Isn’t Chris Brown Great?

October 25th, 2010 // 30 Comments

“Smile or I’ll kill ya. CHEESE!”

Chris Brown participated in the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge in Washington, DC over the weekend to raise money for the Special Olympics where, not only did he play basketball after the “Youth Fun Run,” he sang the national anthem the way it was intended: By a domestic abuser. But, no, seriously, there comes a point when I should let Chris Brown begin redeeming himself through something besides moonwalking, and raising money for a respectable cause seems like a good place to start. Except not really, because he beat a woman’s head into a car door after biting her in the face. Or auditioned for The Hangover. Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to.

*tries to dunk, falls on face because he’s a 150 lb. twig-man*

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  1. ginger

    First to say… he is yucky

  2. Randal(l)

    The fun run became alot more about run than fun once someone handed him his dinner cold.

  3. peanut

    he’s a boogie

  4. It had to be said

    Cutey on the right (of the picture, Brown’s left). Let’s get some photo captioning here, people.

  5. Chris Brown at The Kennedy Shriver Challenge in Washington, DC
    Commented on this photo:

    Can’t wait to read all the stupid Chris Brown fan girls defending him like they always do. “Awww OMG he’s changed

  6. See, it’s cool because all he did was punch out a chick for touching his cell phone, where Mel Gibson used the “n word”.

    • harry satchel

      Yep – looks like the ‘sticks and stones’ idiom is total bullshit – words do indeed *hurt* people.
      Beat someone with your bare hands, and you’ll be aiiight.

    • Yeah, Gibson is Satan. Brown? He only beat up a black chick. That’s forgivable. Damn hypocrites….

  7. GravyLeg

    I’d tap the Asian chick….

    Bet she is wondering if the hand on her ass is the same one that bitch smacked Rhainanannsinansn….. (like I care how her name is spelled)…

  8. Awesome

    Bill Clinton made it ok to get a little side action while you’re married, by the looks of it, Chris Brown has made it ok to beat up women. They love it!

  9. Chris Brown at The Kennedy Shriver Challenge in Washington, DC
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    “Isn’t Chris Brown great?”
    And it looks as if he’s got a case of crotch crickets in this photo.

  10. kit

    He’s a turd. Didn’t rihana hit him too. U don’t talk shit about rihana like u talk about him. they are both pieces of crap.

  11. Lovely

    All of you are sick. Nevermind the reason he was there. I can tell you he’s been working with Best Buddies for over a year and I bet this is the first time you dumb ucks even heard of the group. Get a life, especially the author.

  12. pcdsim

    Lol at the cop car on the left.

  13. Darrin

    I hope the spineless chump catches a bullet.

    /or throw a punch at a Man sometime
    //punk bitch

  14. Ricks_Daddy

    Fvck this sorry piece of shit. I hope he gets his ass kicked, by a big ass tranny wearing a red wig and stilleto’s.
    MJ Wanna-be bitch!

  15. Chris Brown at The Kennedy Shriver Challenge in Washington, DC
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    Didn’t the biatch slap him in the face while he was driving? Now I’m not saying he should a hit her, but I understand.

  16. Boogeyman King Dong

    Sometimes you gotta make a choice! How ’bout both?!

  17. hellokittylover

    he’s so hot.

  18. This is not awesome

    Chris Clown is still a dancing A-hole punk who needs to be slapped into adulthood.
    I’m sorry I ever liked one of this jerk’s songs that someone else wrote for him to perform.
    Please stop writing about this douche.

    • harry satchel

      But…but…Fish is only trying to help polish this man’s image! He *is* on the road to redemption, after all. There’s no better way to say “I care” than a cameo and a photo-op, right Fish? Oh wait, didn’t he just rip Spencer and Heidi for this same type of cynical bullshit a few weeks ago? I’m so confused.

  19. Chris Brown at The Kennedy Shriver Challenge in Washington, DC
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    after rude boy, love the way you lie, rihanna is seen in a whole new light to me. I never was fond of either of them, but i think rihanna wanted that shit, i mean, fuck, look at the chicks lyrics

  20. Chris Brown at The Kennedy Shriver Challenge in Washington, DC
    Steve Naismith
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    OF COURSE that chick goes to Madeira, of course.

  21. Chris Fan

    We love you chris, you’re the best. Keep up the good work.

  22. jd

    Good stuff

  23. Jef

    you can’t polish a turd? well i just wasted the last two hours of my life…

  24. Chris Brown at The Kennedy Shriver Challenge in Washington, DC
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