Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman are dating

June 1st, 2006 // 387 Comments

  1. Ari

    Bye Pagan!

  2. 95

    I actually saw one post by the goatsucker, in one of the other threads. Funny thing was, it posted right after the other personality. I had a laugh.

  3. 100

    So what are you doing on this American site?

  4. Moriarty


    This is called the world-wide web. Just because you don’t cross your borders doesn’t mean that the whole of the rest of the world does.

  5. TrannyGranny

    I am so relieved to learn that Jake-Gyn is not gay!!! Now I can watch Bubble-Boy without the whole “Man-in-the-nutsack) image, and enjoy it’s cinematagrophy.

    However, I am deeply disturbed to learn he is a pedophile.

  6. Moriarty


    Argh fuck — you got me talking angry.

  7. Ari

    Hey, Tranny,

    On your way home yet?

  8. TrannyGranny

    Saturday morning

    …and I think if they did it, the word is Pederast.

  9. hurley

    TOPAZ21, what are your 3 other languages?

  10. hurley

    Nice news article. I find articles with headlines ending in question marks to be compelling and informative.

    Aren’t there any Robbie Williams gossip sites you can go on over there?

  11. Fa Cube Itches

    Tranny: could also be “Yahtzee” from all those bones rattling together.

  12. TrannyGranny

    Yo Fa;

    Yeah, crazy xylophone sex, that’s hot.

  13. CruisingForCock

    Thunderstorms make me very horny. Wish I had a goat right now.

  14. Moriarty


    It may be a question mark for you, but whe you have had a week of repoting ‘how are we going to couch this to the American public’ you get a bit worried.

    Re: Robbie Williams, he did lift the international cup for a 6million pound (that’s 240,000 dollars) charity game this week, so back off.

  15. Fa Cube Itches

    Wish I were a goat in Bodymore….heh.

  16. Ari

    Cruising, ditto on the thunderstorms… but not the goat.

  17. Moriarty

    Hahaha I fucked myself there — Iprobably meant 24m.

    Even so, I’m sat here in a terraced house thta probably costs as much as one of your skyscrapers, so who gives a toss?

  18. CruisingForCock

    @115 If you were in Bodymore, wouldn’t need the goat.

  19. hurley

    Moriarty, It’d be easier to take you seriously if there weren’t a typo/misspelling in every single one of your posts. If you’re English, shouldn’t you know it?

  20. 117

    waht hte kucf rea uoy alktnig bouat?

  21. Fa Cube Itches

    Well, we fired our guns, and the British kept a-comin’,
    There wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago.

    We fired once more, and they began a-runnin’,
    Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Well they ran through the bushes
    And they ran through the brambles
    And they ran through places that a rabbit couldn’t go.
    They ran so fast even hounds couldn’t catch ‘em,
    Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

  22. Moriarty

    Yeah okay — I spilt a glass of wine over my keyboard. Which hopefully is commendable. The rest is true though…

  23. common_person

    It looks like he’s dating a pre-teen and in the first picture it’s as if he’s explaining the meaning of life to her. If anyone actually knew the meaning of life, it would be her.

  24. Moriarty

    Yes – I’m sorry about the anomalies, Hurley et al.

  25. Moriarty

    You are still ducking out of things – as per my first post.

  26. hurley

    If by “anomalies” you mean “pattern of typos and inaccuracies” then, it’s ok.

    Now go back to reading about Robbie Williams. We’re counting on you to keep us abreast of the latest.

  27. Fa Cube Itches

    118: I think Delta’s supposed to be ready when I am. *glance down* Yup, I’m ready….where’s the damn plane?

  28. hurley

    You can’t be for-real.
    Was your first post about our “non-consequentail media”? If so, nobody was ducking out, unless by “ducking out” you really mean, “unfamiliar with made-up words”.

    As I say to my ESL students, take a moment, think about what you want to say, and use words you’ve already learned.

  29. krisdylee

    2 things:

    1) #100 Moriarty,
    non-consequential media? Over here?Riiiight, and the Brits are so innocent when it comes to celebrity gossip mags.

    2) I would fuck Jake up, I would fuck Jake down, I would fuck Jake all around the town,

    I would fuck Jake soft, I would fuck Jake hard, I would fuck Jake right in the middle of my yard.

  30. Moriarty


    The world’s media is reporting news that cannot be leaked to you — 365m people.

    That is a fact. Those who can’t do, teach.

  31. Moriarty

    Gossip mags aren’t in question — they are everywhere. It is just that you don’t get the real new that is (very) worrying.

  32. Moriarty

    news… fuck my English steam-powered keyboard

    (we are still better though)

  33. Fa Cube Itches

    Yeah ’cause God knows the Beeb and other “world” news orgs have always been at the forefront of reporting. If I recall, there was some unpleasantness for about 30 years to your west, yet your own media couldn’t even mention who was involved. Not even when crap was blowing up in London.

  34. Yoda a Green Schlong Has

    Is Jake Gyllenhaal gay? Jake gave an interview with on Brokeback with “gay.com.”


    So let the man speak, …

    Ledger has already spoken of his nervousness about taking on a gay part, but Gyllenhaal says he understood the universal aspects of the relationship, despite his friends’ reactions.

    “They’re all like, ‘Dude, you’re gonna kiss a guy,’” he said in a recent interview. “But it’s not about that for me. It’s about how impossible love can be sometimes, and I can relate to that.”

    “As well as that, every man goes through a period of thinking they’re attracted to another guy.”

    Jake says it’s perfectly normal to have homo-erotic fantasies about other men. So relax, it’s not like he’s acting on them, …


  35. hurley

    all bs aside, email me at susanhurley1@yahoo.com

  36. Fa Cube Itches

    But look on the bright side…

    Once you guys get Sharia, you won’t even have to worry about any news sources.

  37. Yoda a Green Schlong Has

    Oh, and British ass clown ( and you know who you are ), … fuck off.

  38. TrannyGranny

    Yoda….yah you are gay, we get it. i’m ok with that. Suck some cock, take some ass slamming. whatever make you, you man…..you fucking faggot

  39. TrannyGranny

    who knows me?

  40. Yoda a Green Schlong Has

    I wouldn’t fuck you with Pussy Willows dick, but with a name like “TrannyGranny”, god knows you’d love it, …

  41. Ari

    Sorry… guess again, Yoda.

    Tranny’s cock belongs to the girls here.

  42. Yoda a Green Schlong Has

    Excluding Edna, who is probably a man, no girl here is desperate enough to fuck a scrawny Grizzly Adams-immitating, ass-fucking, cock-sucking, bitch with a Napolean complex.

    So no, I wouldn’t count on any “action” if I were you.

  43. Hey Tranny, there’s something special waiting for you in your email.

  44. LB

    It just occured to me, but why isn’t Ang Lee making any funny faces in these pictures?

  45. Fa Cube Itches

    144: Yeah, turnabout is fair play!

  46. LilRach

    I think they look really cute together – well yeah really normal and relaxed. How sweet :)


  47. krisdylee

    I’d like to fuck him in broad daylight… doggy-style, definitely, cuz of the fag factor.

  48. krisdylee


  49. 148

    I think that’s the British word for sweater…I came across that reading Harry Potter (yes, geek) and it confused the crap outta me. Why they’d call it a “jumper” is beyond me, but you know, those wacky Limeys…

  50. …so, in closing, in the style of Mr. Secure White Shrivelled Ballsack Obsessed with Libtard’s Salads,


    Just kidding.

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