Wait, That ‘I Give God 10% Why Do You Get 18′ Receipt Was Real?! Jesus…

January 31st, 2013 // 160 Comments

Pastor Tip Applebees

When the “I Give God 10% Why Do You Get 18″ for a tip receipt start floating around the Internet a few days ago, I completely wrote it off as another way too good to be true fake. Even though I know from personal experience there is absolutely no worse table to wait on than the after-church crowd at Applebee’s (If these people ever get gunned down by an assault rifle, me and my NPR tote will join the NRA so fast their shot-off toes will spin.) it was just too perfect of an encapsulation of how deeply shitty these people are. Life is not that awesome. Turns out, The Smoking Gun discovered it’s not only legit, but the pastor who left it, 37-year-old Alois Bell of St. Louis, got a server fired for posting it to Reddit and now feels sorry for the whole thing because it’s all over the Internet. Or a “lapse in judgment that has been blown out of proportion,” as she calls it because I’m sure she’s never done this sort of thing before. Then again, how do we know the devil wasn’t hiding in her riblet basket whispering “Stiff your waitress, stiff your waitress in the most sanctimonious way possible,” in his serpent tongue? GET THEE BEHIND ME, TATER SKINS, I MEAN SATAN!


  1. BlinkyTheFish

    Pfft. She shouldn’t apologise. It’s only 12.5% in London, and I thought that was bad enough!

    • diego

      Well , dumbass, here in the US servers make a sub-minimum wage salary (currently $ 4.26/hr in CO) with the expectation that people will tip 15 – 20% to cover the gap. In the UK, as with most of the EU, servers receive a healthy salary and tipping is thought of as more a “bonus” for good service, much like when people in the US tip 30% or more.

      • TJ

        yeah well thats not the customers fault they dont get paid. get the owners to pay their workers better. fk the tipping. feels like im giving to damn beggers constantly judging you

      • They gave you that really shitty table right next to the kitchen again, didn’t they? Now guess why that is.

      • BlinkyTheFish

        Only in the higher end restaurants. If you’re in a chain type place, you get the same shitty bad minimum salary – and i’m guessing where they are hiring Eastern europeans, less than that. The 12.5% isn’t even an option in a lot of places, and you still manage to get shitty service and on top of it dirty looks if you automatically don’t add extra. I cash tip servers when they are good wherever possible because you just don’t know they are getting their fair share when it’s punched into a terminal.

      • BlinkyTheFish

        And yeah, I’m saying this as someone who waited tables during university for minimum wage, not this healthy salary you’re talking about.

      • Southie

        Blinky, dahling… servers in the States make BELOW minimum wage. Also, I don’t know where you are that you’re paying 12.5% tip… standard most places (not posh restaurants) is 10% in the UK. In Illinois, at least until recently, it was $2.50/hr, about 1/3 of the minimum wage. Servers in the UK at least make minimum wage and we tip on top of that. Servers in the US don’t even make minimum wage – it is expected that they’ll make enough tips to make up the difference. Oh, and one more thing – UK minimum wage is more “living wage” than most US minimum wages.

      • Schmidtler

        I’m tired of servers whining about tips – there’s other jobs out there for anybody who feels their skills equip them for some other better paying job. Gratuities are exactly that – gratuitous, not obligated. This person had an 18% tip added to their bill and they paid it, so what’s the beef?
        All that said, I’ve worked tip jobs, busted my ass to hustle as much as I could in tips, and as soon as I got through college and was able to get better paying jobs, that’s what I did. I tip on the high side, never stiff no matter how bad the food or service, because I feel like if I’m occupying a table & taking up somebody’s time, they should get paid. I just don’t get why 40+ year old women consider waitressing a lifelong career, and get pissy if they can’t take home over a hundred a shift in cash tips. 20+ years at a crappy job, and they can’t find a way to move on to something better?
        Here’s the simple solution for anybody working for tips that isn’t satisfied with the money they make – find a better job, do something to make yourself qualified for a better job, stop wasting your time bitching.

      • Mateo

        He didn’t add in the 18%… That’s the point. AND, this was a split ticket on a 20 top that had been there for hours. Pretty sure 18% was deserved. (at least)

      • areufnkiddingme

        Ok look at that bill again. She clearly scratched the 18% and wrote the total for food charges only. Now, as a former server, THAT doesn’t piss you off?!

      • adm.fookbar

        well said.

      • Someone sure had his Cunty Flakes for breakfast this morning.

      • Seriously, if you are such a fucking loser that you depend on my handouts to pay your bills you can go straight to hell.

        Tips are based on the quality of service.I am happy to tip 25-45% if the service is excellent. However, If you are a shitty server, then I will tip you as such.

        If you don’t like it, then you should have paid more attention in school and found a real job. It is arrogant and shitty to assume that the customer owes you something.

      • Chris

        To Dali:

        You are so full of shit. I’ve been in the Service industry for 10years. I go through a day knowing that one will get bad tips, it just happens, you dust yourself off and carry on. Through being a server, I have FULLY paid my way through both Undergraduate and Graduate School, so I busted my ass and worked extremely hard and throughout my time as a server I’ve noticed a couple things about people, one of which you just displayed. ANYONE WHO GOES INTO HOW MUCH THEY TIP, DOESN’T TIP SHIT. The only way you tip 25-45% is when you go to a shit joint like a local diner, crush a burger and fries and leave 5 on 10. Now if you come to the restaurant where i work and average bill for dinner and drinks is about $70, you’re going to leave $80 ($10 tip), you’re not going to leave 17.50 (25%) nor are you going to leave 31.50 (45%). This is a fact. I’ve encountered many people who have gotten the automatic gratuity, bitch about it, and say they they “would’ve left more”, well if you “would’ve left more” then why didn’t you leave more, you want to know why, its because you want to put on a show that you’re hot shit when in actuality your’re shitting your pants that 18% is the new industry standard

        Now as far as getting a “Real Job” you can just fuck off, anyone who makes that comment would last 1 day in this industry. They wouldnt quit, they’d be fired for sucking so hard. As for me, I just landed a “Real Job” and being a server played a big part in me getting the job. Oh and my real job is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist with Easter Seals which pays more than 15,000 less than what i was making as a serer.

      • haha. shut up. You sound like a poor person.

      • Here is my brief take on this matter and I am not really defending the “pastor” because most of them are frauds, fakes, crooks and liars that just take the money from their congregations and spend it on themselves.

        Let’s face it, most servers are lazy, useless pieces of shit that do the bare minimum of work, talk shit about their customers, yet expect to make tons of money for a little bit of work. Most of them drink and smoke and do drugs and blow their money at the bar. If you are not one of these people that I described then congratulations, I am not talking about you and you deserve your money.

        Personally I think the restaurants should pay their workers a normal wage like every other business does and stop trying to rip their customers off with this tipping nonsense.

        This is the example I like to use. If you bring me a bottle of wine that cost $20, you would get a tip of $4, which to be honest I would probably round up to $5. Now if you brought me a $100 bottle of wine you would expect me to give you $20. Why pray tell do you think you deserve 5 times the amount of money for doing the exact same job? You did nothing extra.

        I also despise the automatic tipping on some bills. What if you did a shitty job? It is a tip, it is up to me to determine if you did the job to deserve that tip and how much. I do make exceptions for large groups because I have seen waitstaff that genuinely worked hard get fucked over by assholes. I have had to cover the balance of the tip more than once when you get shitty jackoffs in your group that don’t want to tip or contribute to the tip.

      • “Most of them drink and smoke and do drugs and blow their money at the bar.” What the fuck was this about?? Like you’re better than, go fuck yourself. You know those waiters worked hard and if not they still had to “wait” on you and serve you your food.

        Even if they did do a shitty job they still deserve to be paid more and until your opinion gets passed into law and restaurants decide to pay min wage for that job you can pony up the monies for them!

        I sense the only reason you have an issue with adding gratuity or tipping for poor service is because you are a broke ass, cheap, or poor motherfucker. Go to your local Taco Bell if you can’t afford to eat and tip for your service.

      • Oh, did I upset the loser waiter? You fuckers do jack shit and really think you deserve to make physician wages. Most of you are garbage, that is why you work those jobs. I said most, not all. You are shitty nasty individuals like yourself that think you are entitled to get huge tips for little work.

        You want big money, go to school and get a proper high school education, undergrad and grad school like I did. You really think having a high school education and carrying some fucking plates and drinks to and from a table entitles you to big money?

        You fuckers are almost as bad as valets who think they are worthy of getting paid $5-$10 to park your car 5 feet away, or better yet right up front where you left it, or the POS bellboy who thinks they deserve $5 to carry a couple of bags to your car a few feet away.

        There is a reason most of you work as waiters, an extremely high turnover profession. You are mostly undesirable workers that are easily replaced. There is always a stack of resumes with dozens of people waiting to replace you at a moment’s notice.

        And by the way, my very first job in high school was a busboy at Old Country Buffet, which was pretty shitty and on top of that you received no tips for your work, just your hourly pay. Trust me, it is not that hard so you can go sell that shit somewhere else about how hard you work. LMAO, memorize a menu, OMG, so hard. Why don’t you try memorizing a law or medical book…or 20.

        Tom, not everywhere has a sommelier and that was not my point, my point was tipping should not be based on the value of the item, it should be on the job done, and in my opinion should not exist at all, the restaurant should pay the wages of their workers. I was just in Jamaica last year at the resort and no one there would take tips. I had a great bartender who I practically had to force to take a tip.

      • This is the example I like to use. If you bring me a bottle of wine that cost $20, you would get a tip of $4, which to be honest I would probably round up to $5. Now if you brought me a $100 bottle of wine you would expect me to give you $20. Why pray tell do you think you deserve 5 times the amount of money for doing the exact same job? You did nothing extra.

        The answer is: the server (including whoever else she may have to split the tip with, like the sommelier) doesn’t deserve $4-$5 for making that trip. She deserves more like $8. But it’s not fair that you should pay a 40% tip for your $20 bottle of wine. So you pay your $4-$5 and the $100-wine customer pays his $20 tip and ideally, it averages out in the end.

        It’s the same reason why a server bringing a $10 plate of food should yield a $2 tip while bringing a $100 plate should yield a $20 tip, even though that’s the exact same job, too.

      • DarkAngel

        If you have ever had a REAL job,you should know that being a server or bartender is one of the hardest jobs you can have. You have to know the whole menu and drink ingredients and subs. Most of the time you’re helping 3 or more tables with specific requests. You rely on people rewarding you for your hardwork.

      • Burt

        It’s harder than being in the kitchen? Come on.

        I know someone who was a chef at one of the most expensive restaurants in North America, went to one of the best culinary schools in the world. He made 10$ an hour, no tips, preparing meals that went for 200$ a plate while the waitresses would get 200$ tips per table. Yes, the ones who deserve our sympathy are the ones in the kitchen. They are the ones who have to endure the heat, the occasional injury, and then they have to try to make ends meet while paying off their student loans.

  2. What a fantastic Christian pastor that is, getting the poor server fired! But now the whole world knows: Alois Bell.

    • Schmidtler

      The customer paid an 18% tip. The server got fired for posting the receipt on reddit. The server is who got the server fired.
      People that sit in a pew on Sunday worshipping and praising their imaginary sky friend, and then act like aholes to real people the entire rest of the week are hypocrites of the lowest order.

  3. You should lose your job for even *having* a reddit account.

  4. EricLr

    Because God doesn’t have to put up with you bitching about the meal every time he refills your fucking water, you cheap whore.

  5. M. Celeste

    God doesn’t have to pay taxes.

  6. popwilleatitself

    Actually, he gives the church 10%. ‘God’ doesn’t see any of it.

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    Anybody that has waited tables knows who the shittiest tippers are.

  8. JC

    And Jesus sayeth, “Lo, though you may be dutifully served your Extreme Nachos by one of my children after you have spoken in the House of My Father, thou mayest fuck that waitress right in the ass if your Holy Crusade against the Dictate of Applebees be worthy. Verily, I died on the cross for your right to be a complete Asshat to the least powerful amongst thou, as thou seeist fit.”

  9. J.

    Soooo freaking shameful. “Men of God” as they like to identify themselves do this thinking they are above it all.

  10. cc

    This isn’t the least bit surprising…the cheap part or the getting her fired part. The correlation ratio between ‘Christian’ and ‘hypocrite’ is about .99.

    • Replace “Christian” with ANY religion/political dogma and you got it. Jews/Muslim/”Global Warming” – it’s ALL bullshit and they know it – just a money grab for their particular brand of feces.

  11. If you read The Smoking Gun story, you’ll see that the waitress had to serve five adults and five children—10 people, as many as half of whom might have been crying brats, and didn’t get any gratuity for her service. (Also: 10 people and the bill doesn’t crack $35? Apparently Pastor Bell isn’t just cheap when it comes to waitstaff.)

    Now, before the inevitable “I don’t tip, servers aren’t entitled to gratuities, I pattern my life after Steve Buscemi characters” comments crop up, let me point out that minimum-wage levels are specifically set lower for tipped employees. So, yes, tipping is more than just a courtesy on the customer’s part; it’s an expected part of your bill. If tipping ended tomorrow, you could expect to see restaurant prices hike up 10-15% so the staff could be paid properly.

    • Whoops: “The subsequent bill was divided up amongst the parties.” I didn’t see that part. So forget that first paragraph.

      • flaT

        Besides forgetting your whole misinformed first paragraph, you can also note they DO get a tip, they got 18% forced tipping for a group. That’s already beyond the 10-15% you claim is appropriate, so what’s the problem?

      • It’s kind of not “forced tipping” if the customer zeroes it out and doesn’t leave anything, which is what happened here. It’s also only “forced” for parties of a certain amount, and that’s only in places that have that policy. And I didn’t say 10-15% was “appropriate,” I estimated that’s how much prices would increase if tipping were eliminated. Tipping should be 15% minimum (unless you receive atrocious service), and really should be closer to 20%.

      • they didn’t ‘zero it out’ – it was added to the bill, they paid it, they just declined to add anything beyond the 18% in on the space ‘additional gratuity’. The commentary about god etc. was asshattery no matter how you slice it though.

      • carlitoz

        schmidtler, if you actually LOOK at the receipt, you’ll see that she CROSSED OUT the 18%, and only paid the pre-tip portion. Let me guess, you don’t tip either?

      • ok, idk wtf this person actually did or didn’t do, but, I read this story yesterday somewhere else, and that story said that despite the commentary and scritchy scratch on the bill, the 18% was added to the bill, the customer paid the total which included the 18%. whatever. If they did pay it, they obviously did so under the mistaken impression they weren’t, so either way, dick move.
        I just hate forced tips – not because I don’t want to tip, I just don’t think a ‘gratuity’ should be forced on the customer – because then it’s probably getting hijacked by the restaurant. If the place adds a mandatory tip to my bill, that’s all they’re getting. I usually tip alot more than 18%. 20 to 25% is my benchmark, up or down depending on the service and hotness of the waitress.

      • I’m not a fan of forced tipping, either, but ultimately the blame lies with shitty tippers who stiff their servers. If more people tipped properly, restaurants wouldn’t have started putting this policy into place to make sure their employees get properly paid.

  12. meeps!

    And BTW, this “pastor” Alois Bell scratched off the tip all together.
    She left NO TIP before she had the server fired…

    • Actually, it wasn’t her server who was fired. It was her co-worker who saw the receipt and posted it on Reddit.

    • flaT

      There was an 18% tip, not no tip. Where I live, 18% is fucking incredible – usually its 10% if you do a good job. Otherwise nothing – its your job, why should you get paid extra to be shitty at it? Let alone FORCE people to pay 18% more.

      • Spanky

        Read the receipt again jackhole. She scratched out the manadatory 18% tip and then added a 0 for the addl tip leaving just the original ocst of the meal before any mandatory tip. She did stiff the waitress on the entire meal.

      • If you read the actual article, the customer had 18% added to their bill & paid that.
        If I get crappy service, I tip around 10%, good service 20% and great service / smoking hot young waitress gets 1 third. If I leave a shitty tip, I expect that to speak for itself, I’ve never felt any need to make snarky commentary on the bill. People that do that are just self righteous dicks.

      • “Where I live” must mean you’re stuck in 1956, because not even in Maine does anyone tip 10% for restaurant service, let alone for “a good job”. If that’s what you’re leaving your servers, don’t order the clam chowder.

        This took place in St. Louis, which is a major urban area, not the boonies, and the last time I was there the typical gratuity was 15-20% for large parties. Not only that, since Applebee’s was a traditional spot for Bell’s church’s post-service get-togethers, that automatic gratuity shouldn’t exactly have been new news to her.

        BTW, the 18% gratuity was charged to her card anyway (good!), since you can’t arbitrarily cross anything out on a restaurant bill.
        Now she’s trying to claim that she left $6 in cash anyway, even after she scratched out the amount. Oh, yeah, that really makes sense – she’s embarassed that she’s been outed, but that’s the best she can come up with? So she’s not only a mean, begrudging, cheap no-tipper, she’s also a really, really shitty liar.

        Choosing to tithe is her option – but I don’t expect that this falsely pious bitch will make Matthew 23:23 the subject of this week’s sermon. Too bad – it’s about those who tithe expecting a reward but actually disregard justice, mercy and honesty in their daily lives.

  13. God

    What a cunt.

    • Wait…didn’t You say that about Eve, too? I’m a little behind on my Bible reading, so you’ll have to forgive me. You still do that, the whole “forgiving” thing, don’t You?

  14. flaT

    Fuck mandatory tipping, 18% that’s fucking robbery.

  15. edod

    Even tourists tip better than this loser.

  16. Everybody knows parties of 8 or more get an automatic 15-20% tip. Separate checks doesn’t alleviate the math – if anything, it makes wait staff hate you even more.

    I waited tables for 4 years and had some very undeserving shitty tips left from some of the nicest people. For the record, I was making $2.16/hour.

    • wtf is with separate checks? make the jerkoffs sit at separate fucking tables if they want separate fucking checks!
      One goddamned time in my life I sat with some dick at the table that insisted on separate checks, with 5 of us at the table, first I ask wtf we can’t figure out the bill and everybody throw in without making us into big pains in the server’s ass, dickhead whines a while, waitress comes by, he says oh miss, we’ll need separate checks’ – I said oh no we won’t, here’s my card, don’t even bring the bill, ring it up and add a third for your tip. Screw it. If you really need to parse the stupid fucking bill out because your salad was $2 cheaper than my sandwich, stay the hell home and watch the golden girls marathon.

  17. Arlene

    She’s not even a real “pastor”. She got the title thru some lame two week course. I live in St. Louis and every other person calls themself a “pastor” or “reverand”. I also feel sorry for the waitstaff when they come thru the door. They always travel in a large group, with screaming brats and disrespectfu teens in tow, and complaign about every concievable thing in order to lower thier bill. Every time you try to explain something to them, they start screaming and talking over you so you don’t get a word in edge wise. I know servers that have told me that whenever they come in they cringe, because they expect excellent service and NEVER TIP.

  18. An aggressively “suggested” 18 % tip, are you effin kiddin me?!
    I give a rounded 10 % and i see no reason to consider myself cheap.
    Bottomline: waiting is a paid profession. If you don’t like the pay then deal with your boss, not your customers.

    • Mark B

      You are either a douchebag or a troll. Either way, jump in a volcano.

    • Cock Dr

      You R cheap.
      And also dumb; if you are a regular at any restaurant those servers know you and are doing god knows what with your food before they bring it to the table.

    • mouse

      I see every reason to consider you cheap. And a douchebag, to boot!

    • Arlene

      Hey Bo, I hope you don’t frequent any particular restaurants. If you do, you might want to get your doggy bag tested. I think you might be suprised at how high the fecal and amonia levels. Servers just love to piss in the drinks of people like you.

  19. Brought It

    The amount of ignorance about the food service industry is staggering.

    • For those that haven’t lived it, it just can’t be explained. Back of the House for 11 years here. And yes that Sunday brunch crowd is AWFUL to the staff.

  20. This has less to do with her being Christian and more about her being a cheap bitch and just using God as her misguided justification. I’ve always believed that if you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out in the first place. I’ve never been a waiter or a server, but I don’t work for free, and I don’t expect anyone else to have to. As far as that pastor bringing God into it, maybe she missed the quote from the Bible:

    ‘Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.”

  21. Archie Leach

    I find gawd whenever I’m shooting craps at the casino.

  22. mouse

    I bet Jesus would tell this entitled bitch to go fuck herself, right along with the rest of you jerks complaining about tipping.

    If you don’t want to adhere to the social customs of the country you live in and would rather screw some poor waitress out of being able to pay her electricity bill, then fine. But stop trying to pretend you’re not a cheap asshole, because you are.

  23. cloud9

    yeah, well unlike god, there IS proof that i exist, cuz i’m standing right here, about to spit in your cheap ass face

  24. A pastor…..and a woman to boot.

    Ohhhhh, I can just see this self-righteous cunt preaching to people and I want to punch her in the face.

  25. Andy Borgmann

    100 to 1 shot this pastor doesn’t give God 10% either. Everyone I know who tithes is usually a great tipper as well.

  26. Oh Come On...

    I know this is supposed to be funny, but saying “Even though I know from personal experience there is absolutely no worse table to wait on than the after-church crowd at Applebee’s (If these people ever get gunned down by an assault rifle, me and my NPR tote will join the NRA so fast your shot-off toe will spin.)” is way too fucked up for even this site. I mean, come on, change the word “after-church crowd” to ANY other group you’d have this post taken down for race/gender/group hate. I know that this site isn’t supposed to be classy, but I’d really say this is way more fucked up than it needs to be.

  27. Ready to take em out

    I recall from my serving years that most of the Sunday crowd thought leaving a hate laden leaflet bashing gays was good enough as a tip. Front cover even said “here’s your tip”

  28. KFisher

    The fact that she tried in vain to split the bill into separate checks in order to get around paying the mandatory gratuity is unbelievably tacky. She still ended up paying for the entire meal! If you don’t want to tip, don’t go out to eat. It’s really that simple!

    • You know what else is pretty simple? If you don’t like the money waitressing jobs pay, go do something else for a living.

      • You know what’s even simpler than that? If you don’t want to tip the waitstaff for serving you your food and drink, stay home and make your own fucking meals.

      • jus sayin

        You are an asshole. There are jobs for everyone out there and waitressing is one of them. Not everyone can afford an education, not everyone is intelligent to finish college, there are not enough JOBS in the USA for everyone to be a doctor, lawyer, clerk or whatever pays better then a waitress. Tipping is a custom in the US and Canada…and a hell of a lot of other countries. I am a generous tipper, I am happy to help my fellow mankind whom I know is not earning a lot of money. I feel I am a lucky person that I can afford to eat out, and if I can afford to do that then I can surely afford to tip my server for good service. I find cheap people totally distasteful. That fact that she is suppose to be Christian makes me even more sure of my choice of atheism!

      • jus sayin

        My reply is meant for Schmidtler

      • sorry, I have no sympathy for people who have absolutely no marketable skills whatsoever, stay in waitressing jobs they got as teenagers, and stayed in those jobs because they got to take cash home every night while their friends all starved and struggled to work entry level jobs or go to school to make something better for themselves. I know lots of people that pissed away their lives from 18 years old until they were in their late 30′s working bartender and waitress jobs, because every time an opportunity for a real job came up they snickered, sneered & turned it down because the starting pay wasn’t as much as they were making right then in cash as a waitress / bartender. Being stupid and short sighted is the person’s own fault.
        My annoyance on this is specifically because (a) I live near Atlantic City and the cocktail waitresses that started when casinos came in, over 30 years ago, are now in their 60′s, fat, and in a union that says they get to keep their jobs despite being nasty to look at and entirely too old for the skimpy costumes they wear and (b) my younger sister bankrupted my parents for high line college tuition, then proceeded to work as a bartender for 20 years until she found herself 40 years old, applying for entry level jobs with a 22 year old sitting across the desk interviewing her, asking ‘wtf have you been doing the past 20 years?’.
        Ladies – if you’re in your 20′s and making great money waitressing, plan ahead, because when you get older, nobody’s gonna fork over those fabulous tips when you’re old and not so hot.

      • Fed Up

        From you post you appear to be an arrogant, narcissistic ass-hole.
        Typical Jersey boy.

      • you find cheap people distasteful, but I can guarantee that you are that person who asks to “sample” everything at the ice cream store or cheese counter. You are also probably the kind of person who is perfectly happy to have someone else pay your bills. Tipping should be a matter of service. If I have a shitty or a rude server, why is it my responsibility to supplement their income? It’s not my fault that they are waiting tables,

      • jus sayin

        You are absolutely WRONG on every dumb ass assumption you made about someone you know absolutely nothing about. I don’t sample anything, anywhere…I go in knowing what I want. I buy my own dinner and quite often treat my friends and family…or we take turns. I can’t prove that to you, but it is the truth! I do find cheap people distasteful, don’t confuse that with people who can’t afford it, that is totally different. How you jumped to those ridiculous conclusions baffles me. Dumb ass ( that isn’t an assumption, it’s a educated guess).

  29. Gary Grant

    Anyone who personalizes a receipt knows they are going to get attention for it. 10% to God for 15 minutes of fame. Well played Pastor Bell.

  30. Hang on, now—the pastor says she tithes. From what? From income that the pastor has earned from *other* people giving *their* 10%, right? Isn’t that double-counting? Shouldn’t a pastor have to earn independent income and give 10% of *that* for it to really count as tithing? Maybe Pastor Bell could get a job at Applebee’s, I understand there’s an opening in St. Louis.

  31. Frank Burns

    So, if Jesus went to Red Lobster, got one order of Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia and some Cheddar Bay Biscuits, then did his ‘fishes and loaves’ routine to feed a table of 20, should he tip on the original single order, or for the entire table?

  32. Mario Starr

    That couldn’t have been a pastor; more like a rabbi. Cheap scoundrel Jew!

  33. highly offended

    So just to sum things up. If you go to church, you are a terrible person and deserve to get gunned down with an assault rifle, is that it? If you believe in a God then you are stupid and deserve to be ridiculed? How is this not hateful prejudice?

    Do me a favor and switch “after-church crowd” for “LGBT crowd” or any other group of human beings from a particular walk of life. Then read what he said again. How is that not offensive?

    This pastor dude is an asshole! But don’t use his actions as a means of persecuting the entire group of individuals he happens to be a part of.

    • jonesy

      Christians will get what they deserve soon enough, I’m not talking about violence but I’m talking about how many more people see through the bullshit of the church and many are leaving, a church of racist, homophobe- women hating-minority hating- pieces of dog sh1t
      Believing in God has nothing to do with being a hateful ignorant white trash piece of sh1t.

      you reap what you sow. I cannot wait until enough people see through your sh!1t and request that Christianity is banned from the country

  34. a sad thing about this is the fact that she somehow thinks giving to the church actually ends up helping everyone including the wait staff, way more than any tip she gave could, puts her in a position of actually following the core of what religion is.

  35. Aaron

    Well, that “pastor” is a bitch. But I’m one of those “after-church” Applebee’s diners and I always tip well. But then I’m white upper-middle class. And secretly and atheist. So…what was I saying?

  36. Beer Baron

    That’s just low down and dirty. First off, lazy ass asked for separate bills because “no simple math skillz” or “to avoid confusion!” Then the auto 18% tip is basically ignored. Was she assuming that somebody in her “large party” would cover for her? I hate that. There’s always some asshole who just rounds up their meal and leaves the other people at the table to pick up their lack of tipping. Cheap fat bitch. Fuckin’ Applebees. I hope she dies of “DiaBeetus” from her amazing dietary choices, and then is reincarnated to be a waitress in the worst food service chain ever imagined.

  37. Seriously, if you are such a fucking loser that you depend on my handouts to pay your bills you can go straight to hell.

    Tips are based on the quality of service.I am happy to tip 25-45% if the service is excellent. However, If you are a shitty server, then I will tip you as such.

    If you don’t like it, then you should have paid more attention in school and found a real job. It is arrogant and shitty to assume that the customer owes you something.

    • Seriously, if you’re such a fucking entitled prick that you think you’re entitled to take advantage of anyone’s table and time and then not tip on service that had nothing wrong with it, simply because it’s expected of you and no one is the boss of you, and you’re not gonna and no one can make you, then congratulations, jackhole – you’re the reason why more and more restaurants now slap an automatic gratuity onto large checks. If you don’t like it, then stay home and serve yourself – it’s arrogant and shitty to assume that you owe nothing to anyone who serves you simply because you don’t think they have a “real” job.

      This isn’t about “shitty service”, so don’t try to use that to justify your own asshattery – and FYI, no one who refers to tips as “handouts to pay your bills” ever left 45% on the table, so don’t make me laugh. Your resentful cracks about education give you away at the outset, so you can lay off that “I’m glad to pay for good service” posturing, because no one believes it for a minute.

      Bell obviously had no complaint about the quality of the service, because she had the opportunity to write that objection on the bill to justify scratching off the $6 charge. Nope, what she focussed on was that she was so holy and virtuous that she piously gave up 10% in tithes to her God, but resented like hell having to pay an earthly mortal who served her, and her large party, their due for that service.

      Give Jeremy Piven a call – I hear he’s got a few extra DVDs of Entourage that you can leave for the next server who’s unfortunate enough to have your cheap sorry ass parked at their station.

    • jonesy

      you deserve hell. You deserve to be thrown in a sewer where you will have to eat the crap from toilets and drink piss, living with the rats.
      thats what you deserve

    • I’m glad I worked the restaurant scene for 11 years. Getting a “real job” seems like it makes you an arrogant entitled asshole with a unwarranted sense of superiority.

  38. it'smeain't

    “how deeply shitty these people are”

    The woman is black. You’re a filthy fucking racist based on your own idiotic liberal ideology of not being able to call a person of color anything but “African American”, you phony shithead.

  39. Any asshole who is saying that gratuities aren’t necessary doesn’t understand that waiters get paid sub minimum wage. So your “tip” is designed to make up for that gap. They really shouldn’t call it “gratuity” or “tip” anymore, since people are too dumb to understand this. If you don’t like it, don’t go out to eat at a sit down restaurant. Simple. Otherwise you are just being a prick who is using the service of someone else and not paying.

    And really, any service you use where “tipping” is the norm (hair dresser, pizza delivery, bartender, ect) you should tip, because if you didn’t have to tip, prices would increase. At least you get better service in countries where tips are expected (I’m specifically referring to restaurants). No one really gets lazy then.

  40. Waiter342

    Alois M Bell
    Home (314) 875-9672
    2801 Dayton St
    Saint Louis, MO 63106-2128

    • sexyman48

      Hey it’s Spike Lee.

    • So we should harass her and ruin her life because she didn’t tip. So she’s lame, so what. You know when you take a service job that sometimes assholes come in. The occasional stiffing isn’t work spending energy on tracking someone down.

  41. Another Applebees server..

    Take it from personal experience, these people will use ANY and all excuses to get out of tipping or even paying for a meal. If you knew half of what ive seen as far as complaints or just making a big enough scene that a weak manager would just comp their meal you would be disgusted.. the 18% is added on because waiting on a large table is a bear, and you usually end up getting tipped less than you would at a two top.. because someone usually picks up the tab, and expects others to pay the tip, which they either dont or tip $1-2.

    this is sad but it happens all over the place, and the fact that it was in St Louis just made me laugh.. typical

    And you can insert whoever into (these people) i meant it as universal douche-bags and degenerates

  42. Applebee’s was wrong.
    Once again they have shown that they treat their employees badly.
    There was no reason to fire this waitress.Applebee’s should have backed her and shown some integrity.
    Applebee’s will lose so many more customers now trying to save one customer that was clearly out of line.

    Next time, Applebee’s, stand up for your employees when a customer treats them poorly.


    I live in the Lou where blacks and whites hates each other and constantly spite each other for no reason. The waitress was probably perceived as a White Devil by the Black Pastor, who was going to take out her hatred for whitey on the tip line.

    Black people also like to take forever in lines when they know there are white people waiting. When it’s their fellow black folks waiting they make sure and hustle up but when it’s white folks waiting they get slow and shuffle.

  44. EuropeanMasterRace

    Lol, America.

    “Herp derp, they NEED tips because they’re not paid enough by their employers! But that’s YOUR FAULT, not the employer!”

    I’d rather they just put the price up on the food to pay their workers a fair wage than be expected to hand out money to everyone around me constantly. You guys are seriously fucking stupid.

    • That’s a really keen economic theory, but since you don’t have the almighty power to make American restauranteurs change their prices and labor structure, just why would you advocate penalizing the people who also don’t have the power here – unless your purpose in life is to be a total dicksmack? If so, mission accomplished.

      If restuarant owners upped their prices in order to pay their staff more than minimum wage, then you’d still “hand out money to everyone around [me] constantly” – it just wouldn’t be voluntary. Because you can include the gratuity on the same credit card you’d otherwise be buying your inflated salary-improving meal with, it’s the same fucking dollar, whether you give it in cash or sign for it.

      The difference is this: Tips actually encourage good service, whereas goverment mandated service charges don’t. FYI, the reason that charge is mandated is not to benefit the server, but so the government can tax tips. Moreover, in England and France owners have no legal obligation to pass that dough on to your waiter, and many don’t. So you’re actually far more likely to get shit service where you are, than here in America. LOL Europe!

      Moreover, in Europe the waitstaff in restaurants might get paid more, but cafe waiters don’t. So while you hang out there for hours nursing your single coffee and taking up space, your overworked server will have turned more tables, logged more miles, and generally done more for less pay. So if you want to reward your server for really taking care of you, you’d end up tipping on top of the servis compris – so you’d actually “hand out” more than under the American system you have such contempt for.

      So who’s seriously fucking stupid, again?

  45. TheListener

    You would think a pastor would be familiar with Luke 20:22-25

  46. Joe Apple

    Also, they charged the 18% tip on the total, including the tax. Why would you pay your tip including the tax? I never do that.

  47. Pat C

    My own reaction to “I Give God 10% Why Do You Get 18″ is that God doesn’t need the money. I’m pretty sure He’s doing OK for Himself.

  48. I just googled her and watched a video of an enormous beast screeching, praying and testifying to a congregation. She has all the affect you would expect from this lunatic fringe.

    On today’s to do list? Tip well and write Alois a quick note.

  49. Kevin

    I tip 20%. The servers need it. God needs nothing…or is God a poor loser(not that servers are)? You give a God that does not need anything money, but an actual person that is providing you a service, gets nothing? Fuck you. I’m pretty sure Jesus said something about the poor…

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