Jenna Elfman still alive, supports the writers, okay, sure

November 21st, 2007 // 59 Comments

Jenna Elfman joined the striking writers as they marched down Hollywood Blvd yesterday. I don’t think her intentions were entirely altruistic. Look, guys, I’m flashing the peace sign at the camera and getting attention for your cause. Now, please, write me a hit show. Please! I live at the bowling alley. Ooh, yay, here come more photographers. What do they mean by “take off your sunglasses, Charlize?” I’m Jenna, but okay, I’ll take them off- – Wait, don’t cry! Hey, who threw a camera bag at me?! What did I ever do to you? Besides Dharma and Greg. I should get a freebie. Oh God, put down the tripod!

Photos:Pacific Coast News

  1. Methos

    I’m not gonna say it…I’m not gonna say it…must resist………..must not say it…..

  2. veggi

    It’s a story both rich and compelling.. If you’re drunk or asleep..

  3. Methos

    She looks a dam site better than most of the skanks around that are almost half her age….paris…brit..etc

  4. Shallow Val

    I had always liked her until she named her newborn son “STORY.” I mean, what the F**K? Is everyone in showbiz a complete moron?

  5. Ted from LA


  6. toaster

    5th! She’s cool, BTW.

  7. of course she’s marching!! she didn’t need to piss off any producers by walking out in the middle of an episode shoot!

  8. Jimmy

    Stupid Scientology bitch, now she is backing the commies on strike. I hope the spacecraft comes and takes her away soon

  9. Michael

    All these actors support the writers, cause they’re outta work. Boohoo.

  10. i think she thinks she stumbled into the middle of a war protest. peace sign? really? she was probably on her way to starbucks when she saw a bunch of people holding up signs so she decided to join the fun. it’s not like she actually has to go to *work* or anything.

  11. p0nk

    She’s going to be disappointed when she finds out that ‘fist’ doesn’t represent what she originally thought.

  12. Doomhammer

    Ive always thought she was so hot. A weirdo freak, but hot.

  13. Shallow Val

    Why are they on strike? Don’t they know that the more they protest, the worse it gets. They need to do something proactive. They need to read “The Secret” and stop writing the claptrap they write for the awful TV shows they work on.

  14. Hmmm, maybe I AM drunk, and maybe this “Story” IS putting me to sleep..

  15. Pete

    I only fist a sagger if I’m pissed that I struck out with the hot chicks.

  16. What is going to happen when they run out of shows made? Reruns? Dead air? Will I have to get off my couch? WHAT IS HAPPENING?????!!!!

  17. Shallow Val

    FRIST, we’ll always have dvd’s and tapes and godawful “reality” shows. Oh and don’t forget the cartoons. We’ll always have those.

  18. Val, you don’t understand!!! I don’t have cable!!!!!

  19. But I have a laptop. Guess I’ll just be watchin more porn than usual for a while..

  20. grobpilot

    Those signs sure do look similar to propaganda signs that could be seen anywhere the old Soviet Union ran the show. Fucking communist Hollywood pricks. I hope they stay on strike for ten fucking years. I’m finding all kinds of other things to do besides watch TV now.

  21. Scoos

    No matter what, I’d hit it pretty fucking hard.

  22. TS

    Yeah, a laptop and vodka. What else do you need?

  23. Dick Richards (Bastard.)

    Fuck Jenna Elfman. She’s not funny. And I’m not just saying that because she’s a woman (Sarah Silverman is the only female comedian). She’s just not funny. And definately not Superficial worthy. Unless she releases a sex-tape and even then, who-in their fucking right mind would wanna see that nonsense?

  24. Hecubus

    Sag ? Shouldn’t Meg Ryan be the one supporting them ? Besides which they’re fucking television writers. There are people risking their lives to save others from fire and violence every day and these pricks are sulking because they can’t afford two houses for writing shitty sitcoms about young people having sex.

  25. Hey, TS, how’s your day going?

    Oh. and you left out a sandwich and a bong hit (not for me)..

  26. 23,seriously

    Sarah Silverman is a pig. She is vulgar and toiletesque, you filthy, inbred communist pile of stenching protoplasm.
    Oh by the way, Happy thanksgiving, Asshole. :)

  27. endoftheshityear

    she’s wasting someone else’s oxygen

  28. SeriesAreOkay

    Are there writers for Hollywood movies, too ?
    I wonder, since American movies always have the same scenario: a big rough guy and a nerve-raking moron have to team up, the rough guy meets a nice lady, there are lots of guns and car chases, it ends in a warehouse somewhere with the bad guys (who are Russians, Chinese, or even French depending on the current propaganda), they are shooting at each other, the good guys win, they say that America is the best country of the world, the hero kisses the nice lady.
    When an American movie does not have this scenario, it usually means the story has been stolen from another country.

  29. Hehe. Fish, you said “altruistic” and didn’t even mention beer or porn.

  30. EuroNeckPain

    #28 – We have the same problem over here. Only one scenario, which is: a less-than-average fortysomething man who failed to have a career, meets a pretty-ish young waitress in a local bar, and starts a relationship, that is so much more “profound” than the one he has with his wife. The wife finds out and there is no real end to the movie, it is just a very boring mess.
    When the movie does not have this scenario, it doesn’t get noticed and ends up as a remake in America.

  31. D. Richards (Slob.)

    #26? My muse? You’re just not intelligent enough to undersatand the beautiful language that Sarah Silverman speaks (comedy). Look, baby. Carlos Mencia may be “hot” right now, but he’s not funny. Neither are the “Blue Collar” comedy dweebs. What a “troup”!

    You’re so angry! I totally pissed you off! I win. How big are your tits?

  32. 23 has a bulbous nose...

    …or sounds like one of “those people” if you know what I mean.
    Um Silverskank employs the comdedy of uncouth Jewish adolescent girls. How old is this woman now? Like 30 and this is all she can contrive?
    I am not angry at all except that I hate humans, particularly YOU right now!
    :) hahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Buzzards make a better turkey

  33. lori

    Sara Silverman’s little girl with dirty mouth schtick was old and tired before she even thought about it. She’s a pathetic joke and annoying as hell. So is Jenna Elfman.

  34. D. Richards (Surgeon.)

    #32? So now you’re a Jew-Hater, huh? We should all thank you for the wonderful job your people are doing with the country. Applause! Those silly Christians, what with their psychotic beliefs and nuclear weapons; and self righteousness. You don’t have a sense-of humor, sweetheart. You’re a dead child. No heart.

    I wonder why women hate Sarah Silverman? Maybe it’s because she does what she wants in life. She’s not out there waiting on a man to tell her what to do. Not out there in the world working for a man. She says things that you smaller women are too afraid to say. Oh, daddy, you sure did do a warp-job on your little babies didn’t you? You should be ashamed. At least your children are mothers.

    I think that one bitch likes me a little. The one that never leaves a name.

  35. Jenna is looking so sweet…

  36. D Richards, Massive Breeding Hole

    I am as you say at the beginning of your idiopathic dirge, yes. I am not a christian as I thought the Darwins cleared all that nonsense up like, I don’t know, well over a century ago. Ever seen the fossil record? Pay attention at school?
    Yeah I guess the white race does indeed have all the nukes too! Sucks for the rest of you losers! Watcha gonna do about that ? Um might makes righteousness!!!!!
    I have a sense of humor. Your rebuttal is funny to me.
    What does Silverwhore not wanting a man have to do with her being a talentless nasty pig? She is really nasty everything is farts and fags and feces and heartlessness.
    How entertaining. Well, maybe for a dim-wit of your stature.

  37. fopto

    looks like jennie garth to me

  38. Whitey


  39. woodhorse

    Sarah Silverman does not even have enough talent to be a wanker. She sucker punches people who aren’t in the position (at the moment) to defend themselves, uses crass material any 6th grade bully could invent, kicks people when they’re down and gloats about it like she’s actually accomplished something. Her ilk are common, boorish, smelly – yes I said smelly – and as anyone with any introspect can attest, it does not take talent to be an asshole.

    Jenna Elfman is lame. I don’t particularly like that she’s a Scientologist and an entertainer because it places her in a position of power to promote Scientology as a religion. While it is a set of beliefs, I don’t believe it is being a religion any more than being a Viking is a religion. And Vikings are more cool than Elfman.

    Jenna Elfman is really slow (means much coming from me) to use the writer’s stike to promote herself. She could have just not worn a bra and that would be enough for you guys.

  40. LenS

    Those signs really do remind me of an old Soviet protest. I guess some of the old Stalinists that McCarthy missed must have dug them out of the attic.

    Only in Hollywood does someone think looking Stalinist will win P.R. points in the rest of America.

  41. woodhorse

    @26 “toiletesque”? you said “toiletesque”? you are awesome!!

  42. makemepuke

    Publicity Whore

  43. jacknasty

    just another Scientology wackjob lookin for a photo op. yawn

  44. cindy8833

    why should you guys offend some a nice girl? she is absolutely pretty, cute and friendly. I saw her at the celeb club She has created a personal blog there. We comment on her and chat with her when she is online. I do think she is a great girl

  45. claudia

    hey, at least the tv stars come out for other unions. you see any movie stars out there? no. we got nurses, teamsters… no movie stars

  46. claudia

    Those signs sure do look similar to propaganda signs that could be seen anywhere the old Soviet Union ran the show. Fucking communist Hollywood pricks. I hope they stay on strike for ten fucking years. I’m finding all kinds of other things to do besides watch TV now.

    so you side with the billionaires? i don’t get it

  47. WAKE UP GIRL!! This is a new era. People want to see the person they’re dealing with. So put down those scary tommy cruise goggles and show your EYES!!

  48. D. Richards (Bastard.)

    #36. I’m not even going to respond to you in great detail. It would only go over your blonde-headed Ayrian ass. Check-it! Who you think created America’s entire goddamn nuclear arsenal? Hell, who do you imagine created America’s space program? It definately wasn’t Mr-Christian. America collected all those pretty little Jewish scientists after World War II and gave them immunity; and in some respects, forced them to work in the same way the Nazis did; all be it with a little more “freedom”. Perform, Jew! Perform!

    Having the ability to annihilate the entire globe with fire doesn’t make you mighty in a respectful, peacful sense. Having those means instills fear, and anxiety; and forces other countries to try and attain those means for themselves. America’s sense of moral and literal fire-power superiority makes for America’s clout. Not respect. Big difference.

    The beginning of your “idiopathic” “dirge” (well, I thought I was a litte up-beat and livlier than dirge.) (misuse of the word.) makes sense terribly. Are you on the side of Chistianity, or against? I assume you’re against but, are you trying to accuse me of believing in Christ-butthole? Atheist! I thought I sort-of made it clear that I’m not Christian. “Ever see the fossil record”. Agh. Well, in pieces I guess. That’s right, I forgot that fossils are so goddamn linear.

    What’s your problem, sweety? You’re so unhappy seeming. What’s the problem? No love? You don’t totally disagree with me. You actually like me, I know. You’re just trying to fuck with me. Trying to get me. Try again. Okay? Maybe we could talk on the phone. You want to talk to me privately, honey?

    P.S. Fuck, I did it by mistake. I actually responded deeply. Well, sift through my shit. Re-read it. Make sense-of it. And get back-at me.

  49. linda

    what are you doing? I know you wander around the online site Sugarmommymeet,right? It’s a club for those rich women to find hot guys. Does this mean you want to be a sugarmommy?

  50. To D Richards

    Darlin, what you need is a good fuckin’!!! And I will gladly talk to you over the phone and maybe we could hook up for some rough rauchy ummm play!!!!
    You can go as far in the direction of my head as you want I can handle it in fact I relish it!!!!
    Werner von Braun was most instrumental in creating America’s space program and the space shuttle concept was put forth in ” Auf Zwei Planteten”. There was another guy from the Fatherland (tears up) who directed the Saturn Program and he was belittle by our goverment like 20 some years ago after he was old and used up. (Gotta love that weasle Weisenthal going after alll those elderly patriotic Germans, what a real man, what a hero!!)
    Hey do you know what Hofenjude are my slave???

    Sweety I did not say power and destruction were peaceful. The Israeli apartheid over the rightful owners of that land there is not peaceful or intelligent or anything like that. Hell they do all that stuff there with AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!!!!!! (I bet you are now prould).
    I am neither for or against Christianity, I am not a Christian. I am spritual in a nature worshipping way. Like all us European?Aryan (I have blonde hair and blue eyes, sorry) Celtic and Slavic peoples were. Cultus of the oak – sustainer of life. Truer religion, to love the Earth and it’s bounty. The Jewish religion erred when it taught us to use up the world for our own selfish P R O F I T.
    I am quite happy! I come here for fun and to be ugly as the site advertises!!!
    I am indeed fucking with you for fun and I hope it is as good for you as it is for me. We could indeed hook up and we could do th grudge thing!~!!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah I do like you so do not take this personally we are only ranting.

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