And Now Ireland Baldwin Making Out With A Cup of Frozen Yogurt

Before I get into the topic I click-baited you all here with (Haha, idiots.), let me point out that the above is Ireland Baldwin’s latest Instagram photo which was purposefully taken right after Slater Trout banged her on that couch because, in case I was too subtle earlier, there is no God. Anyway, my point is that you really have to admire the amount of restraint Alec Baldwin uses to not rip this kid’s head off and shot put it into the sun because he knows his daughter will never talk to him again. Which makes it understandable when he loses his shit on the paparazzi at the drop of a hat because there’s only so much rage one man can force into his pressure cooker of a soul. I’m literally waiting to find out he yells, “Pussy is for closers, Slater!” between every punch.

On that note, here’s the aforementioned ball of rage’s daughter seductively tonguing a cup of frozen yogurt. Happy Masturbating!

Photos: Instagram / AKM-GSI, FameFlynet