Jason Collins Came Out Then Twitter Sharted Dumb On Itself

April 30th, 2013 // 118 Comments

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Washington Wizards center Jason Collins came out yesterday, making him the first professional athlete to do so while actively playing. While the public response was largely positive, ranging all the way from celebrities to President Obama and former President Bill Clinton, it took no time for homophobic hate and the false equivalency of the plight of being publicly Christian to start spreading. Most notable is the tweet below, that’s been widely circulated, which attempts to shame the media for highlighting something that’s never been done versus something that’s done virtually every time someone scores a point.

It never fails that when an actual achievement in civil liberties occurs, the vocal minority of oppressed Christians throw up their hands and yell, “What about us? We only control business, government, the military, and how much boob you can see on television, but every time our token virgin prays in the most ostentatious way possible, people make fun of him!!” I’m going to make it really simple. Homosexuals have been – and continue to be – denied the exact same rights afforded to the rest of humans in a way that Christians haven’t been for centuries. The comparison is no longer relevant. So let’s all take a deep breath and think for a moment about whether Jason Collins liking dudes will realistically affect your life in any way. That said, enjoy this gallery of insanely gay-looking game photos because if there’s one thing we should all be able to agree on it’s, “Haha! It looks like they’re fucking!”

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  1. Not to be pedantic, but there’s a lot of qualifiers. He’s the first active male professional athlete in one of the four major sports to come out.

    Martina Navratilova was out while actively playing professional tennis, for example.

    • Who cares about tennis? Or lesbians?

    • Guest

      This is a big deal because people expect female sports stars to be butch…so it plays into a pre-existing stereotype. A male sports star coming out plays against a stereotype. Plus, women’s sports don’t make a fraction of the money that the major male sports do (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey). This is a big deal, especially because it took until 2013 to happen. About time!

    • Also, as his team is not in the playoffs and his contract expires at the end of this season, it’s really a stretch to say that he’s “actively playing.” Maybe if someone signs him, but he’s spent most of this past year on the bench.

  2. JC

    But what about the Christians? WHY WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE POOR CHRISTIANS?!?

  3. Jason Collins Gay Came Out Twitter Reactions Game Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s great that you could overcome adversity and be yourself in the spotlight, but couldn’t you have swallowed BEFORE the game starts?

  4. Jason Collins Gay Came Out Twitter Reactions Game Photos
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    And it’s awesome that Kris Humphries shows up in one of these pictures. I knew this post had to get back to KK somehow.

  5. Lena

    Because religion and sexuality are the same thing. Duh

  6. Deacon Jones

    I think its ironic that the black community is criticizing him the most.

    They’re all about equality when its about them though!

  7. Villian circa 1200 AD

    Your post sucks and irrelevant and I can’t believe you wasted electrons even bothering to post something about a ridiculous tweet on twitter.

    You know why I come to this site, and it’s not to look at pictures gay dudes or Christians or, like the in the thread, Gay Christian dudes.

    You’re jumping the shark, post more pictures of Alice Eve. I’m becoming irritated, quickly.

    • Oh, my goodness, we just can’t have that, can we? Jesus, who the fuck died and elected you Emperor Nero?

    • Brought It

      Such a shame you can’t pick and choose what sites to visit with your own free will. Oh wait…

      • Villian circa 1200 AD

        Someone once told me to never argue with an idiot, but to a bystander, it looks like two idiots arguing.

        Devoting an entire post to Jason Collins and Tim Tebow, on the superficial of all places, is nearly as moronic as the moronic tweet.

        I’m not much of a hater, and I’ve never posted a comment on this site, but come on … this is stupid, really stupid. It’s not even a tweet from somebody who matters.

      • Please give us an example of somebody who matters.

      • “On the superficial of all places”? *eyeroll* I’m willing to bet the reason you’ve never posted on this site is because you’ve never been here before – you obviously have no idea how Fish rolls.

        FYI, it’s not about the tweet coming from a “celebrity” source, it’s the fact that since it’s allegedly being widely circulated by a group that fancies itself as much maligned, and is convinced it’s unfairly sucking hind teat for its beliefs, it very much “matters” andi is hardly “really stupid”. Wake the fuck up – Kirk Cameron can’t write everything for them, ya know.

      • @@@ Villian circa 1200 AD

        And speaking of people who don’t matter, you matter the least of all.

        Now make the world a better place and–SHUT THE FUCK UP—and go out and play on I-95 preferably blindfold.

      • I guess you just told him. Wow. That was so awesome. I like the part about the I-95 best and I don’t even know where that is. Zing!

    • Or, you know, you could not just not read the articles that don’t interest you instead of throwing a tantrum like a spoiled toddler.

  8. The day that Jason Collins fucks a guy courtside to demonstrate his homosexuality is the day I’ll accept his coming out to these “martyred” Christians’ comparison to Tim Tebow’s ostentatious praying on the sidelines.

    And ten to one the mean ol’ media won’t approve of that, either.

  9. Jason Collins Gay Came Out Twitter Reactions Game Photos
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    SMH at Photoboy

  10. Jason Collins Gay Came Out Twitter Reactions Game Photos
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    That’s his brother Jaron…..

  11. RexSeven

    Personally, I don’t care about this gay marriage crap. If people want to redefine marriage to fit their own life style, fine. BUT, you’re all hypocrites until you back polygamy. Period. Period.

    Also, I heard Jason is a twin. Does anyone know if his twin brother is fraternal or maternal?

    • I’m on board with whatever floats the boat of consensual adults.

      check your fraternal/maternal terminology.

      • RexSeven

        Interesting? I thought someone was “born gay”. It appears that of two genetic duplicates, one is straight and the other gay. Odd. Not that it matters to the gay marriage issue.

      • I’d submit your findings to the NEJM or just shut the fuck up with what you obviously fail to comprehend.

      • RexSeven

        I just love the tolerance and civility of your type. USDA Prime Something.

      • i come to celebrity gossip sites for intellectually stimulating discussion about topics I am not intellectually qualified to discuss. I’ll set up an overly simplistic example to prove that I’m not qualified, then when somebody tells me to fuck off, i’ll take the high road and talk about tolerance and civility. there must be a goddamn book you fucks are reading.

        fuck off.

      • McBeef, this may be the best post on the internet ever.

      • RexSeven, first off, it’s “fraternal” (from the Latin frater: brother) and identical twins, not “maternal” twins, unless you somehow think Mom is a Xerox machine and you can be a clone of her.

        And speaking of clones…..second, your assumption that identical twins must share identical DNA is flawed, because identical twins are not exact clones of each other. In addition, genetic material can differ widely in how it represents in twins – there have been instances where one twin exhibits a congenital disease or condition, and the other does not. Same for sexual orientation – 50-60% of identical twins share the same orientation, as opposed to less than 20% of fraternal twins. It does appear that something on a genetic level is correlated, if not directly coded, for same-sex orientation.

        If it occurs to you that there’s a flaw, or something “odd” in how you thought things worked, in future you might want to check it out before you post.

      • RexSeven

        You sarcastically belittled my typo of maternal and paternal thus presenting yourself as some intellectual giant. Then you get nasty when you have no argument to my point.

        And this whole site is one big political correctness convention. Only the power of boobs keeps me tuning in.

      • Typo? No. A “typo” is when you inadvertently hit the wrong key so you misspell a word. You just used the wrong term, plain and simple.

        By the way, love that last paragraph. “This whole site is one big political correctness convention. Thank God it’s still mostly devoted to objectifying women’s bodies.”

      • RexSeven

        You are right. This whole site is SELECTIVELY politically correct.

      • No one has ever thought homosexuality passed on through simple Mendelian genetics.

        It’s not your typo that shows you don’t know what you are talking about.

        Would you like to argue about epigenetics or chromosome linkage? Probably not.

      • “We found 52 percent of identical twin brothers of gay men also were gay, compared with 22 percent of fraternal twins, compared with 11 percent of genetically unrelated brothers,” said J. Michael Bailey, an assistant professor of psychology at Northwestern University in Evanston, “which is exactly the kind of pattern you would want to see if something genetic were going on.” By “unrelated,” Dr. Bailey was referring to brothers by adoption.


      • RexSeven

        So barely half. Seems to be a lot of choice or environment. Which is fine in this case.

      • Tahaha. I can tell by your timestamp that you didn’t even click to read the article and find out that there are gradations of similarity between identical twins—or as Dr. Bailey put it, “The genetically most similar brothers were also the ones most likely to be gay, by a large margin.” But hey, why take time to educate yourself when you can just go with what your gut tells you about stuff you think you know?

        “Barely half” between twins = almost five times the occurrence between unrelated siblings. But nooooo, genetics doesn’t enter into it much.

        Were you on the O.J. Simpson jury?

      • If you made the “choice” to be straight, you’re probably more queer than a three dollar bill.

      • Stop. Just stop now. For fuck’s sake, “so barely half”? You cannot interpret data (or reason, for that matter) any better than you can convince anyone that “maternal” was just a silly little typo. Beg, borrow or steal a brain cell or two and do some basic research before you shoot off your internet pie hole again and try to save that last remaining bit of face (a lost cause, if you but knew it) by now claiming that “choice” or “environment” is a major factor.

        Let alone that’s it’s”fine in this case”.

      • Blondie

        what’s a “genetically unrelated brother”? No, seriously.

      • Blondie

        nvm. Blondie all right, lol

      • A typo is when you accidentally hit the wrong keys. Are you saying you accidentally hit “m-a-t-e-r-n” when you were trying to type “i-d-e-n-t-i-c”?

        Sounds legit.

      • Colin

        Born with ≠ genetic. You’re born with fingerprints and birthmarks that are different from a twin’s too. That being said, it is far more likely if one identical twin is gay that the other one will be than if they were fraternal twins, and a fraternal twin is more likely to be gay than if they’re a regular sibling.

    • I disagree – it’d be hypocrisy until you back polyandry.

      But actually NOT period. The tax, inheritance and legal status/identity issues resulting from legalized polygamy or polyandry would be unravel-able from a legal standpoint. Single-partner marriage is first and foremost a civil institution (yeah, who in their right mind wants to be institutionalized hahaha), just the way the pagan Romans conceived of it – it’s those devout folks you read about in the Bible that had multiple wives.

      • RexSeven

        Thanks for a nice reply. I disagree about the legal unraveling, but I’m not a lawyer. Nor do I have much respect for what they decide about this issue or that.

        And no one seems to want to address the genetic question.

      • Colin

        I think a large problem would be if the husband dies, who gets what? Normally you can just say it all goes to the spouse, or maybe some to the kids. But then if there are multiple spouses, who gets what? Is there a spouse with seniority? What if the deceased had a favorite, or what if he hated one of those bitches?

      • Ditto, see above – I stopped being polite after my first response upthread because it’s obvious you’re more concerned with covering your own ass and explaining away your red-faced gaffes by claiming enviornmental factors, than you are with actually comprehending the issue. Your foot’s in your mouth up to the hip – so you should stop talking when you taste your own ass.

        The “genetic question”, as you term it, has been amply addressed in numerous studies. What you don’t seem to comprehend is the findings of those same studies. So perhaps your plaint should read: “no one seems to want to boil these results down to easy words of one syllable and then spoon feed it to me.”

        There, fixed it.

      • I know I just told McBeef that his post was the best ever buuuut, this is awesome too. Don’t tell him I said that and I promise I’ll never ever speak in hyperbole ever again and if I do I’ll cut off both my hands.

      • schlabotnik

        You’re NOT a lawyer?! Thanks for clearing that one up. Are you a theoretical physicist? I guess we can eliminate genetic biologist or sociologist. Hmm…. what could it be…..unemployed laborer sitting in Mom’s basement upset that you lost your jerk-off hard on?

      • I think the financial issues could be unraveled by just saying split it up and you can argue among yourselves how to split it.

      • So basically Jerry Garcia’s estate battle all over again.

      • I can’t believe you guys fed a troll for so long. There will always be one attention seeking fool who’ll jump on articles like this and say something stupid knowing he’ll get shot down. Ignore it and move on.

      • Pretty much. But that’s the survivor’s problem, not that of a state that recognizes a 4 way marriage or 4 former wives.

      • Oh, McBeef, there you go again, disenfranchising the judiciary!

        Legally entailing your estate to your heirs is not as cut and dried as “argue amongst yourselves”, unless you’re actually endorsing murder, mayhem and theft. Tell me, which wife gets to inherit the property that three wives might be living in? How many tax returns do you file as “married” and how many exemptions can you claim when you have multiple spouses? How many spouses should company health care reasonably cover? If you’re concerned with breeding more girls for the community marriage stakes, when can you advantageously abandon the males – at birth, or at puberty when you’ve gotten some work out of their early years? What about child custody or legal guardianship issues when one spouse wants a divorce, but the third or fourth doesn’t?

        The fact of the matter is that multiple marriage, as a legal standpoint, is inherently unequal – and in the case of FLDS enclaves has amply proved itself corrupt in the extreme, whether you’re talking welfare fraud or child molestation and endangerment.

        The existing model doesn’t have an answer for any of these issues, which is why bitching about discrimination regarding multiple marriages under a fictitious standard, when same-sex marriage under the existing model still isn’t legally recognized at a federal level, is idiotic.

    • @@@ RexSeven,

      Polygamy??? Fuck that, lets go for the full-on GUSTO.

      What about guys that are currently fucking the stuffing out of their own sisters when mommy and daddy are asleep– should their overflowing love for one another be denied?

      And what about the so many middle age single women out there who have a clandestine “special” kind of love for their 17 cats–should they be forced to hide in shame for what comes so splendidly natural to them?

      I say If gays are for true equality they should fully embrace all groups currently under sexual oppression by the far right religious nut thugs.

      After all– what does it really matter what alter boy one may squirt jizzle on or into– just as long none gets on the wafers.

      • And the beauty of building so many straw men at once is that you can later get together with your KKK buddies and burn them on minorities’ lawns before heading back to the secret hideout for brewskies and a no homo circle jerk (no touching, just wistful, side-eyed gazing).

  12. I dunno, calling it a holiday party rather than a christmas party is pretty oppressive.

  13. Maybe I’m being too persnickety, but I’m kinda thinking that if the first words of the post are “Washington Wizards center,” you might want to choose a banner pic of Collins in, I don’t know, a Washington Wizards uniform.

  14. How stupid that anyone thinks this is in any way significant. And what a colossal prat your undocumented President is for actually phoning him with congrats! Seriously! WTF? What an asshole.

  15. Meh on all of you. It would be more fun if some pro wrestlers came out as gay.

  16. Look, either we draw a line in the sand here and now, or I swear to you, the next thing you know Spider-Man will be faceraping men in the street.

    “The queer stops here! No further!” (imagine angry Picard voice)

  17. B&WMinstrel

    Let’s try to focus on the positive here, people. Can I be the only one who’s dreamed of being in a crowd roaring on five big black men to beat a homosexual.

  18. judgingyou

    TBF, Jason Collins being out might really affect Tim Tebow, he’s shaking in his closet, envious and/or confused right now.

  19. So He’s a sausage swallower , Can he jam with Shaq? And I mean that in the basketball way , not the sausage swallowing way

  20. Jason Collins Gay Came Out Twitter Reactions Game Photos
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    Long John Silver ?

  21. Jason Collins Gay Came Out Twitter Reactions Game Photos
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    Kiss my ball!

  22. Jason Collins Gay Came Out Twitter Reactions Game Photos
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    Little sashaying , little glamming , a little voguing

    • I hate to shatter your dreams, but I think one of the prerequisites of getting onto “The Most Important People on the Internet” is coming up with jokes that don’t make everyone else wish you were drowned at birth.

  23. it'smeain't

    ” Homsexuals have been – and continue to be – denied the exact same rights afforded to the rest of humans in a way that Christians haven’t been for centuries.”–Are you really this stupid? You think marriage is a RIGHT? There is no talking to somebody who is this fucking stupid.

    • Guest

      The Supreme Court has called marriage a “right” 14 times (usually it is contained in a phrase like “fundamental right” or “basic right of man”). Marriage can be a religious institution, but as it deals with the government, marriage is a contract that merges two estates. Athiests can get married, etc.

      The people who are so quick to call others “fucking stupid” are usually guilty of it themselves.

    • Sean

      People who suffer from same-sex attraction disorder have exactly the same rights to marry as anyone else: a homosexual man has the right to marry a woman, and a homosexual woman has the right to marry a man. Nothing is stopping homosexuals from getting married; no homosexuals are being denied any rights that others have regarding marriage. What is happening in our society is that some very stupid people are convinced that two men or two women in an unnatural coupling relationship should be considered exactly the same as a man and a woman in marriage, and they are claiming discrimination when two things that are obviously different and should be treated differently are not treated as if they were the same thing.

  24. lawn

    Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one, and to be proud of it. Just don’t go waving it around in public or shoving it down other people’s throats.

  25. Hugh Evers

    If we accept the male homosexual as mainstream do we not risk that behavior influencing the image of men in general? Are we really ready for a world of courteous, witty, well-groomed men with personalities? Without judgement we are reduced to tolerance and greater understanding, and maybe “unnatural coupling.” That doesn’t sound like a leg up to heaven to me.

    • Sean

      “courteous, witty, well-groomed”? Have you ever seen a gay pride parade/festival or been to the Fulsom Street Fair? The debauchery, depravity and overt perversity at those events show the true face of same-sex attraction disorder. Don’t buy into the leftist media’s lies about homosexuality being normal or clean. You’ve drunk too much gay Kool-Aid.

  26. Wow. I needed some popcorn to read through this thread.

  27. Jason Collins Gay Came Out Twitter Reactions Game Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    So how long before someone Photoshops rainbows and/or glitter shooting out of his hands?

  28. Randal(l)

    I agree With the Bible that being gay is wrong….

    I also agree With the bible that inter-racial marriage is wrong (
    Deuteronomy 22:9-11),

    Shrimp is an abomination (Leviticus 11:9-12.),

    slavery is ok (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT),

    rape is punishable by fifty peices of gold and mandatory marriage (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)
    the victim of rape should be murdered (Deuteronomy 22:23-24 NAB)

    If your kid is being a jerk, Murder his ass with rocks Deuteronomy 21:18-21

    and my personal favorite

    Deuteronomy 25:11-12

  29. pornstar

    I came here for the gossip, but stayed for the Ivy League chatter .

    …everyone except for RANDAL(L), of course, reading you, makes me want to smack you upside the head with the New and Old Testament.

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