Ireland Baldwin Was At Coachella

Ireland Baldwin and her “Professional Stand Up Paddle Surfer” boyfriend Slater Trout (Yup.) were at Coachella over the weekend, so here are those pics because you people can’t get enough of her and/or really want to give Alec Baldwin an aneurysm. On that note, if you’re like me and think these aren’t her best shots, Ireland was a thoughtful little pig and took the liberty of making a Vine video (below) where she shakes her ass before running away from bees. So I think we all owe Alec an apology for that voicemail because clearly the man knows how to raise kids. In fact, I’m calling other people’s daughters right now and telling them they’re thoughtless little pigs just like their mothers. You’re welcome, future.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News