Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig interrupted by cell phone. Pissiness ensues.

The Superficial | September 28, 2009 - 1:42 pm

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig had their performances interrupted in the Broadway play “A Steady Rain” last week when a theatergoer’s cell phone went off in the front row. The generally unflappable Hugh actually stops the play and asks the person “Are you gonna get that?” James Bond gets in on the act and this is exactly why I don’t go to plays anymore: The actors always try to kick my ass. Listen, I wouldn’t take off my shirt and flex in front of the stage if you actually said something interesting. “Wah, being a salesman suck. Let’s talk about it for two hours.” < My naked torso. Don't fight the science.

Video: TMZ


  1. Slick

    My love for Jackman only grows stronger.

  2. chick

    How inconsiderate! I would have been peeved if I was in the audience and some jerk forgot to turn off his cell. Props to Hugh and Daniel for making the incident entertaining.

  3. Third!


  4. Photoshop Police

    Front row seat to a play is amateur hour anyway.

    Everyone knows if you’re looking for the best seats, you sit 8-12 rows back so you’re not cranking your neck upward for 2 hours.

  5. Harry Doyle


  6. ZoomBoy

    What the fuck, the idiot let his phone ring for like 10 mins as well? I would’ve smashed that thing on the ground at about the third ring.

  7. Willie Dixon

    Props to both. If this were Christian Bale or other actors who take themselves too seriously (the “craft” of acting!), it would have been a drama queen moment and they’d be crying backstage how no one respects their “art”.


    Letting it ring over and over again? That’s the same kind of asshole who would cut you off in traffic and then flip you off as if it’s your fault. Should have kicked his ass out.

  9. Funeral Guy

    Jackman and Craig handled this like a couple of pros. I have new found respect for them both. The person with the phone is an asshole pure and simple.

  10. It's Me Fuckers

    they should have flashed their COCKS at the guy. Then maybe we’d SEE SOME COCK ON THE SUPERFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. tolson

    I wish it was Bale. Thats the only way it could have been better.

  12. poopster

    who cares what dumb and dumber think, get a real job, like the Kardashians, then they can complain aobut cell phones

  13. youluckedout

    that guy lucked out. he could have had his ass handed to him by james bond and wolverine….

    it’s not like he cut off shirley temple here

  14. Lovepink

    WAIT A SECOND HERE! Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig were in the same room together and the world didn’t explode because their hotness was combined?

    That’s the real story here.

    And why am I not there??!?!

  15. havoc

    I don’t blame him one bit. Fucking morons and their cell phones. Scourge of the 21st century…..


  16. Paine

    The theater should install cell-phone jammers, and you should have to sign a “I understand” document before you sit down.

    The theater should also provide a number that you can be reached at for a TRUE emergency. Like they did before cell phones, remember?

  17. Delgo

    What thespians…

  18. Delgo

    Could’ve handled the improv a bit more jauntily though

  19. squeehunter

    I was in the middle of a line one time when I heard the beginning of Sweet Home Alabama.

  20. Jethro

    Good comment #11.

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