Jamie Lynn Spears’ boyfriend pulls gun on pap

April 8th, 2008 // 59 Comments


Like any couple out for a romantic afternoon, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge were driving around in a old golf cart root-tootin’ huntin’ ATV with a dog. Oh, and also Casey had a gun sitting in his lap. Adorable. Some paps happened to be nearby prompting Casey to tell them to get the hell off the private property. (TMZ says it’s actually public.) Then he pointed the gun at a pap. Now that’s just downright precious. Seriously, nothing goes together like teenagers, guns and pregnancy. Their love story truly has it all. I wouldn’t be surprised if next you tell me Casey wears knights armor to social events. And by social events I mean wings and bingo night at the Elks Lodge. Kiss your kin and get a free beer cozy!


  1. zxc

    cvbcvbcvb first

  2. luna

    That is gold hahahahaha

  3. Ted from LA

    Git ‘er done Casey.

  4. Evil

    It’s the classy hick that warns yah first

  5. Lyncott

    I thought only redneck psychos had a thing for guns, so it’s redneck psycho pedophiles too?.

  6. Athens

    Isn’t it allowed in that state to have a gun to keep people off your land or is that only in Texas?
    Rednecks anyways.

  7. Akilldema

    Umm, points? I don’t have a 50″ HD moniter so I was unable to even make out said gun.

  8. Akilldema

    Umm, points? I don’t have a 50″ HD moniter so I was unable to even make out said gun. His hands are on the steering wheel the whole time.

  9. Golfin' and shootin'

    America has never really left the Wild West. Not at heart. Yes, one day soon the reign of terror of Paris and Lindsay will seem relatively innocent, as we enter Mad Max “gas panic” times.

  10. sicasso

    Riding an ATV for sport? First sign you’re dealing with a Neanderthal.

    Riding an ATV for sport with a gun in his lap? First sign you’re dealing with a chromosome-deprived Neanderthal who doesn’t even have the sense to think with his dick, let alone his brain.

    I would only be sad if he rolled that thing in a horrific neck-breaking crash on the bayou because the dog might get hurt. The four-legged dog, not the Spears’ offspring.

  11. Brittany

    This was no big deal…he didn’t pull a gun…he may or may not have pointed to it. So they live in the woods and drive ATVs to get around…I’m over it.

  12. Grobpilot

    Honestly, would you start to be afraid this pussy would actually shoot you? You could come after him with a pissed off look in your eyes, he would wet himself, drop the gun and run away.

  13. T Mac ATL

    that is a hunting ATV, not a golf cart dipshit.

    find something decent to write about or just STFU, these stories are getting pathetic…

  14. riotboy

    He should’ve shot him, then it would’ve been NEWS!!!

  15. FromOutOfNoWhere

    You mean Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are gun tooting, delinquent rearing, chewbacco spiting rednecks from Louisiana. You mean there is a big chance we’re gonna see their wedding on “My Big Redneck Wedding”.

  16. Grunion

    Mister Saturday night special, got a barrel that’s blue cold

    Ain’t good for nothing

    ‘cept put a pap ten feet in a hole

  17. Ted from LA

    The only thing worse than driving around in an ATV with your knocked-up teen girlfriend is being the asshole who is waiting to take their picture.

  18. Mal Gusto

    Lyncott ….You twit.
    So Casey is a pedophile for impregnating a 16 year old?
    Are you serious?
    Can you truly be that small minded?
    When did you lose your virginity? Have you yet?

  19. I would shoot the parasite

    These pap smears need to die so and so does this disgusting culture of ours.

  20. Jumpin_J

    I got a gun in my lap too, if you know what I mean. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Oh, hell yeah. I went there. Upstairs brah!

  21. Sam Adams

    Having a gun while confronting tresspassers on private property? Out in the boonies? What’s the problem? I’m not in this guys fan club, but I can’t see what he did wrong. He didn’t point it at anybody. He didn’t even touch it until the big guy walked over to him.
    But hey, it’s still ok to make fun of white, rural, uneducated folks. Gotta look down your nose at somebody, huh?

  22. Cozmonaut

    Shooting one of them would probably only bring more of them to the area to cover the story. On the other hand, having the dog maul him…GENIUS!

  23. Clem

    “Theeus pravat praptee!”
    And JamieSeanBritLynn had a banjo on her lap.
    She’s will be a grandmother at 30.

  24. Bruce

    Very disrespectful! thats her fiancee’ not boyfriend…..and don’t call her Jaime Lynn, call her Whore jr.

  25. jzz

    they took our jobs!!

  26. nipolian

    You really can’t fault Casey for having the gun……After all – here is a kid that everytime he gets himself into a jam – he asks himself “Now what would Snuffy Smith do?”. I’m just wondering if they are planning to name the young’un Tater.

  27. Sara

    How smart. Very smart.

  28. Impressed

    My, what a cultured, gentlemanly voice the young man has! Even if it took a little doing, Jamie Lynn caught herself a real winner!

  29. Little McBeaner

    @ # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25
    U ALL…well i got nothing

  30. woodhorse

    Why does Madonna show Britney such respect? Madonna is a Media Whore (and has been for 25 years) in every sense of the word: she WORKS to get the media attention. Not so with the Spears. The derailment that is their daily life – and thus the life blood of every pap – comes absolutely natural. Madonna can only dream of finessing a gas station or cup of Starbucks like Britney. To see Jamie growing into these skills brings a tear to my eye. I see a career as Ambassador to Iran for Casey.

  31. @26 Nice one! I was trying to come up with a good Snuffy Smith line. I sort of figured those kids were out in the woods checking up on their still.

  32. woodhorse

    For this cute couple, one might think that there is no way but up. One would be wrong.

  33. sam

    It’s nice that when the Spears have a shotgun wedding, they let the groom keep the shotgun.

  34. dev

    He didn’t point the gun at anyone… but he should have. The Pap was on private land which means he can and I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

  35. Burungi

    White. Trash. I mean, could they be more stereotypical backwoods hill-billies?

  36. FCS

    Kidz wit gunz

  37. Sam Adam's disappointed third grade teacher

    #21 Speaking of uneducated, Sam…it was stated that it was actually PUBLIC property. (You can clearly see the road, and land up to so many feet along a public right of way is also public – so people don’t have to walk in the road. to avoid trespass.)
    Quit beating the Second Amendment drum enough to try to sound it out.
    Or else try moving your lips as you read that sentence again, maybe it’ll help.

  38. justifiable

    How nice that Lynn says she’ll raise the kid so Jamie-Lynn can go on being a teenager and not interrupt her busy gun-totin’, ATV-riding life.

  39. havoc

    He should have plugged the useless son of a bitch.

    Now all the pussy paps will be wearing Kevlar vests!



  40. Veroonica

    Yee-haw. Love to see two “edgy-cated” teenagers in love. Now, I’m not saying that they are displaying some classic violent back woods behavior. I am saying, however, that I really think that kid in her belly should stay away from sharp instruments. Have a feeling he’s going to be a bleeder.

  41. Rut Roh

    Does anyone care if a pap gets shot? Thanks to Florida gun laws, I’d just invite one into my home and then blow him away.

  42. societycaneatme

    Notice how both his hands were on the wheel when he was supposedly “pointing a gun”

  43. Sam Adams


    Please post a source that says it’s public land and not private. Cause, you know, neither of the sources listed state one way or another, leading me to believe (gasp) the Superficial writer made it up.
    Not that I really give a shit.

  44. Juffie

    Rednecks!!! Big time rednecks…. LOL This almost reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies in their truck…

  45. NastyBedazzler

    Yeah sounds like a total douche.

  46. ferlo

    wow. wow. they are backwoods ghe-tto. wow.

  47. sn4tchbuckl3r

    why all the hate for the paps?
    Its one thing when they surround a car in the middle of the fucking road, but its totally cool if they want to stand on public property and take pics.

    there is NO celebrity out there that didnt sign on to be part of the media circus. Maybe it does suck that you’re life’s passion is part of that circus but OH FUCKING WELL

  48. Mark

    The BUMPKIN has spoken!!! It was everything we hoped it would be. He makes Kevin Federline look like a rhodes scholar. This marriage has disaster written all over it. He’s a total loser a-hole who will be forgotten about 10 seconds after she dumps his pipe laying ass.

  49. BoboTed

    It is an indictment of American society and in particular, the education system and Southern values to see such an inbred, redneck fuck existing on this planet.

    Seriously, America is no better than a pre-literate society in some areas in terms of intellect and cultural sophistication.

  50. Its a UTV, not ATV, and that looked like a Rhino with some add-ons, maybe 8-9,000. I bet Casey didn’t pay for it. It would be funny to have some of the paps try to follow them into the swamps and get eaten by gators.

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