January Jones’ Hair Is Falling Out

January 28th, 2013 // 15 Comments

Here’s January Jones as a redhead. And here she is as a brunette. And above she’s back to being a blonde, so you’ll probably be surprised to find out her hair is falling out which the Internet couldn’t trip over itself fast enough to report because she’s a spite-birthing shrew. And, honestly, all I have to add to this topic is the video clip below which some fancy news outlet like CNN or the BBC probably already beat me to because it’s really the only thing that needs to be said here. I don’t even know why I wrote all these other words:


I’m worth every dollar.

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  1. January Jones SAG Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Ha! She forget to take that napkin off after getting her munch on at the Kraft Services table.

  2. January Jones SAG Awards
    Frank Burns
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    “Remember, the publicist said to smile, the publicist said to smile . . . ah, fuck it, I gotta be me.”

  3. When did Ke$ha and Skrillex have a child?

  4. mrsmass

    not sure how old her kid is, but my hair fell out a few months after having a kid. it’s common.

  5. Mama Pinkus

    I do not get the apeal of this gal – she’s not that pretty and she cannot act (fyi I have not seen one single episode of Mad Men – I saw her in a bit part in a movie – she absolutely stood out, she was so awful). I don’t get this gal at ALL.

  6. Well, my mama is much older than January Jones, but when grey hairs started to turn up amidst her blonde, she started dyeing the hair. And of course more dye upon more dye as the grey roots started to show…

    After a couple of years of this, my mama’s hair became thinner. All those chemicals damage your hair.

    Good news is, once she stopped using the permanent dyes and started using the sort that washes out after 20-30 days (sorry, I don’t know the English word to describe it), her hair returned to its natural thickness.

    All January has to do is STOP PUTTING THOSE HARSH CHEMICALS IN HAIR. I think she is a natural blonde, but this point, it’s hard to remember!

    • Norma

      There are certain products out there that dont carry the same harsh chemicals that thinned out her hair. Ammonia and peroxide are known to be the 2 most damaging ingredients in hair dye.
      I too had this problem until a friend recommended I try Cosamo Love Your Color. Its just like Loving Care, gently colors.
      If you have similar problems or are looking to avoid them in the first place. Check them out

  7. Here she is in her high school yearbook:


    So a natural blonde.

    I don’t think January Jones is a very good actress, but she has amazing eyes and beautiful skin. I don’t know why she suddenly decided to start smiling, but it’s a welcome change.

    First people hate her because she never smiles, now she smiles all the time and they find another reason to hate her. Stop drinking the Haterade.

  8. I won’t believe her hair is falling out until I check her lady parts.

  9. January Jones SAG Awards
    Interred Ferguson
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    Dustin Diamond (Screech) is dressing as a woman, now??

  10. January Jones SAG Awards
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    Ugly, her acting SUCKS and her hair matches her face (looks like shit!!)

  11. January Jones SAG Awards
    Little Tongue
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    Kimmy Gibbler is aging pretty gracefully these days.

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