1. Nudge nudge wink wink

    Do you like anal? Good, because my hemorrhoids can only be treated with suppositories. Let’s get to work, you young filly, you!

  2. still hit it

    got to get a little dirty when your digging for gold

  3. Wendel

    This is all the news tonight?
    This is just an embarrassment for all the guys who followed the “Playboy Philosophy” all those years.

    DO the kids from his first marriage have to call her “mom”?
    DO THEIR kids have to call her grandma?

  4. vomiting from hefner

    isn’t he dead yet???????

  5. Dan Montana

    SHe looks like 40 anyway fair enough

  6. Crys

    but isn’t he still married to his former wife? so this engagement is just an engagement without the marriage? i wonder how holly madison feels about this… hmmm..

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