Janice Dickinson says Sly Stallone ‘juiced’ her

January 11th, 2008 // 81 Comments

Janice Dickinson claims that she not only saw her ex Sylvester Stallone use steroids, but he used them on her. Janice was on FOX New’s Red Eye when she accused Rambo of using drugs. Page Six reports:

“He juiced me,” Dickinson said. “I’d wake up and my arm was as big as Popeye – steroids, testosterone, all that stuff that people say [mimicking Stallone voice], ‘Hey, it’s not that good ’cause you get really big, you know what I mean?’ ”

However, Janice Dickinson has been known to lie in the past about Rocky:

Dickinson and Stallone were briefly engaged in the early 1990s. The brunette found out she was pregnant and told the actor he was the father, but DNA tests proved that producer Michael Birnbaum was the daddy of her baby girl, Savannah. Stallone immediately dumped her.

I doubt Sly Stallone’s walking around injecting his girlfriends with steroids. “Hey, yo, baby, maybe you’re, uh, breasts shouldn’t be so big and, yo, I dunno, maybe you should grow a moustache, know what I mean?” Although, this does explain why Janice Dickinson looks like, well, Janice Dickinson.

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  1. woodhorse

    Those cheek implants are falling really bad. Maybe he was trying to build them back up.

  2. Right… steroids… riiiiiiiiight… that’s what he was sticking in your arm… riiiiiiiight…

  3. Gerald_Tarrant

    She is just an old attention whore. Her last rant is yesterday’s news so she has to say something retarded and what she believes controversial to get her plastic sugery ass back in the news. This mummy has had enough drugs (and men) in her that she’ll probably never die so I guess I should get used to her.

  4. DOC


  5. Spongebob Gangsta

    Sly is the new Cabbage Patch Godfather

  6. me

    Everyone knows steroids are magical and make your arms as big as Hogans overnight, and all you have to do is whore youself around, occasionally purge, and get high as a fucking kite while claiming you are the worlds first supermodel. Die you fucking uselss cunt.

  7. p0nk

    at first i thought the headline said that Sly ‘goosed’ her. And THAT would just be wrong.

  8. Andrew

    It’ s a sad sad story,

    Janice wanting to have a sexy beautifull body … stallone helping her out as best as he can with training , food supplements and steroids ..
    Now she’ s blaming Stallone for looking like a Tomato , having no juice left in her old wrinkeld pussy and coping with a clitoris as big as popeye’….

    The ultimate male versus the ultimate bitch…

  9. The Office Whore

    This is the stupidest mostest fuckingest retardededed story EVAR! Worser than these nonwords I’m using.

  10. 1MILF Hunter

    How many people let others use hypodermics and poke them in the arm without knowing what it was first? Even then dumbest heroin addict knows better than that. She probably got alarmed when her clit started turning into a 6 inch penis.

  11. havoc

    She’s an idiot….


  12. Jeezy

    Non-story. Dickinson is a washed up attention whore.

    Also, “yo, baby, maybe you’re, uh, breasts” is wrong… You should actually have used “your”. How do people keep making that mistake?

  13. Spazz

    Who the fuck is this bitch?

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Damn Fish, holy shit on a shingle, don’t ever fucking show a close up picture of that withered whore’s face on this site again. I hit refresh on my browser and goddamn near screamed. It was like watching those video clips of a chick stripping then at the last second it throws up a picture of the girl from the Exorcist. I’m not sleepy for a fucking week now. Thanks asshole.

  15. digitaldevil

    To hell with this ignorant bitch. Why anyone still listens to her I can’t figure out.

  16. Dr. Nappy

    What a ghoul.

  17. PunkA

    The only time he juiced her was when his Italian Stallion spit in her twat. Or if he milked her boobies.

  18. To be frank, she’s not pretty at all here. Compared with those photos unloaded at a bisexual dating site (seems bimingle.com), she’s really ugly here. but those looks much hotter and sexier with no doubt.

  19. Separated at Birth

    I don’t know, they sort of look alike, like brother and sister. Maybe they both go to the same plastic surgeon or maybe it’s the steroids. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  20. eastcoastgirl

    This woman is just batshit nuts.

  21. p0nk

    dear tiffany,
    when they told you that you would make millions working at home, they lied to you.

  22. nia

    Look at her eyes… she looks like an old dog you wanna put down. She should be in a nursing home. The space btwn her eyes and hair line is huge!

  23. #21 – That’s not entirely true p0nk… she’s made millions of enemies.

  24. lg

    She is a scary-looking thing, for sure. Someone should plant her out in a farmer’s field.

  25. I have been using steroids in my private area since my erection problems started. I have seen some growth and I am pleased with the results.

  26. shimbere

    She’s an attention whore for sure – a has been. Why she even gets air time is beyond me – she must be sucking off the right people

  27. woodhorse

    Hugs & Kisses Wally!

  28. Zane

    She does look a little like Barry Bonds.

  29. Vince Lombardi

    #10 – If you believe them, apparently Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens do.

  30. Snarf


    Seriously Janice, who the fuck injects the GF with steriods in the middle of the night? That’s the most retarded story I have ever heard.

    Not only is she UGLY, but also STUPID.

  31. caljenna66

    How com all these meetrich retards sound like Miss Swan?

  32. KBC

    What a lame story! Even if he did inject her, your arm doesn’t get huge just from an injection. You still have to workout and eat properly. So steroids on their own wont do anything. She is just making a story up.

  33. Tapeworm

    That picture looks like the result of cross-breeding J-Lo and a fucking carrot.

  34. gotmilk?


  35. Sandy

    Hey Jombo, how are you doing today? Have the roids helped your nads?

  36. D. Richards (Saint.)

    Sly should have injected the ‘roids’ directly in to Janice’s fucking neck. Pop that mutant head clean off!

    Can you believe that Stallone’s made another fucking Rambo movie? Unbelievable. I saw the trailer for it; it’s clip after clip of Stallone slitting some foreign guy’s throat from behind. Oh, wow.

    The whole appeal of the first Rambo movies was that Rambo was a psychopathic Vietnam vet. The war had been over for ten years, so it was plausible for Rams to have to go back in to the ‘jungle’ to rescue people, or kill, or whatever it was he was doing. I don’t really know because I’ve never been able to stomach an entire viewing.

    Now, a bloated John Rambo on oxygen tank, running through south-eastern Asia? Hey! looks like Fun..

  37. Gerald_Tarrant

    #31 – They all sound the same because meetrich, bimingle, seekingmillionaire are all run by the same illiterate fuck. He has written a bot to post random shit on blog sites that advertise his shitty sites.

  38. Lowlands

    Without doubt i would have believed her if she said he injected the steroids in her face.

  39. D. Richards (Piece.)

    Sly should have injected the ‘roids’ directly in to Janice’s fucking neck. Strengthening that neck to the point of popping it’s head clear off! You know Dickinson’s a fucking liar. And you also know that Sly ‘juices’. People don’t become ripped like Stallone on protein shakes.

    And can you believe retarded-face has made another Rambo movie? What’s the use?! Another Rambo movie.. I’ve seen the trailer for it too: clip after clip of Rams slitting the throat’s of foreign guy, after foreign guy, after foreign. Wow..

    The first Rambo movies kind of made sense. Rambo’s a psychotic Vietnam vet who has to go back to the ‘jungle’ and ‘finish’ some business, or rescue people, or kill everything, or evade a sadistic Brian Dennehy in the jungles of the Pacific Northwest, or whatever he does; I’ve never been able to complete an entire viewing of those films. The war had been over for tens years so it was plausible for Rams to be in Southeastern Asia.

    Now, A bloated John Rambo, complete with oxygen tank, running through the jungle? Why’s he there? Who knows. Hey! Looks like fun..

  40. Son-of D. Richards

    Shit.. Dick’s gonna look like a fucking beginner now.

    Dick Dicks didn’t think the first entry took because the page said it was ‘expired’; he didn’t save the first entry, and had to create another one. Personally, I think the second one is better because I said ‘retarded-face’. Who doesn’t not enjoy a good retarded person’s face? Not me!

    Have fun with two of the same entries, bent on the same bullshit angle.

  41. Sauron

    What a fugly woman,i’m pretty sure she touches her face after every night of sleep to check if everything is still together.Her face looks like an experiment gone bad.They should fire this freak,her plastic surgeon.

  42. alone

    She does look a little like Barry Bonds. her blog was found on ‘interracial loves. com’ a couple of days ago. She has a nice profile with hot pics there. Is she serious to date there?

  43. Gerald_Tarrant

    I saw her profile earlier. It was on HasBeenPreOpTSWhores.com

  44. alone

    leave her alone.

  45. ranish

    …..and this would only matter if they were award winning athletes. Who gives a shit if actors/models/attention whores shoot each other up with steriods or anthing else for that matter.

  46. Shallow Val

    I thing she is so funny, and I love how she doesn’t give a rats ass what Tyra thinks, but JEEZUS, is she a hot and holy mess. Beef Jerky anyone…?

  47. danny webster

    i just saw an episode of antm where she is sooooooooo cruel to the asian contestant…she ends up humiliating this poor girl and is on the sade of another contestant who is manly, aggressive and frankly a typical american girl as far as her attitude is concerned

  48. p0nk

    xrist, i’m still laughing at the ‘Miss Swan’ reference. well done, caljenna (#31).

  49. feg

    man, did he have the worst taste in bitches or what? between Janice Dickenson & Brigitte Nielson. then the mother with her G.L.O.W. bullshit. he should’ve gone gay. women are no good for him. I always thought he & Kurt Russell made a cute couple. Tango & Cash forever!!!!

  50. chenush

    “maybe you should grow a moustache, know what I mean?”

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