James Franco Got A Penis Cake, Too

May 1st, 2013 // 16 Comments
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Posted by Photo Boy

I guess there’s a certain point in every great artist’s life, when they get to enjoy the spoils of fame in the form of dick-shaped baked goods. Continuing the great tradition started by the always avant-garde Miley Cyrus, James Franco took a pause from shoving delicious fondant cock into his face to express his gratitude for being embraced by the gay community. Via HuffPost Celebrity

“I have a lot of different connections to the LGBT community and I have a lot of aesthetic or artistic connections or reasons I am interested in queer cinema,”

Sucking his fingers clean of moist, rich dong, he added, “What the queer cinema community gets about my work, which is almost universally viewed as trite and uninspired by the art world, was silently expressed by choosing a fellow artist who could create something like this buttercream butt plug right here, which reminds me, are you going to eat that?”

Photo: Twitter


  1. He wont even choke on that first bite.

  2. C’mon PhotoBoy, that’s a strap-on, not a butt plug. Don’t you ever look back when Fish is giving it to you???

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “The grey aesthetics reflect society’s gloom in in uncertain economic times. Set against a red background, feelings of anger and vengeance resonate in the . . . Hey! It’s filled with Bavarian cream! I get it, it’s supposed to be cum! That’s funny! Uh, ahem, like I was saying, the red is, uh, mad . . . at stuff. Fuck it, I’m hungry.”

  4. Cock Dr

    Just when you think a day can’t get any weirder someone blogs about a buttercream butt plug.

  5. James Franco Birthday Penis Cake
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s not a penis, it’s a strap-on, thus the lack of balls.

  6. BigTBags

    Its a buttplug or dildo. Also there are anal beads and a whip. The guy just needs to come out of the closet. *Yawn*

  7. under no illusions

    doesn’t look that appealing. who wants a novelty cake that aesthetically looks awful?

  8. James Franco Birthday Penis Cake
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d love to try out those anal beads. I’m sure someone did before they were put on the cake.

    • Jake

      As you’ll notice in the picture, the frosting on the anal beads makes it appear like it was just used and not washed.

  9. I don’t get it…if he pushes the dildo up his ass, won’t he get frosting on his bu…ohhhhhh…NOW I get it! Never mind.

  10. James Franco Birthday Penis Cake
    Commented on this photo:

    its a strap on, anal beads, and a ball gag. this blog is tough to read anymore.

  11. James Franco Birthday Penis Cake
    Commented on this photo:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if James Franco died a happily married elderly man, with loving wife, children and grand-children, while fishing out on the lake with his estranged son?

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