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“Tell me cheesy bread costs extra… This is my town.”

Top o’ the morning.

If you’ve been following the site for the past two weeks, this is usually around the time a hot chick’s been popping up with a bunch of links to other sites that I assume five of you look at. However, today Photo Boy’s at a funeral and I had some more jovial business this morning that I won’t bore you with because it involved family in from of out of town, me somehow being inside an elementary school class (No Sandusky.), yadda yadda yadda. So give me about an hour or so, and by noon EST I should be making with the dick jokes and boobie pictures. Tomorrow? Business as usual.

In the meantime, here’s James Franco on the set of Spring Breakers which I’ve now determined is a movie about that time Kevin Federline ate a meatball sub before bed and dreamed about raining street justice down upon a Florida town filled with Disney starlets in booty shorts. (Spoiler Alert: He puts babies in them.)

Back shortly,

- The Superficial

Photos: INFdaily