Irina Shayk: 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

February 15th, 2011 // 84 Comments

Irina Shayk has been popping up all over the place the past few months and silly me chalked it up to a wider social acceptance of mail order brides. “At last, I can stop hiding and run for state senator,” I foolishly thought. Turns out she’s the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. So kudos, SI, on the pervasive marketing even if it crushed my dreams to the point that I shipped one back in a fit of clinical depression.

Ha! Kidding. But don’t tell them that. It’s all about fear and putting heroin in their food. You know, like any marriage.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News, WENN


  1. fucking gorgeous in red!!!! where’s the goddamned ass shots…

  2. stink-pants

    I just made a mess in my pants!

    • IttyBittyTittyCommittee

      your name is quite fitting then, as is mine.
      those lips would come in handy unclogging the terlet after a night of brats and sauerkraut.
      hey, i just made a mess too.
      clean up on aisle 5

  3. Drundel

    Great body, but her face just looks odd.

  4. Jimbo

    Thank you God!!!

  5. seth rogen's vagina

    wonkie eyed duck lipped bolt on boobed freak i tell ya!

    • Drew

      Gotta love the guys that think they’re so morally superior that they would actually dislike it if a girl had fake tits. Go jerk your bro off or something.

      • Bastard

        @ Drew

        Morally superior? I doubt that was his point to state.

        Its something called personal taste and not liking women with such obvious mental issues and lack of self esteem that they think a health risk is worth the extra attention theyll receive from impotent suckers such as yourself for about 7 or 8 yrs before looking like the downs syndromed platypus that Pam Anderson has become.

        Youre either 20 yrs old with no real life relationship experience or a 45 yr old in an unhappy marriage thats so blinded by bitterness from your wife that no longer wants to fuck your fat ass that you overlook, in your quest for masturbatory completion, obvious issues with an attention whore.

        Those of us that grew up at the beach are around enough stupid, worthless bitches that tit jobs and collagen just dont do it…and attention whores are spotted miles away and quickly used, abused and sent back to their inland towns where they are mistakingly treated like they are something special.

      • Deacon Jones

        Those tits are real. Trust me, I’m a boob professional

    • Misana

      her lip looks like a sausage

    • Successful troll is successful.

    • You are kidding right? Good lord, so you mean to tell me you don’t find this woman attractive at all? hahahahahahahahahahaha.

      Failers gonna fail!!!

    • abe vigoda's eyebrows

      is there any body part on this woman that is natural? okay, maybe her legs, but that is it.


  6. Irina Shayk
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d like to blast a sticky load on those tits!

  7. Righteous, dude

    Her rack is superb.

  8. Irina Shayk Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
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  9. Cock Dr

    I know few are looking at the face, but she looks strange. Those weird eyes might be blind, and she’s obviously suffering from the “Kardashian flu”, notorious for making a woman’s lips blow up like balloons. Looks like a bad case.

    • Anon

      I. HATE. HER. FACE. I literally can’t stop looking at her lips, nose, eyes, weird whole thing. I want to look at the body, but I just can’t.

  10. Minerva Smelibut

    Meh. You know as a recently minted lesbian id say that she dont do it for me

  11. Wow

    No doubt she’s a hot piece of ass; amazing tits, awesome blowjob lips. But she looks stoned in that picture. A total butterface…

  12. Irina Shayk Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
    Commented on this photo:

    Her face is slightly Liz Hurley-ish.

  13. where’s the eye candy for the ladies Fish?

  14. Irina Shayk
    Frank The Duck
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice photoshopped body. Too bad about the face – yikes! Looks like Angelina Jolie’s ugly sister.. How did a commie get on the front of a red, white and blue magazine?

  15. Irina Shayk
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s too bad that SI is going the way of Playboy and focusing on woman with fake breasts. I always thought SI was more into the natural woman. Oh well. Still some natural woman out there.

  16. jojo

    Great start to the day! Although I need a little nap after such a great start to the day. Satiated, for the moment.

  17. Queequeg

    Fake lips, fake boobs, fake chick.

    Hotter babes to be found on any college campus.

  18. Irina Shayk Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
    NC dude
    Commented on this photo:

    She is kind of a butter face

  19. Jake

    Smoking hot, and she looks retarded! Just live a live sex doll should!

  20. Bucky Barnes

    Dumb eyes and a Lisa Rinna mouth but as inflatable dolls go I suppose she’s one of the better ones… provided the inflation valve isn’t in the front of her pants.

  21. Deacon Jones

    You guys have no idea how tall these VS models are until you see them in person…I’m 6’3 and they fucking tower over me with their heels on.

    I felt like dropping to my knees screaming “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”

  22. Photoshop Police

    What the hell did you have to put the snookie post right below this one for?
    Talk about cardiac events!

  23. LJ

    She looks like a Russian babe because she is a Russian babe. If you don’t like the way Russian woman look, you aren’t going to like the way she looks.

    The titties sure act like they’re real in the GQ video, so I would go with real titties and fake lips.

    ………….and you can catch some quick ass (very nice) shots in the video.

  24. Andy

    It should have been Snooki, no question.

  25. Irina Shayk
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus Christ, her face is terrifying.

  26. In a world…where we have access to all kinds of pretty women in different positions and different states of undress, it’s nice to know that a beautiful woman in simple bikini in a classic pinup pose is still one of the hottest things ever.

  27. Irina Shayk Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    The fashion industry loves these big mouthed giraffes.
    They are living clotheshangers, with tits.

  28. Lady Blah Blah

    “When the human female becomes sexually aroused, her labia become reddened and tumescent. At the same time, on her face, her lips also become swollen, redder, and more sensitive.” – from The Naked Woman: A Study of the Female Body by ethologist and zoologist Desmond Morris.

    While I doubt that many women who fatten their lips artificially, as MS Shayk appears to have done, are thinking along the terms described by Morris, I think that what Morris says is an underlying (unconscious) factor. The (unconscious) idea is that making my lips look permanently swollen will make me look sexually aroused and therefore sexy (and will trigger in men an unconscious association to my pussy).

    • While it is entirely *possible* she had her lips injected, I have seen and known women who are not models have lips like that naturally – and they are fantastic. Keep in mind she’s a *model* and it’s more than likely she was chosen out of millions of women becuase all the things that make this woman so gorgeous aligned: long legs, nice boobs, some hips, beautiful eyes, full lips, etc.

      To diss this chick because she might have got the golden strand of DNA where she can make a living from just being born is a bit petty and smacks of jealousy, imo. You don’t see dudes ragging on Hugh Jackman or Brad Pitt (or whoever you ladies are into now) the way women diss other hot women. For all you ladies out there, that’s is a big of a turn off as us guys bad mouthing our ex’s on a first date. I just screams insecurity, drama, and instant “friend” status.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        “To diss this chick because she might have got the golden strand of DNA where she can make a living from just being born is a bit petty and smacks of jealousy, imo. ”

        I agree. (I didn’t diss her.)

      • You’re right, you didn’t. I mistakenly wove your feedback with some of the more bitter stuff up top. Sorry. :)

      • Lady Blah Blah

        No apology necessary, back door man. ;-)

    • whimsypebbles

      She did have lip injections :) If you look at pictures of her from 2004, it is very obvious that she had work done.

  29. Irina Shayk Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks just like a younger Angelina Jolie in this pic. Have surgeons no imagination at all ?

  30. Her lips have the flu too…was she making out with Kim Kardashian?

  31. Grace

    Her face is weird and it is supremely obviously that she’s trying her hardest to squeeze her boobs between her arms. Stupid.

    • that’s a trick that every woman knows, but most guys seem oblivious to. Squeeze tits between the arms to make artificial cleavage, cross arms under boobs to make them look bigger, put arms over head to make them look less saggy.

      Yes, I’ve made quite a study of boobs.

  32. Amanda

    Her boobs might be the only thing fake about her. She is beyond beautiful, she is a powerful beauty with those striking exotic eyes. Stop hating, she is worthy of praise and of being on that cover. Pure Goddess.

  33. Amanda

    And there is nothing hotter than a gorgeous naturally beautiful vibrant woman wearing fur. Love it.

  34. Rough girls are easy

    When it comes to hotness, that ruskie does not play.

  35. Amanda

    Her lips are NOT fake get over it people. Those are 100 percent natural.

  36. She is, in one word, INCREDIBLE!!!!

    The eyes are like those of a Siberian Tiger, piercing through your soul like emerald lazers. Her face begging and pleading for you to come hither, to kiss her, to lavish her in your lustful thoughts and deeds. Her figure yearning to be stared at. Such incredible power does she have that she needs not move or speak to arouse the deepest darkest desires of man, only to look from the page of a magazine.

    Wow. Her tits are fake SHADDAP!!! Her lips may be blown up but they may be NATURAL TOO (Angelina Jolie). such synics that they see someone who is utterly stunning and need to pick her apart and say she’s fake because they cannot comprehend someone being THAT hot naturally. It does happen which is why SHE is a model and covergirl. Russian women, Glasnost forever!!!

    • smile15

      soooooooooo right , everything you said . I can’t believe that people can call her ugly or weird ….it is just so ridiculous

  37. Amanda

    I just want to remind people that the modeling world isn’t the same as the acting world. Models have to possess a beauty that isn’t apart of the norm and it must be NATURAL. The only thing that would/could/should be changed is their bust size to make them more perfect. I think Giselle got a slight nose job, but still models have natural flavor.

  38. Apostate


  39. To sum it all up. Women crave attention more than they crave the physical acts all these biological triggers and basics instincts are supposed to lead to. If she puffs up her lips or has breast surgery she is saying “look at me” more than she is trying to say “come have sex with me”.

    Bitches. lol

  40. Jennny

    oh my gosh.

    she looks like Fred from Courage the Cowardly Dog in the second picture.

  41. Carolyn

    Interesting looking to be sure, but that trashy red dress and fur thing make her look like the whores I used to see on the West Side.

  42. sam k

    People , models are NOT all natural.
    Most of the gals in Victoria’s Secret catalogues have augmented their lips and have boob jobs.
    Almost all of them
    So do a lot of the Sports Illustrated gals.
    This gal has fake lips for sure and probably fake boobs
    Giselle B has fake boobs
    alot get nose jobs etc
    I can’t believe how stupid some men are!

  43. Lady Blah Blah

    “I can’t believe how stupid some men are!”


  44. watdafuk

    Those are some nicely tanned titties.

  45. whimsypebbles

    Irina has definitely had lip injections. There are pictures of her from several years ago, and you can obviously see that she had plastic surgery.

  46. BBQtoon

    She looks like a cross between Denise Richards & Jessica Alba in the 1st picture.

  47. Irina Shayk
    Commented on this photo:

    How long until Leo starts fucking her, too.

    The bastard.

  48. one legged

    very nice cover
    she nice
    and thx for the great idea of putting oxy in someone’s food .. lulz

  49. Irina Shayk
    Commented on this photo:

    She is GORGEOUS, whoever thinks that she is not is crazy . Such a charming creature. Russian girls are simply the best

  50. gluten

    ok, why does her upper lip look like it can eat her nose? tits being pushed together ain’t fooling anyone… none the less, still look pretty good. tits that is.
    her face looks like a combination of liz hurley, jessica alba and little bit of penelope cruz. body is average, seen better.
    nothing special, no features that i would consider to be special anyway, but definitely not repulsive or anything like that.
    that being said, we already have 1000′s of beautiful women to look at and admire for their uniqueness, who needs her?
    and who is this woman, anyway?

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