Jesus Christ, The New ‘Iron Man 3′ Trailer

March 5th, 2013 // 31 Comments
Iron Man 3
WATCH: The New 'Iron Man 3' Theatrical Trailer

I’m trying to remind myself that the trailers for Iron Man 2 were awesome while the movie.. not so much, but I’m sorry, was that Robert Downey Jr. firing double Uzis while Gwyneth Paltrow runs around in a bra? Welp, not even going to pretend this isn’t happening. *bends over* Money’s on the table. Call me pretty.


  1. That Bastard Tony

    HulkBuster SMASH!!! ROAR!!!
    (power dies in suit)

  2. Bang Tidy

    William Sadler as President? I’m in

  3. Juch

    Uhm, why are they making his armor look like Captain America’s uniform?

  4. Max Shreck

    How you gonna breast feed me, Pepper Potts? You aint got no tits!

  5. Mike

    In the comics, there’s armor similar to that, worn by bad guy Norman Osborn. It’s called the “Iron Patriot” armor. Why they made Jim Rhodes’ armor look like that in this film? No idea. To sell more toys?

    • Because they need to retro-fit the Iron Patriot into this movie and the movie rights to the Norman Osborn are tied up in the Spider-Man stuff with Sony.

  6. Inner Retard

    Not crazy about the over dramatization. What made the first film work was the playfulness along the action. The army of drones was a cheap gimmick and didn’t work in the second film either.

  7. Keno

    The Mandarin’s overacting sounds to be about as bad as I expected. Wink wank.

  8. I’ve not seen any of these yet!

  9. I feel like I watched that clip of his house falling into the ocean like 2 years ago.

  10. anonym

    well fuck n shit.

    I’ve been waiting to use my free movie tickets on something.

    This is it.

  11. Pepper’s gonna die, isn’t she?

  12. Wow, I’m so looking forward to yet another rehash of RDJ strutting around reeling off snarky one liners and Goopy prancing around as if being his secretary is what really saves the day. He’s nearly 50 – is Iron Man 4′s suit going to be a specially equipped medicaid scooter?

    • In the animated show he was an alcoholic bound to a wheelchair because his legs didn’t work – so that would really just be making it more accurate.

  13. Blap

    This really doesn’t look that good. Mediocre at best…

  14. One of the major problems with these movies, like transformers, is they’re also designed for kids. That means overall they’re really corny and really really dumb instead of legitimate action movies.

  15. Toni

    William Sadler! So I’ll be seeing this one then :)

  16. Looks awesome. I’m definitely seeing this one.

  17. I’ve not seen any of these yet :)

  18. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    noobroom dot com, my friends.

  19. Gary Grant

    I was skeptical about this one but the trailer looks good. Hopefully the best parts aren’t just in the trailer and also in the rest of the movie.

  20. William Sadler, Ben Kingsley, and RDJ all in one film?

    That *may* just make up for the presence of Queen Holycunt.

  21. lvnvn8ve

    Clean-up on aisle three. And by aisle three I mean me. Oh my!

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