January Jones Really Grasps Feminism

If it hasn’t become evident over the past few months, bullshit like #GamerGate and the reactions to Bill Cosby’s accusers, along with some nudging from The Fappening which quickly took on rapey undertones, I’ve become more and more sensitive to the plight of women. And I already fully believed they have the right to do whatever they want with their baby parts and should be paid as much as men. Except just like MRA assholes are fucking up any sort of constructive debate on divorce and custody, here’s January Jones posting to Instagram that women are superior to men and men who complain about it are “little bitches with vaginas” because apparently between the beginning of her rant and the end, it suddenly became bad to have a vagina. Which is why I don’t touch the things. And not because I get hit with purses while someone yells, “Eww, you own action figures!” That has nothing to do with this.

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Photo: Instagram