The Iggy Azalea ‘Vagina’ Video Is A House of Lies

Here’s the Iggy Azalea vagina video making the rounds where her crotch splits while performing at a Bar Mitzvah. So theoretically the people there probably saw her vagina (“Were they… children?” Quiet, Lena Dunham!), but unless your eyes possess the ability to magically increase the resolution of shit-ass video, you can literally see more of it while she’s wearing pants. More importantly, let’s get back to the Bar Mitzvah thing because nobody told me they’re basically hiring strippers for these things. Is that why Mel Gibson is so angry? Because these kids are getting strippers while Catholic kids have to do whatever it is Catholic kids do at 13. (Deny the Holocaust to a priest’s naked penis? I’m going with deny the Holocaust to a priest’s naked penis.)

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