It’s a Katy Perry Post

December 2nd, 2010 // 53 Comments

Hopefully by now everyone should know what to expect whenever the name Katy Perry appears in the headline. But just in case, she was at some thing, singing some song, big, giant breasts. That’s literally all you need to know. If anything at all, really.

Oh, and John Mayer looks at these and lights English muffins on fire. That, too.

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  1. Shart

    Fishies got a girlfriend. Gawd. Every damn day!

  2. paul

    She forgot to spray-tan the part in her hair.

  3. Sheena

    Her titties look pretty in that dress, all sparkly and bejeweled and everything.

  4. Jumpin_J

    I’ve got a Katy Perry post… IN MY PANTS! BOO-YAHH! SWISH-BOOM!!!!

  5. Twist Ted

    She like gold? I’ll give her a golden shower.

  6. cm

    I love that dress. and it totally doesn’t scream “look at my tits!!!!”

  7. Katy Perry
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  8. Katy Perry
    Cock Dr
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    Bad (flat) hair day.

  9. looks like she is trying to get the Statue of Liberty jealous .

  10. Hugh Gentry

    She’s perfect and I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise!!!

  11. Katy Perry
    Hugh Gentry
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  12. Lady Blah Blah

    I wonder if she’s tried Clearasil on her tits yet. Brand thinks he sucking a nipple when it bursts in his potty mouth, because it’s a zit.

  13. Richard McBeef

    I bolted some EE’s on a stray dog and named it Katy Perry. I’ll let you have sex with her for 10 dollars. Pretty good deal if you ask me. I’d jump on it now, because once I train the dog to have a vacant robotic stare I’ll start charging $20. Of course I won’t tell anybody it’s not the real KP though.

  14. Tyler

    Her dancing couldn’t be any lamer.

    • Shart

      The singing takes away my will to live. Let me see your peacock, your peacock. If the hag buys those lyrics it is even worse than if she writes them herself. Hag.

  15. jojo

    I would cum in her face.

  16. xanax in my beer

    I donno. She always just looks like an average-looking-pretty girl with too much makeup, and normal-sized breasts to me. I don’t get it when folks start talking like she’s drop dead gorgeous and has huge knockers when she just looks average with c-cups. When I picture a beautiful woman with giant breasts it does not look like this.

  17. meh

    I would face in her cum

  18. Nina

    She’s overrated and her boobs are saggy.

  19. Ann

    Katy P. can kiss my farty ass.

  20. See Alice

    Katy has great breasticles .

  21. Ricks_Daddy

    WOW! How much makeup do they need to PLASTER ONTO THIS CLOWN?

  22. Katy Perry
    Katy Perry
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    So is yours

  23. eh she’s def a chick that if she was right next to me and i said hey can i jizz on ur tits and she said yeah i’d do it. that outfit’s missing pearls..

  24. wim

    it’s easy, JUST SPIT ON HER.

  25. Burt

    She applies her makeup with a spatula, apparently.

  26. call me crazy but I think she’s hot too. Always have.

  27. Ashe

    When, lord, WHEN will Katy Perry realize she can’t sing and that all her talent is located in and around her amazing breasts? When will she realize and do the right thing and go into porn? I don’t think Brand will mind.

  28. cm

    Listen men. I doubt you know anything about make up. It looks great to me. It’s just very well done and makes her look flawless. Doesn’t look caked whatsoever.

  29. She’s hot in SPITE of what she wears. Someone has to slap her in the back of her head for her style though. Fack. Enough of the cartoon like clothing already.

  30. fofo

    she has a beautiful smile

  31. carrion

    the comments just go to show – americans are envious , bitter pigs. No wonder you all are going down, pig land USA. fire some more teachers, maybe set off a few of yer nukes locally and do the world a favour

  32. Katy Perry
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    If you look EXTREMELY close,you can see her nipple.

  33. Katy Perry
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    pressing the boobs together…genius.

  34. Katy Perry
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    if your a guy,and you looked at that guy first to see if he actually had blue/purple hair,your gay.

  35. Katy Perry
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    without flash on those cameras,you can really see the acne on her face.

  36. Katy Perry
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    it looks like she needs to go to the bathroom

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