Jared Leto has some issues

August 25th, 2006 // 113 Comments

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Jared Leto was spotted heading into Club Hyde dressed like an Adam’s Family character. This wasn’t even for a performance for his band 30 Seconds to Mars. It was just him. Hanging out. Looking like he spends all his time locked in his room blasting Evanescence and writing angry poetry.

More of Jared Leto ruining your Jordan Catalano fantasies after the jump.


  1. tracyp

    Could I be first?

  2. Verbal Osmosis

    I believe he’s got razorblades in his back pocket, and he’s going to go record a song titled “Why do i sleep, when all I have are nightmares?”

  3. mYslead

    at least he lost the extra pounds from Bobby.

  4. carrie bradshaw

    I’d still bang him 17 ways to Sunday and enjoy every minute of it.

  5. carrie bradshaw

    Oh wait- I forgot he’s slept with Lindsay. Never mind. I can get past the goth I’m-half-dead look, because we all know he can clean up, but I can’t excuse anyone sleeping with that coked-out whore.

  6. Nothing says alternative rock like a pair of silver crocs.

  7. Uhn Tiss Baby

    He has a cool name and that’s it. Not hot at all.

  8. songofkali

    He’s got a purty mouth. I bet he’d be real popular in jail.

    I bet people who post “FIRST” would not be so popular in jail, and would likely be stabbed with a shiv before being skull fucked.

  9. bigponie

    dude looks like he got boobies, I wanna give em’ a good hard titty twister

  10. LyricalEve

    I’m feeling a sudden need to listen to Morrissey, take my steel-toe Doc Martens out of hiding and put some black lipstick on.

  11. divadoc

    i am so bothered by crocs busting out of the hospital and into everyday-wear. they are the most disturbing part of his enitre ensemble. the ugliest shoes imaginable but are forgivable when you’re in the ER sloshing around in human juice of one sort or another and need dishwasher safe footwear. i thought it was just all the crunchy granolas living around here but apparently it’s much scarier than i initially imagined…

  12. Kitty

    He looks like a dyke

  13. Kitty

    He looks like a dyke

  14. bigponie

    pic #2

    senor’, senor, por favor un minuto por favor mi amour, I’ll do anything por you, I’ll suck you right now, por favor no leave yet, senor’, senor…

  15. RichPort

    Eyeliner, eye shadow, and nurses clogs… he must have found one of Lohan’s old sweaters, picked it up to reminisce, and, after squeezing it and getting attacked by a puff of stale cocaine, stumbled around aimlessly before being told convinced was really a teenage emo chick. Either that or he’s having a Rodman moment and will be marrying himself next week. Bitch.

  16. combustion8

    cocaine’s a helluva drug.

  17. jrzmommy

    I’ve been waiting for Joan Jett to make a comeback!! This is great! Rock on Joa—–what? That’s not Joan Jett from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? It’s who? Jared Leto? Oh. Well why the fuck does Jared Leto look like a chick juvenile delinquent?

  18. Thatshot


  19. combustion8

    he’s got the body of a 55 year old woman.

  20. he looks like an actor pretending to be a rockstar.

  21. cooler than you

    he does his makeup better than i do… that ain’t right

  22. He looks like Todd from Wedding Crashers

    Todd… Would it kill you to play some competitive sports… once in a while?

  23. Elikapeka


  24. The guy is wearing more eye make-up than Jessica Simpson. Seriously, what guy is gonna look in the mirror before they go out and put on 5 layers of eye-liner?? Somebody must have told him ONCE on the set of “My So Called Life” that the stage make-up made his eyes look nice and he’s never gotten over it.

  25. RichPort

    He’s an emo goth version of Victor Victoria.

  26. he looks like an actor pretending to be a rockstar.

  27. thesarahficial

    I don’t care what any of you say. He’s one sexy mofo who I would bang non stop.

  28. iluvfirecrotches

    My five year old nephew wants his jacket back. he looks like he bought it at the little boys section of “Hot Topic”. Doesn’t quite cover his man boobies

  29. Verbal Osmosis

    @23: Lets play tummy sticks!

  30. I hate crocs.
    I don’t even know who this guy is.

  31. fernanda

    i’d still totally bang him 1000 times in a roll nonstop.

  32. thesarahficial

    31-he’s an actor and lead singer of 30 seconds to mars

  33. he looks like a woman… are those breasts?

  34. thesarahficial

    I hate crocs as well

  35. The Juice


  36. mags

    If you hate crocs you haven’t tried them. It is an odd look here though…

  37. Equalparts

    #26 EXCELLENT!!!

    I live in Colorado, we’re the ones who started the whole Croc trend. His lame ass emo band just played here a month or two ago. Coincidence? Methinks NOT.

  38. Jacq

    So, I guessing, they wear Crocs on the moon? Why could he not have gotten the bright orange ones or the firecrotch red pair? He needs to draw all attention away from anything above his ankles.

  39. Nikk The Templar

    Hey, I saw that guy in Hot Topic!

  40. babydollz217

    hes so hot! what is he doing! he has on tighter pants then i do! adn those stupid crocs things! oh god! we need to help his sexy ass

  41. Jacq

    Everyone who talks shit about how ugly Crocs are has never tried a pair. I effen lurve mine, I just try not to be seen in them.

  42. Duchess_of_Zuke

    as if the crocs weren’t bad enough- he’s paired them with tapered leg jeans. i mean, if i’d have spent ANY time w/ ho-han, i’d probably not know how to dress either, but don’t these guys have handlers? or someone to say, “Jared, I’m not sure what you’re going for, but Bjork is laughing at you.”

  43. YoMamma

    what happened to him?? or her???
    i thought it was Hohan for a minute there….

  44. Cruzadas

    truth is requiem for a dream rules

  45. ..anon..

    Number 4, you mean Chapter 27. He’s so hot without make-up…I’d hit it.

  46. Jacq

    #41- Did you just, in writing, admit that you go to Hot Topic?

  47. gossipfan

    i understand the fact that skinny jeans are back, but that doesn’t mean everyone should wear them

    what happened to the HOT Jared Leto???

  48. Stephanie12

    He used to look good, back during Urban Legend time.

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