I Want To Know Every Word Samuel L. Jackson & Jamie Foxx Said Here. Every Word.

“Motherfucker threw water on them?! DAAAMMNN.” (WINNER: Least Plausible Caption 2012)

What’s up, everybody? Thanks to my little schmoozing excursion to New York where I’ll let you decide whether I was Don, Pete or Roger Sterling (Trick Question: Cosgrove, bitches!), The Crap We Missed, our always reliable Most Important People comment generator hit the back-burner, so to make up ground before Photo Boy drops an epic Crap on us later today – Wow, this got erotic fast. – here’s Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson at the premiere of Django Unchained last night where one of them clearly thought this was a make-out party while the other made Don Johnson genuinely believe he was about to lose his cracker hand. Godspeed.

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Splash News, WENN