Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Like Gays Either

Apparently when Hulk Hogan has sex with you, he not only unloads his giant Thermos-like penis, but also his thoughts on every single minority under the sun so both your mind and vagina get to wonder what the hell just happened to it. So here he is talking to Heather Clem about how much he hates fags which had to be a dream come true after the nigger conversation because these are all the right things a woman wants to hear after you’ve seen her anus. They practically prefer it. Radar reports:

“VH1 wanted me to do a big thing and go back to the house I grew up in,” Hulk says, discussing the Season Four finale of his show.
“So we knock on the door,” he continues, “and a big fag lives there now!”
Undeterred, the 61-year-old continued with his disgusting homophobic bile. “This half-gay was enamored with Linda,” he sniffs, of his ex-wife.

Wait. Are you telling me a racist, white guy from Florida is homophobic, too? That can’t be right. *starts rifling through notes* Something has to be wrong. *frantically pulls books off the shelf, flips through pages* It’s completely unheard of! *runs outside, shakes fist at the sky* WHAT KIND OF INSANE WORLD IS THIS, YOU BASTARD! WHAT KIND?!?!

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