Jeffrey Ross Is Awesome

Not only did Jeffrey Ross show up to the Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne Barr dressed like Joe Paterno, complete with young naked boys in towels, he also dropped the following Dark Knight Rises shooting joke on Seth Green which Comedy Central won’t air. Via TMZ:

“Seth, congratulations. This is actually a great night for you … you haven’t gotten this much attention since you shot all those people in Aurora. … I’m kidding. You are not like James Holmes. At least he did something in a movie theater that people remember!”

Except that’s not even the most awesome part. This is:

Ross later admitted he crossed the line — but told NBC News, “That is what Roasts are about.”

Did you see that? Do you see what just happened there? A comedian simply went, “Yes, what I said could be considered offensive, but that’s what we do,” AND LEFT IT AT THAT. No forced apology. No bullshit statement where his heart can’t even comprehend the devastation of this tragedy, so it’s split into millions of tiny hearts, all breaking in symphony from the pain. Dane Cook and T.J. Miller would’ve been slap-fighting each other to make the first grieving Batman meme Tumblr account because apparently comedians are sensitive flowers now. “See? Batman’s carrying that little girl out and giving her to Heath Ledger in Heaven. I drew that with my tears, girl.”

Photo: Getty, Splash News