Here’s The New Iron Man Armor For ‘Iron Man 3′

After Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle in August, production on Iron Man 3 was delayed until yesterday, so here are some set shots of the new Iron Man armor in case you have sex with women’s vaginas and missed the statue at Comic-Con and/or have no clue what Iron Man: Extremis is because, holy cow, does your girlfriend put out. Seriously, sometimes you just want to watch TV. Anyway, fun fact, after the first movie Robert Downey Jr. completely quit wearing the full armor because it’s too “pinchy” (Read: Made him want coke.), so that’s not him in the suit. Also, I like how they tried to cover up Iron Patriot (Or possibly Detroit Steel. *looks at hand* It’s really just you and me, isn’t it?) with a black sheet even though the entire Internet saw him months ago. And if these pics from Perez Hilton are any indication, a robot dick didn’t magically grow out of his shoulder like my immediate reaction was to think, so I don’t get the point of the smoke and mirrors unless it’s to toy with my Photo Boy’s emotions. What did he ever do to you?!

Photos: INFdaily