It’s Safe To Ask Katherine Heigl If She’s Difficult Now, She Can’t Do Anything

For those of you don’t remember Katherine Heigl – which is understandable – she was once an aspiring actress who catapulted to fame by starring in Knocked Up and the ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy only to publicly shit on both projects before starring in a series of repetitive romantic comedies with each one tanking harder than the last. On top of that, her mother Nancy was a constant, ball-busting presence on sets which is why Katherine is not only doing network television again, but being asked questions about how difficult she is directly to her face which is exactly what happened this weekend. Even better, someone asked how the hell her mom is an executive producer – with Nancy sitting right there. reports:

Prior to Heigl’s question, one critic called Nancy Heigl’s executive producer credit “stage mothering to the extreme” when asking NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt and president Jennifer Salke about the move. Salke responded: “I’ll tell you very honestly … we had an amazing meeting with them. They’re both very smart, formidable women, and I’m not just giving lip service to this—they’ve been fantastic producers and incredibly smart through this process. She’s someone who has a strong opinion, but we’ve found her to be nothing but adamant to the process, and also Katie really relies on her in her life. It’s a real partnership that seems to work for both of them and it’s been great for us. But it’s not surprising when the mother walks in the door with her, we knew they were a set and worked together in the past. I would call her her ‘mom-ager,’ her best friend … she’s a partner in her life. They have a very natural shorthand. So far, so good.”

Later that night, Jennifer Salke was reunited with her children. Her daughter’s missing finger a constant reminder that Nancy Heigl has no problem hiding in an air vent and specifically asked for poppy seed muffins. How fucking hard is that to remember? Poppy. Seed. You can get them anywhere.

Photos: Pacific Coast News