Jamie Lynn Spears spotted out of captivity

February 11th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears took her dog to the vet over the weekend where the paps caught a couple shots of her. From what I understand, when the Jamie Lynn comes out of hiding one of two things happen: A. She sees her shadow and there’s six more weeks of winter. B. She doesn’t see her shadow and the farmers have a kickass harvest or something. I dunno. I was never good at growing stuff. Except biceps the sizes of watermelons. *flexes* What now, 4-H?

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. alishia


  2. alishia


  3. alishia


  4. deaconjones

    First!!!! yay! I always wanted to be first at something, other than being a complete asswipe. Mom!!! I won!

  5. mrs.t

    ummm, alishia, I believe you are first! Heartfelt congratulations on your accomplishment. But where do you go from here? You could climb Mt. Everest, but after being ‘first’, that just seems so……empty.

  6. Gerald_Tarrant

    Oh irony, thy name is Jamie Lynn Spears’s wardrobe. “Class of”??? Wasn’t seh just carrying around a GED book? I thought you had to graduate school to claim a year of graduation. Unless……

    Dat’s wen dat gurl becomed a womun. She gots herself preggy, so she’s fur real a womun now.

  7. Pegasus

    Oh wow shes out of her house who gives a shit im sick of hearing about the Spears

  8. Oh, really nice troll. If you don’t quit it, I’m never coming back here. I can’t take it anymore. Stupid troll. You are ruining my LIFE!!

  9. Vet

    “So…it’s a little de-worming for the both of you, then? What? And an abortion?…hmmm…let me see if I have one of those long-handled wire dog brushes lying around…”

  10. Auntie Kryst

    C’mon kid, go back and hit them books if you plan to graduate with the rest of your 2009 class. By that I mean you alone.

  11. Lindsay L.

    Britney Britney Britney Paris Britney Paris Paris Britney JAMIE LYNN??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? What’s missing from this recipe? GINGER!

    Don’t make me fucking flash it again. Just…don’t.

  12. deaconjones


    Man, who’s trolling me? Seriously, you want my number? I can give it to you, as long as you’re not a fat cow that smells like extra sharp cheddar between your neck rolls, which you probably are….

  13. deaconjones

    sure. what is it?

  14. The picture of her getting into the car isn’t to bad. I cna make that one work

  15. The Laughing God

    @ pic 4, “where’s the booty?”

  16. Bethgina

    She’s going to be one of those chicks who gets very manfaced as she gets older (meaning, her face looks mannish, not her faced gets manjuiced, you fucking perverts).

  17. deaconjones

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm. did someone say manface??????? YESSSSTH!

  18. Ted from LA

    You forgot about your ads of steel.

  19. SpearSux

    This cunt looks like a little rodent with beady eyes. Go crawl back into your hole, you slutty tramp.

  20. whorehater

    Shouldn’t she be SUCKING FUCKING COCK somewhere, the little whore.

  21. Andy

    It’s a shame. She’s not particularly attractive, but still, her young body is getting ruined. The wanna-be MILFs will tell you a girl can have a baby and still be hot afterwards, blah blah blah. The truth is, it involves permanent body changes and none of them are good. Nobody goes to a plastic surgeon and says “gimme the ___ procedure that makes my ass look like I was recently pregnant.” Plus, even with MILFs, clothing and especially lighting are absolutely essential. If you poke one, you must get out before you see her nude in full light. Poor Jamie Lynn will be only 17 and her body will look used. Thank god for alcohol.

  22. @21

    I think her body was used. That’s how the little slut got knocked up. I wonder if the REAL baby day ever going to show up. You are right though. She’s gonna have an ass 12 axe handles across, especially with the cheetoh and red bull diet she probably already inherited from Brit.

  23. feg

    nevermind, its back. must’ve been me.

    poor kid. this one & the one on the way.

  24. Nickelodeon Executive Producer

    I’m so proud of my baby’s Momma. I hope Uncle K-Fed is good to our child.

  25. mr sensitive

    Like a hamburger, she’s getting to the point where you have to turn her over if she wants to get done.

  26. Gerald_Tarrant

    She disappeared from the media so quick I thought she married Tom Cruise.

  27. whatever

    Awww, a G.E.D. Class of 2009 sweatshirt. So she does have plans for the future afterall!

  28. Wendy

    You guys are so cruel. I think she’s done well to survive all this and not be psychotic, especially if the rumors about the real dad are true. Imagine having your mom push you into show business, and then while you’re just a kid you have to strip and lie down on some dirty couch and have a fat bald 60-year-old producer guy with a hairy back attempt to heave himself into you. And the whole time you’re looking up at the walls and all you see is SpongeBob smiling insanely back at you.

  29. Doomhammer

    Why is this pathetic bag of semen walking around in yet another school or college related sweat shirt? Ole Miss already filled a lawsuit pledging to sue her ass into oblivion if she ever put on another garment bearing thier insignia and logo.

    Note to stupid talentless hick whore : Wearing school related shirts doesnt make you smart or include you in the land of the educated. You are an ignorant daughter of a whore, sister of a rich fat slut, mother to a soon to be bastard child. When they make a shirt that brags about being all thsoe things, wear that !!! Maybe University of Fat Sluts or Mothers of Bastards State with an XL underneath it for extra large semen loads accepted. Hoo rah. School spirit!

  30. D. Richards (Biologist.)

    Give Jamie-Lynn about a year and those hips are going to be dilapidated like an old abandoned car in a junkyard heap.

    Pregnancy, it destroys bodies (Frist).

  31. Kingsley Amis

    The “Class Of” shirt is priceless. This dumbass got knocked up, plain and simple. She won’t be part of The Class of ANYTHING. She won’t even bother with a GED. “Britney’s got book-learnin’ ain’t she don’t even use it none!”

  32. BritneyBrimley

    She looks pregnant



  34. Manically Depressed

    @28 – Who says she’s not psychotic ? She’s just getting started !!

  35. shanipie

    I dont see it. Isn’t she supposedly like 7 month along? She doesn’t look pregnant at all

  36. crazy otto

    seeing a 16 year old pregnant girl jump into the drivers seat of a 90 thousand dollar Benz makes me proud to be an American

  37. Hobo

    That’s an Lexus SC430 not a Benz.;-)

  38. AliCat

    The dog is cute. Someone should save it from the inevitable neglect it’s sure to eventually recieve.

  39. badkitty

    She looks really old. I mean, she’s what, 16? The child looks like she’s pushing 30! Damn!

  40. badkitty

    She looks really old. I mean, she’s what, 16? The child looks like she’s pushing 30! Damn!

  41. Juaquin Ingles

    #21, that should be required reading for every hot female out there. At least the ones I’d like to bang in the future. Leave the birthing to the already fucked up fat people. The world’s ugly enough already, and I’ll be dead before any new decent looking spawn are of age.

  42. She always looks so much older than her age. I remember when she did that Los Angeles visit with her mother not to long ago. She looked older than her mom. These girls are trying to look mature and they just come off looking old

  43. tc

    Do you think she will go bald and spotty like her sister

  44. wow, 41. birth is a beautiful thing.
    life is being produced.
    it’s not just a hobby for ugly people.
    i’m sorry a girl will never want to
    reproduce with you. don’t get all resentful.

  45. Juaquin Ingles

    Oh yes, a spoiled ball and chain is just what I want. Beautiful.

  46. Anal Fistula

    #29 just dominated this post

  47. amglesl

    omg, Did you ever posted your profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called searchingmillionaire.com. I saw your profile there few weeks ago.

  48. Winter

    She doesn’t look pregnant at all? How can Jessica Alba be rubbing her belly on the covers of magazines and Jamie Lynn hasn’t even got a bump yet?

  49. anon

    I love how when these actresses really f up somebody makes em wear glasses– like they’re ‘smartenin up’ or something. har har

  50. brooke

    I don’t know anyone my age, which is 26, that was still a virgin at 16…So, I am not judging her. The condom could of broke, and condom’s are not full proof anyway. Neither is birth control….So, she got pregnant, big deal? Many kids are doing it now days…The only difference is she is sort of a celeb! If she’s a whore more than half the teenagers in the world are whores too. As far as Lynn goes, It isn’t her fault Jamie had sex. You can try to raise your kids right, but there are always outside influences, like friends that can take the best raised kids and turn them bad. So everyone get off their high horses….Britney was just fine as long as her mom was running her career, she was pretty and famous and if it weren’t for her mom she wouldn’t even have a career. Britney turned bad when she got out on her own and her mom couldn’t control her anymore. Hence, the song over protective, if Lynn is to be accused of anything it is that, being overprotective, hence making Britt feel the need to rebel. Britt was also okay when she was dating Justin…She shouldn’t of cheated on him and I bet she regrets it now. It sure isn’t Lynns’s fault that Britt is mentally ill. Atleast, Lynn is trying to go help Britt and get scums like Sam and Adnan out of her life. Also, atleast JLS is doing the right thing by keeping the baby and not aborting it, which would of been easy to do and saved her career. Instead of thinking of her career she thought of her baby and did the right thing. She could of gave it up for adoption and stayed in hiding til after it was born and no one would of been the wiser and she’d of went on with her career and everything would of been fine. However, she is facing the media scrutiny and having the baby. She could of even of had it and passed it off like it was her mom’s baby and pretended it was a sibling. I think she is doing a great job and she doesn’t deserve all the negative comments..

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