Jann Wenner Made His 22-Year-Old Son The Head of RollingStone.com

Nepotism is a tricky move to pull off because it’s almost always a sure-fire way to immediately lose the trust and respect of your employees even though they’ll go to extreme lengths to hide that fact from you while secretly getting their resume ready before you can replace them with your cousin. My point is you gotta handle these things delicately. Or not at all because, hey, fuck it, you’re rich. Right, Jann Wenner? Right. Gawker reports:

Date: Monday, May 20, 2013 2:52 PM
Subject: Gus Wenner
Dear all:
David Kang and I are very pleased —and I am very proud —to announce that Gus Wenner, after leading the re-launch re-design effort for our website, will now continue by heading up the overall operations of RollingStone.com.

That would be an email from the Rolling Stone owner to his staff letting them all know that he just made his 22-year-old son Gus Wenner the head of RollingStone.com six days before his college commencement. Fortunately for everyone at Rolling Stone, Gus has experience being in an alt-country band with Scout Willis, and I’m pretty sure he can find the “Publish” button on Matt Taibbi’s posts. It’ll be fine.

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