

    Why is she wearing a big safety pin on her dress?

  15. Anonymous

    I tried to come up with something witty to say about that eye makeup…..but I got nothin’……….

  16. John McCain

    I wonder if she has beef curtains? Would go great with au jus.

  17. Lipper

    Thats her “nipple” ring, the dumb ass put it on AFTER she got dressed.

    Hard to believe she is 34, she looks more like 44. Ruined her face, way too young to have had plastic surgery.

  18. Jumpin_J

    #13. STFU you moron. Would you like it if I said “Vote for Mc Cain if you like a flip-flopping hostile old man who wants us in an ilegal war killing more Americans”? Didn’t think so. So keep it relevant to annoying starlets or go listen to Rush (the band, not the comedian).

  19. youpeopleareswine

    I don’t think she can even get pregnant, she must have surely built up some kind of immunity to sperm after all that she’s had shot all over her. IF by some miracle she has a kid, he’s gonna be able to walk out of there standing up.

  20. veggi

    I think I just fell in love with Jumpin J..

  21. I’m going to vote for Obama just to piss off #13

  22. Barak Obama

    What’s wrong #19, did your wife leave you for a real man while you were blowing your boyfriend? I am Barak Obama, the new black messiah! Kneel at my feet because I can do no wrong!

    I love white women, even the ones with crazy eye makeup! Relevent enough?

  23. Evil Eye

    She looks absolutely rediculous.

  24. ding dong


    Jebus. I’d believe it if it said she was 48. Holy shiz. Too many times too many dudes too many stitches. YIKES.

  25. PostmortemG

    “I met this porn broad after a show I did at Ceasar’s. I had too many scotches, tripped, and my face bumped into her breast. I asked if her heart was as big as her bosoms, would she forgive me? Jenna answered, if your schmeckle is as long as your nose, I’m in room 515. Zing!!”

    Ew. So your peepee is now ridden with an army of STDs, right?

  26. fygu

    Neither Jenna Jameson nor Paris Hilton should become mothers. That is all.

  27. kc

    it looks like she stuck scary eye stickers on where her eyes should be – does anyone else see that?

  28. BunnyButt

    Nice to see Jenna going for a more natural look.

  29. Jumpin_J

    #13 / #23: No, yo’ mama did. Guess that makes a better man than you, racist idiot. Come out of your basement when your done wacking off. It’s a very nice day.

  30. JJ

    Someone should tell her that she can’t get pregnant swallowing jiz on camera.

  31. Auntie Kryst

    The good news is she will not be lacking in audio/visual materials once her kids first ask where babies come from..

  32. ToTellTheTruth

    The hell she does…Angelina doesn’t have “1 billion men” dick breath…

  33. Pepper

    that is the most retarded eye makeup i’ve ever seen…….it makes her eyes look too close and crossed.

  34. Frank

    I’m glad women have pioneers like Angelina to follow, or else they wouldn’t know that they’re supposed to have babies.

  35. What’s up with the circus makeup? She looks ridiculous.

  36. Too bad she’s taken so many up the ass..and everywhere else. Quack, quack, oink oink.. She really was hot in her early days. I have her first porno–she was 18, had normal tits, was wet and delicious…..


    Poor Thing …….

  38. Martyr

    Looks like she taking makup leasons from Amy Winehouse, but OH the lips dem lips have touched!!!

  39. Donkey Punch

    This ho bag is only 34 years old!?!?! That cannot be true … it’s like when Latino baseball players say they’re 28 and then turn out to have been dead for seven years.

    If she’s 34, that means her vagina is at least 409.

  40. Igottabemeeee

    Her vag NEEDS some 409


  41. Tito Santana

    “This is your brain on AIDS. Get the picture?”

    Disgusting, worthless piece of trash. Crawl back into your hole for where you came.

  42. Lexoka

    She’s 34?!

    I thought she was at least 45… Now what’s really scary is when I try to imagine what she will look like when she’s actually 45.

  43. k

    Apparently her make-up artist hates her.

  44. snarky

    Yeh, I’m sure Angelina would be so flattered for the comparison, ha. The only way she’s following in Angelina’s footsteps is with the veiny, ropey arms; blech

  45. weirdo

    What’s up with all the whory eye makeup? Oh that’s right she’s a WHORE, so it must look alright!

  46. Although she “MISSES” a few items!!

  47. EuroNeckPain

    I hope she is not going to set a trend.
    I would hate to see people around me with alien eyes like that.

  48. justtheobvoius

    what’s with the retarded eye make up? I never saw Angelina wear that. Stupid slut.

  49. oh jesus H christ, what the heck is she wearing on her face to make it look worse than it already is.!? Most ppl wear make up to make themselves look NICER, not the other way. She looks terrible now

  50. Lucy

    what the fuck was she thinking when she put on that make-up???

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