James Franco Got A Penis Cake, Too

Posted by Photo Boy

I guess there’s a certain point in every great artist’s life, when they get to enjoy the spoils of fame in the form of dick-shaped baked goods. Continuing the great tradition started by the always avant-garde Miley Cyrus, James Franco took a pause from shoving delicious fondant cock into his face to express his gratitude for being embraced by the gay community. Via HuffPost Celebrity

“I have a lot of different connections to the LGBT community and I have a lot of aesthetic or artistic connections or reasons I am interested in queer cinema,”

Sucking his fingers clean of moist, rich dong, he added, “What the queer cinema community gets about my work, which is almost universally viewed as trite and uninspired by the art world, was silently expressed by choosing a fellow artist who could create something like this buttercream butt plug right here, which reminds me, are you going to eat that?”

Photo: Twitter