Jaime Pressly, Estella Warren And Jenna Jameson All Got In Fights This Weekend

April 8th, 2013 // 21 Comments
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Let’s start with the hottest ones first and work our way down. Jaime Pressly and Estella Warren reportedly got into a fight at Bootsy Bellows after Estella allegedly stole Jaime’s assistant’s phone. Us Weekly reports:

A source tells Us Weekly that Pressly and her assistant discovered that the assistant’s purse and phone had gone missing at the original party location, a house in L.A. Using one of those “find my phone” apps, the pair reportedly tracked the phone to Bootsy Bellows, where Warren and several other party guests (including Zac Efron and Adam Lambert) were continuing the celebration.
According to the source, Warren claimed the phone was hers. “Jaime was trying to get it back,” the insider tells Us. “She wasn’t agressive, but she was forceful.”
Warren maintained that she was the rightful owner, and Pressly insisted that the phone belonged to her assistant. At one point, the insider says, drugs were discovered in Warren’s purse, which led to the police getting involved. “Jaime and her assistant were volunteering for a drug test. They said the drugs weren’t theirs,” the eyewitness tells Us. “It was this crazy mess.”

As of this post, police have determined Estella Warren is at fault because Jaime Pressly is way hotter. “Hey, we don’t make the Hollywood laws,” they said. “We just randomly enforce them depending on what mood we’re in.”

Meanwhile, the next night, Jenna Jameson was arrested for battery after assaulting some dude who placed her under citizen’s arrest which is apparently still a thing. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tells us … Jameson was hanging out in the Balboa Peninsula neighborhood of Newport Beach around 8 pm … when she allegedly battered someone.
We’re told the alleged victim put Jameson under citizen’s arrest and then flagged down a police officer. The cop arrived and cited Jenna for battery. She was later released.

As for why she was released, a police spokesman responded, “Jenna Jameson was in the back seat of a vehicle. I don’t know how clearer I can make that.”

Photos: GSI Media, Pacific Coast News


  1. cc

    Jaime Pressly vs Estella Warren…the ‘naked’ is painfully absent.

  2. Hairy Pelosi

    Fuck Obama and his liberal idiots.

    Liberal dolts are the shining example of what a failed gene pool looks like….

  3. Estella Warren, although attractive, used to be very hot. But she can’t hold a candle to Pressly anymore. Oh how I wish this fight happened in a large tub filled with Vaseline and oil. The restaurant dropped the ball here.

  4. Jaime Pressly Cleavage Son Dezi Playground
    Commented on this photo:

    If someone would confirm that she shakes her tits and quivers her ass when she gets really angry, I would willingly drive to her house and punch her cat in front of her.

  5. At first I thought this story was about a tough weekend for three hot blondes, but then I realized that Jenna Jameson was one of them.

  6. Jaime Pressly Cleavage Son Dezi Playground
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    Incredible legs, too. Just look at those thighs…

  7. Jaime Pressly Cleavage Son Dezi Playground
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    I’ll bet nobody ever noticed before that she has a beautiful smile.

  8. Jaime Pressly Cleavage Son Dezi Playground
    toe jam
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    I want to flambé her thighs with my tongue. So is soooo damn hot!

  9. TheListener

    I guess no one thought to just call the assistant’s cell phone number. If the phone rang, it’s the assistant’s, if not, it’s Estella’s.

  10. Jenn

    So, the Warren chick is a drug addled thief? Niice. If I’d been Jaime, I’d have whupped ass.

  11. Jaime Pressly Cleavage Son Dezi Playground
    Commented on this photo:

    THAT is a nice ass. And tummy. Nice legs, too.

    The face, however, has scared me since Ringmaster…

  12. Jaime Pressly Cleavage Son Dezi Playground
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    Jaime Pressly is perfection. Bottom line.

  13. Jaime Pressly Cleavage Son Dezi Playground
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    your my sister your my sister

  14. Jaime Pressly Cleavage Son Dezi Playground
    Interred Ferguson
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    HULK SMASH!!!!!!

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