Jenna Jameson in a bikini

July 6th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Here’s a post-pregnancy Jenna Jameson relaxing over the weekend with Tito Ortiz, and I can’t tell if these pics are hot or the most depressing thing I’ve seen in days. I mean, on the one hand it’s Jenna Jameson in a bikini. On the other hand is… surprisingly not my penis. Huh. Figured there’d be more of a reflex action, and I’m pretty sure if Jenna read this she’d burst into tears. Don’t blame yourself! (Completely.)


  1. pappy smeary

    i would say something but i dont want to have to worry about tito ripping my face off

  2. jaty

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  3. joho777

    That’s Jenna Jameson?

    What happened to the porn star hair and the horribly oversized implants.

    She doesn’t even look like the same person.

  4. Jerry

    i dont care, shes good at blowjob !!!

  5. Solo

    And to think how many gooey loads have been rubbed out watching her videos. Sad. Just so sad.

  6. Jimmy

    What a used-up old slut. Still, at least she never did n1ggers.

  7. bill

    I wonder why the paparazzi who took this photo thought that it would be newsworthy. She was a pornstar.

    Half the internets has seen here more naked than this, and has seen her being covered in Man-gravy numerous times. so why should we care about this?

    hmm. it would bring up interesting conservation if anyone did see her on the beach…. “Hey Jenna! I have seen videos of your vagina and anus being banged! how are you?”

  8. Rabbit

    Tito Ortiz! What was she thinking?
    Look at that fuckers idot look, he’s got to have meatloaf in that 5-gallon head of his!

  9. Rabbit

    @ 56 — ROFL

  10. Renee

    She looks like a used up piece of trash.

    It amazes me that people talk about her like she is some goddess. She is a slut that has had more semen in her than the fucking navy vessel.

    what a role model for her kid- suck alot dick and be a star like me.

  11. a bunch of guys and abstinant women commenting

    Every woman on here is reeking of jealousy and bored enough to talk crap about a porn star. A good man once said,”The only people criticizing sex, are the ones no one wants to screw in the first place.”

  12. Yeni

    61. Wrong! You cant hide the fact that she was a smoking hot pornstar and now shes looks like a trailor trash ex stripper ho.

  13. leilah

    u stupid ppl she jus had twins she looks gud,she dosn wanna luk like a porn star anymore becoz shes not doin it any more,ur ritein bad coments cz ur jelous she had a job she liked made more muny than you is happy in luv and has 2 perfect babies,were u sad ppl probly dress ur dogs n pretend ther babies,get a life loooosers

  14. Anna

    I wish I could look like that after giving birth to twins.
    The only thing I can say is that againg women shouldn’t darken their hair, dark hair makes wrinkles more pronounced, and from that angle, she looks like Janice Dickinson.

  15. Qwkinuf

    “Figured there’d be more of a reflex action.”

    It’s safe to say most guys are having an acid reflux reaction to her photos.

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