I Can’t Believe This Was Turtle Once and Other News

December 17th, 2010 // 42 Comments

[Fun Fact: She’s sitting between Dylan McDermott and Mad Men’s John Slattery who both apparently care about basketball way too much.]

- Johnny Depp reportedly tried to “woo” a 19-year-old model on the set of Pirates 4. [Popeater]

- Lindsay Lohan and Britney are swapping arch-enemies now. [Dlisted]

- Christina Aguilera isn’t getting less pregnantier. [Lainey Gossip]

- Taylor Momsen has one stage outfit and one stage outfit only. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Deborah Anne Woll. Yes. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Dude from 40-Year-Old Virgin gets life for stabbing wife. — Haha! Rhymes. [IDLYITW]

- Gary Busey wants to donate his brain to science. This needs to happen. [The Blemish]

- Sarah Palin throws Kate Gosselin under the bus. [HollywoodLife]

- Sam Merlotte vs. Baby Jesus. [Just Jared]

- Mickey Rourke is the new Father Christmas, and I can’t stress how much you need to click this link. [BuzzFeed]

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  1. Yum!

    Yum Yum. Me too!

  2. RandaI

    I like the daughter of the tequila factory owner. She also played Callisto in the X-Men movie.

  3. Hugh Gentry

    I would like to be on the receiving end of that…

  4. bitingontinofil

    Dylan McDermott’s hot.

  5. Slapkatyperry

    om nom nom, nom give the girl something to suck on

  6. jojo

    Neither can she. Turtle still has a career.

  7. I bet she can fit that in her nostril.

  8. pessimism

    Do I detect mustache shadow in pic 1?

  9. The Listener

    Amazing how the mind goes right to fellatio when you look at this picture, or maybe I just have a filthy mind.

  10. dude

    who is this chick? seriously, can someone tell me?

  11. I’m friends with Deborah Anne Woll’s boyfriend, EJ. They met on Match.com. For reals. No foolies. =)

  12. That Bastard Tony

    Do girls ever stop to think that whenever they put anything like that in their mouth that we will be judging them on their oral abilities? It’s not like don’t do the same whenever they see guys lick pretty much anything.

    On another note, if I were told I’d be in a real position to bang Jamie I would have lost weight. Just saying Turtle. Just sayin.

    • Anon

      From a girl’s point of view: No. No, I don’t judge a guy’s oral abilities whenever I see a guy licking pretty much anything. I try to not induce vomiting whenever possible.

    • nonminti

      because of this we have to be aware not to eat a banana,ice cream,lollipop and one of friends reminds me to avoid yawning!

      • The Listener

        Here’s how to avoid having guys think of fellatio when seeing you eat those things.
        When eating a banana, break the pieces off by hand and put each piece in your mouth.
        When eating ice cream, eat from a cup or bowl with a spoon. Don’t eat from an ice cream cone.
        Eat a lollipop by putting the entire candy portion in your mouth when sucking it. Only leave the stick showing. Never let the candy portion sit between your lips. Just take it out of your mouth.
        And simply cover your mouth when you yawn.

      • nonminti

        your nickname suits you,you really listened to and thanks for the tips :) I’ll keep in mind now :)

  13. Veronica

    I’d get the urge to suck a lollipop if I were in a Dylan McDermott/John Slatt sandwich too.

  14. Norteco664

    I didn’t know she was Lisa Turtle of saved by the bell, that seems weird to me

  15. @Mickey Rourke
    Woah wtf? I was like aw wow blowing bubbles with cancer kids WHAT the fuck get her boobies out your mouth!! Where did the naked lady come from????!

  16. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Lollipop
    Commented on this photo:

    Very cute.

  17. Jon "Bigot" Stewart

    why is she holding a lollipop with two hands? does she think its a fat cock?

  18. wim

    it’s very simple.

  19. Gando

    From the moment we’re born humans become desperate and that’s no wonder. All what we know is what we’ve got and all of this will end one day. That humans unite, reaching out to equal-minded, religions and life-styles and so on, that’s no wonder as well. It’s hope what’s keeping people up and going. Just as many have said that preceded us. It’s impossible to help you all out at once (read: in one life time). And even then would it make sense? Because finally the only one who can liberate you from yourself, that’s yourself.

    • Galtacticus

      So, i guess there’s this universal spark in each of us isn’t it?

      • Gando

        The wises from the past have shown us how societies do work. It’s no wonder that many of them retreated themselves frequently into the wilderness, deserts and mountains. And when making public appearances surrounding them with faithful followers and disciples as a buffer.

      • Rhialto

        I’d rather retreat myself, surrounded by babydolls, on a tropical island. But that’s just a personal note.

      • Boogeyman King Dong

        Humans are worse than Bonobos. But he biggest difference is that you can add the word ‘evil’ to many human beings….

      • Rhialto

        Did you get thrown out of your motel room again!?

  20. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Lollipop
    Commented on this photo:

    fuckin bitch

  21. Gando

    The power of smear campaigns is the desperate cry of attention. Remove that factor and it’s powerless. Like talking to yourself.

    • Rhialto

      The electronic time era has changed a lot. A couple of thousands years ago it was much easier i think. Many people weren’t even qualified to read.

  22. “Dude from 40-Year-Old Virgin gets life for stabbing wife. — Haha! Rhymes”

    Only it wasn’t his wife, it was his ex-girlfriend. Whom he stabbed accidentally. 20 times.


  23. Hmmm

    I don’t get the headline. Who is Turtle?

  24. That Bastard Tony

    I feel like someone should explain…

    Turtle is a character on Entourage played by Jerry Ferrara whom, during season 5-6 through the wonders of LSD fueled writing, was dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler. It was a moment that brought hope to millions of overweight, unemployed leeches that even they could date a uber-hottie employed actress… as long as their best friend is an A-list actor that is.

  25. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Lollipop
    Darren Leite
    Commented on this photo:

    I love her.

  26. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Lollipop
    Tony Soprano
    Commented on this photo:

    My biggest disappointment with The Sopranos, is that Meadow didn’t show Boob – she’s Cute

  27. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Lollipop
    Commented on this photo:

    She knows what she’s donig (believe me).

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