Jann Wenner Made His 22-Year-Old Son The Head of RollingStone.com

May 21st, 2013 // 38 Comments

Nepotism is a tricky move to pull off because it’s almost always a sure-fire way to immediately lose the trust and respect of your employees even though they’ll go to extreme lengths to hide that fact from you while secretly getting their resume ready before you can replace them with your cousin. My point is you gotta handle these things delicately. Or not at all because, hey, fuck it, you’re rich. Right, Jann Wenner? Right. Gawker reports:

Date: Monday, May 20, 2013 2:52 PM
Subject: Gus Wenner
Dear all:
David Kang and I are very pleased —and I am very proud —to announce that Gus Wenner, after leading the re-launch re-design effort for our website, will now continue by heading up the overall operations of RollingStone.com.

That would be an email from the Rolling Stone owner to his staff letting them all know that he just made his 22-year-old son Gus Wenner the head of RollingStone.com six days before his college commencement. Fortunately for everyone at Rolling Stone, Gus has experience being in an alt-country band with Scout Willis, and I’m pretty sure he can find the “Publish” button on Matt Taibbi’s posts. It’ll be fine.

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  1. Gus Wenner Scout Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    Uh, my eyes are up here, Scout Willis’ Tits.

  2. I am sooooo shocked that Jann Wenner, who would always give his aging rock-star buddies four-star reviews for their crappy late-career albums, would do this sort of thing. Soooo shocked.

    • Little Jimmy

      If it weren’t for all the free subscriptions that Rolling Stone gives away when you buy concert tickets [even if it's Laure Berkner tickets for your 6 y/o niece] nobody would even know that they were still around.

  3. Bwahahahaha! I wonder if a website, which doesn’t have the accountability of print, can hide a diaper-load of privileged offspring long enough to appear to be working?

    Let’s all give him the same faith given to a much-younger Christie Hefner who failed at a clothing store in Playboy’s michigan Avenue address and later was rewarded for it by running Playboy. Into the ground.

  4. alex

    He’ll do great or he’ll sink the ship, but either way, he’ll bang some pretty hot chicks.

  5. MoozBoy

    Too bad the website looks like absolute garbage. Are they sure they didn’t pay their son tons of cash to just install a WordPress template?

  6. Burt

    Whatever. Jann Wenner isn’t getting younger and if he wants to pass the company over to his son, he needs to get some experience first. Head of the website, though? I would have started him lower down the ladder.

  7. Gus Wenner Scout Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    At first I thought, “How can this meth addict run the website for such a huge music magazine?” Then I actually went to rollingstone.com and saw that today, May 17, 2013, they’re running a review of Huey Lewis and the News’ “Sports.” I think the current quality and relevance levels of the site can be maintained.

  8. The captain of the Titanic put his son at the wheel, then got in a lifeboat.

  9. Deacon Jones

    This is like me turning to my drooling dog in my backseat on a road trip “Hey, I’m getting pretty tired Charlie, so how bout you take over driving for me buddy.”

  10. Gus Wenner Scout Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    Well…Considering I have not read Rolling Stone since 1979….. Because the only use I had for it was toilet paper… This is totally Par for the course…

    • Dr. JFever

      Well at least back then the newsprint didn’t hurt your ass when using it that way. Or so I heard.

  11. it'smeain't

    Isn’t Jann Wenner an ass pirate? How’d he have a kid?

  12. I think there are a lot of pushing-70 baby boomers in the print media industry who still see web pages as kind of a fad that the kids are into and not the future of media in general; which is a good part of why print media is failing. Werner may see putting his son in charge of Rolling Stone’s web presence as the equivalent of making him Director of Billboards.

  13. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    If he runs the website with as much talent as he presumably displays when scoffing down drugs, it’ll be an outrageous success.

  14. The only experience this knob will get is how to navigate a company through bankruptcy and receivership. Well, I guess at least it’ll prepare him for the real world.

  15. I’m sure the hallways of Rolling Stone are full of people lining up to tell Gus how much they respect his leadership. The website should be a mess of cat videos and memes by the end of the week.

  16. Hey, it worked when they installed GW Bush in the White House! I mean, NOTHING went wrong on that guy’s watch.

  17. Bane

    Hopefully this Adderall addicted slacker will make better picks for the R&R Hall of Fame.

  18. I bet he takes something crappy and makes it crappy.

  19. Gus Wenner Scout Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like she’s ready to hork up a hairball

  20. I hope all those people who went to college and worked their way up from the bottom have learned from this how you really get ahead in the publishing business. Gus worked hard to get Jann Wenner as a father and it paid off handsomely.

  21. Just as a rule of thumb, Nepotism should be limited to family, close friends, or people to whom monstrous payback is required.

  22. whatthe

    He looks like the kind of douchbag that actually reads Rolling Stone and takes that rag’s musical opinions seriously.

  23. flaT

    There has to be a VP Somewhere at that company ready to go postal after 30 years of dedicated service…. then that email….

  24. Lou Braccant

    “Son, as long as you share the same hatred for prog rock as I do, you can run the magazine!”

  25. meh

    This happened where I worked, father gave it to the son and retired, son ran his old man’s life work into the ground, a year later there was nothing left and the dad died (from illness not that but still)

  26. Gus Wenner Scout Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    Annie Liebovitz shot the next cover of RS. It’s a black and white of Wenner being topped by Obama. Bareback. Rumors are the cover is a gatefold that opens to reveal Taibbi tongue-punching Barack’s dirt box. Plus a 5 star review of Springsteen’s last bowel movement.

  27. Gus Wenner Scout Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    I think would…

  28. The Ouroboros

    As much as this annoys me, I have to wonder what the point is of being stupid fucking rich if you can’t throw your obviously tragic son a bone. What’s the worst that he could do? Tank the website? There’s definitely a team there to do most of the heavy lifting, and it’s not like the magazine itself hasn’t blatantly been on the decline since Thompson left. Wenner created the damn thing and nepotism is… Awesome.

    If I create something that becomes impactful and makes me rich, and my child as an adult takes interest in running it, I will of course give him a slice. Interwebs boss isn’t exactly anything substantial on a site of that magnitude. It’s not like he’s having to fete the bill, be in charge of content creation, do market research, or really much of anything that hell, even Fish and Photo have to do. Kid doesn’t have to do anything at all, he could have just sat and look unwashed for life and be obnoxiously rich. At least he’s having the opportunity to know what fucking up is like.

    That being said, this sucks because someone more qualified could have got the job.

  29. Gus Wenner Scout Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    I can only imaging how god-awful this sounds by looking at the pics of these two freakshows.

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