Ice-T’s Just Rubbing It In Now

January 4th, 2011 // 70 Comments

Look at Coco!” he said, pointing out his wife. “Look at that ass! You can’t get that unless you are Ice-T!”

- Ice-T expressing his love for Coco while simultaneously dashing the dreams of everyone not named Ice-T. We live in a cruel world. [Popeater]

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  1. Captain Kondom

    He needs a shave

  2. Senior Pepe

    Thanks T…
    You can keep it all for yourself though, Braugh

  3. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    He can have the fat assed cow!!!

  4. Coco Ice-T
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I have dared to look down into the great valley….and I have seen strange things.

  5. Coco Ice-T
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    No! Not too close. Close is bad.

  6. Any Guy

    i feel so ashamed. i’m not Ice-T so I’ll never bang a chick that looks like a dude.

    seriously. give that broad a dutch-boy haircut, blo-torch the make-up off, and its fucking HE-MAN (and the Masters of the Universe!). totally.

  7. Coco Ice-T
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Probably at this point the ball has been dropped, the heels are killing her, and all she can think about is getting paid & going home.

  8. “Look at Coco!” he said, pointing out his wife. “Look at that ass! You can’t get that unless you are Ice-T!”

    Does he mean Coco’s ass, or herpes?

  9. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice boob-flaps. Maybe you should consider doing porn with teen mom.

  10. lightdragon

    who would have thought Ice-T is gay.

  11. C. Hart

    I don’t think men are attracted to it so much as pulled up by its gravitational force.

  12. anonymous

    i’ll bet ice t everything he has in his bank account that there have been other dudes not named ice t who have gotten that ass long before him

    • Cock Dr

      Maybe, but it wasn’t always that big. Ice-T is proud he helped grow that ass. Being married to it it’s understandable that would he have some proprietary ideas about the ass.

  13. Coco Ice-T
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  14. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    she is overdue for a replacement of those implants. yuk.

  15. Peanutty

    When people have asses this big the turds must be phenomenal. I can see why the man is proud.

  16. BTown

    The media neglected to report the second half of that last sentence, “…unless you are Ice-T and take your woman to a Holiday Inn New Year’s Eve buffet.”

  17. GravyLeg

    In related news, Ice-T will re-enter the music scene with his new single “Pumpkin Bottom Jean’s”…

    • Anon

      There sure are a lot of embarrassing attempts for “The Most Important People on the Internet” today…

  18. I think it is nice that he is proud of his tranny whore. Romantic in a “Cop Killer” sort a way.

  19. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    Still more real than Heidi Montag.

  20. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    seems to me that those implants are trying to crawl out through her skin. classy.

  21. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    and now we can officially see exactly where they fucked up on her implants

  22. Diarrheality

    He told all of you!!!

  23. DKNY

    I wonder who sodomizes who in that relationship.

  24. amy

    @Peanutty…, turds aren’t created and stored in ass cheeks dude. She probably has normal turds they just have a really long way to travel to get out, I bet she uses a whole roll of tp and a box of baby wipes every time. God I hope so anyway.

  25. dayum well it’s not half bad a photo.. just wish instead of these coconutheads we could see 15 mins of that homeless voiceover guy..

  26. Captain Kondom

    If my wifes ass ever got that fat I’d put her on a diet………

  27. slapkatyperry

    The best DuPont wife money can buy iceT can keep that freaky looking bitch.
    I’d rather have Kelly Clarkson, her plump ass is real plus her vagina smells like KFC instead of coco’s burning plastic ass.

  28. pics 3 & 4: Coco’s warm-up routine exposed…

  29. I think this is the most covered up I’ve EVER seen her.

  30. dude

    as long as Ice-T holds up his end of the promise, he’s doing mankind a service. May he never die.

  31. ChinoLatino

    That shit looks like a nasty she-male!

  32. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    OR anyone else with an active twitter account.

  33. Anya

    This whore is delusional, she’s not hot in the least, and her body is disgusting.

  34. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    yep – its for sure – this was a man at some point…

  35. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    WEIRD you can see where the real boob ends and fake boob begins..

  36. uncle bill

    just try to find a copy of it.

  37. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    lol how did she become famous? why is she called coco? she lookes more like a lemon . what? i dont get this.

  38. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m sorry, but there isn’t a thing appealing about that ass. I think it’s gross, keep it.

  39. atheistgirl

    Compared to the photos we normally see of Coco, she seems strangly over-dressed.

  40. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    so that’s how she inflates them then.

  41. CakeSnifferer

    I’ll try to manage without…gosh, it will be tough…

  42. Coco Ice-T
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d like to do some rubbing in too.

  43. RoboZombie

    She looks like Hulk Hogan in drag

  44. slappy magoo

    The title is misleading. If Ice-T were “rubbing it in” we’d all need a thorough Karen Silkwood-style scrubbing.

  45. Ang

    Yooo!! Thats dj Breezy B behind her on the 1s n 2s!!!

  46. Remi

    So you can’t have your pick in the litter unless you’re Ice-T? Well, fucking dammit!

  47. coco's tits

    He is one lucky bastard

  48. Ice T should win a Nobel prize for keeping Coco away from the rest of us. WTF do people find attractive about her? She is … portly … rubinesque … plump … disgusting really. Ick … no more Coco for 2011 PLEASE!!! Not many of us are going KooKoo for Coco’s Puffs Fish ….

  49. Roger

    It looks like Jessica Rabbit ate a water buffalo.

  50. Fearfighter1

    Yes the haters our out in full force now! Good for you Ice but you are wrong about one thing!! I can take her from you and give her back before you knew she was even missing…. lol.. She ain’t that faithful bro….

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