Jenna Jameson thinks she’s Angelina Jolie

Jenna Jameson fancies herself as the next Angelina Jolie. Frankly, I’m surprised they’re not twin sisters. Who knew? Anyway, Jenna, who is way younger than her face and duck lips suggest, is ready to become a walking baby factory, according to Us Magazine:

“I think I’m gonna stay unmarried, and just go for the babies!” Jameson, 34, told at Maxim’s Hot 100 bash in L.A. Wednesday. “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps! We’re trying for a baby, so hopefully in the next couple of months!”

Baby #1: Mommy, where did all your money come from?

Jenna Jameson: DAMMIT, CALL ME ANGELINA! Tito, your kid’s acting up again.

Tito Ortiz: Tito punch!

Oh yeah, this’ll go well.

Photos: Splash News