I Guess Harry Styles’ Fans Are Big History Buffs Now

From a marketing standpoint, casting Harry Styles in Dunkirk might take the cake for best decision of the year. The former One Direction heartthrob (and future hogbody) has legions of fans that would literally scoop up the guy’s vomit as a souvenir. They now have banded together to make Dunkirk the biggest crossover war movie since Windtalkers tried to dunk on its Native American demo.

The Hollywood Reporter got hold of Sasha Wedge, a high priestess in the online church of Styles with tens of thousands of followers, who reveals that the WWII epic has transformed the legion of squelchers into a bunch of David McCulloughs’ with training bras.  From THR:

“Ironically, I think a lot of Harry fans probably know more about the Dunkirk evacuation than your general movie-goer, because we’re dedicated enough to do our research,” Wedge says of the World War II evacuation of more than 330,000 Allied troops surrounded by German forces on the beaches of France. She has since made education a priority, pinning a tweet of a four-page essay recounting the events, which has more than 1,500 retweets.

Be honest, how would you feel getting schooled on history by someone with a Twitter handle like @HarryTouchedMe? Would you feel stupid? I would… Then again I never even realized O.J. Simpson went to jail in the first place, so I’ve come to terms with how bad my memory is.

This is actually kind of cool, exposing would-be brainwashed fangirls to some history can’t hurt. Considering Justin Bieber’s 98.5 million followers, you have to wonder if studios are looking to cast him in some sort of pro-Tibet project that’ll have teenboppers woke on China’s asshattery towards the Dalai Lama…