Ice-T’s Son Arrested For Being a Wankster

The comedy takes cares of itself on this one, so let’s jump right into it. Ice-T’s 19-year-old son, the literally named “Ice Marrow,” was arrested for masturbating outside of a Van Nuys strip club, according to

What happened? Well it depends on WHO you ask. Lil Ice’s friends and supporters say he was attempting to USE THE BATHROOM outside of a Van Nuys SKRIP CLUB.
Other folks, however, say that Lil Ice was RELIEVING HIMSELF . . . from all that BUILT UP PRESSURE he had after getting a few lap dances.

Ice Marrow was released on $5,000 bail which usually doesn’t happen for your run of the mill public urination, but, honestly, can you blame the poor kid? Look who his stepmom is. Which raises another question, why even bother going to a strip club in the first place? But I digress. What’s clearly happened here is a failure on Ice-T’s part to have an important talk that every father should have with his son, and that talk is every stripper is secretly a hooker. All of them. A.) Law school is expensive. And B.) You can’t have dudes jacking off in the alley all night. That’s just bad business.

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