How The Hell Did This Happen?

August 30th, 2010 // 85 Comments

Because reality TV has become the moron feedbox of the future, Kate Gosselin was invited to the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards last night where she apparently performed a sketch with host Jimmy Fallon (Eh?) that I can only assume was some sort of Illuminati plot to discredit the entire ceremony. Or steal your Medicare, I go back and forth. Anyway, I heard after the show Jon Hamm threw his statue into the Pacific Ocean in disgust only to hit a Gosselin child trying to ride a sea turtle to freedom. “Don’t make me go back home to mother, mister. I’ll drive your car using blocks on my feet and even burn you with a torch if crazy witch-doctors hypnotize you in the Temple of Doom. Honest, I will!”

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  1. Que

    Que look surprise buneo.

  2. Amy

    Umm, she actually looks good here–almost like a less attractive Carrie Underwood.

    • Vito

      Yeah, WAYYYYY less attractive! As in Randy Couture looks like a less attractive Carrie Underwood. Same thing.

      This is the first time I’ve ever seen a smile on her face and it looks like holdiing it is giving her a brain hemorrhage. Or else she’s shitting her pants.

  3. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve always said I totally want to bone her

  4. Yer Mom

    The authorities need to take her children away. Every single one. She doesn’t deserve them.

  5. snarkyscreenname

    When the fuck is this stupid cunt EVER raising her kids? She must have decided her job was done when she finished squeezing them all out. *puke*

    Dare I say, Octomom is a more involved mother?

  6. It had to be said

    She actually looks good there.

    She has eight kids, but they were all c-section, and her husband was, you know, a midget dick. She’s probably a great lay if you can get it in. At minimum, everyone likes a good hate fuck.

  7. Luke

    Nice freckle chest, you loser.

  8. Lady Blah Blah

    Further evidence that the US is going the way of the Roman Empire, fast!

  9. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    look at that retard. she think she’s fuckin grace kelly?

  10. Crabby Old Guy

    Hey look – she’s stealing somebody’s soul and it was caught on film. Awesome!

    Now where’s the shot of the shriveled up guy she was gazing upon?

  11. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    ew. check out the back fat on the broad in the background. bleh.

  12. fester

    Ever notice how Kate walks like somebody sharing a horse costume? Funny little known fact, she has an invisible conjoined twin attached to her ass. True story!

  13. freebie

    Does she every spend time with her kids, other than photoshoots?

  14. m

    her participation in the opening sketch and mere presence at this event is a TRAVESTY of epic proportions.

  15. anon

    Look at the closeup shot and see the amount of makeup caked on her…I know women who are older and look far better with alot less makeup.

  16. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    she look good!

  17. pimp

    i’d rather jack off in my own mouth then fuck that…

  18. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    Wow, Kate looks gorgeous!

    • Liz

      100 grand will make anybody gorgeous. Plus working out at the gym all day instead of raising your kids like any responsible parent would do.

  19. RantingOne

    Who the FUCK invited this loose-twatted whore to the fucking EMMY’S? I mean talk about discrediting your entire show……Kate Gosselin?!?! She’s got embryos falling out of her vagina like gumballs from a machine?

  20. DAMAN

    I thought it was Kelly Pickler!

  21. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    I hate to say it but she looks amazing here.

    And she had a C section, both portals are still intact boys!

  22. dude!

    Lots of frustration here today . . . .

  23. McFeely Smackup

    she is a living testament to what hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery, personal trainers, live in dietitians, tons of slathered on cosmetics, and world class publicists can do for a woman whose only real talent was incubating enough embryos in her uterus to make into a Disney movie about dalmations.

    I wish she’d do something truly interesting. Like get super fat, or raise llamas, or spend a season ice road trucking. Or just die. that would be good too.

  24. juck

    id fuck it.

  25. RantingOne

    Come to think of it….I still maintain my earlier comment about her…but I’d also be up for her sitting across from me in a lounge chair, playing with her pussy, working both the clitoris and penetrating her own baby-ejecting vagina, as I feverishly masturbate.

    I’d be up for almost any woman doing this though….nothing special to Kate….just for reference.

    • It had to be said

      Dammit, she has never ejected a baby from her vag. She should be snug and tight.

      • McFeely Smackup

        nah. She looks and acts like the kind of chick whose vagina was loose and useless long before getting pregnant. that’s probably why they had to use fertility treatments to get her pregnant, keeping a boner long enough to ejaculate into the gaping hole of that battle-axe shrew had to be nearly impossible.

      • RantingOne

        LOL….battle-axe shrew. I’m giggling my ass off, thanks to this tunnel-for-a-vagina, self-important, cobweb-twatted whore…

  26. iola


  27. I think she is a crazy whacked out bitch but I don’t begrudge her the opportunity to work to support those whiny ass kids of hers…

    I know a lot of you would rather see her work 80 hours a week as a nurse and live in a trailer park, but I hope she takes all the TV jobs she can get for as long as she can… Her infamy isn’t going to last forever and she needs to make that money while she can…

    There are plenty of single mother actresses out there and I don’t see anyone all up in arms about it… I know, I know, it was the litter that got her famous in the first place but she can’t turn back the clock.. it is what it is and she just has to deal with the here and now…

    • Alexandra Hemale

      “There are plenty of single mother actresses out there and I don’t see anyone all up in arms about it…”

      I cannot think of a single mom/actress at this moment who has the same attitude Kate does. She’s arrogant and mean, as many who know her personally have said, and she puts her own fame-whoring before her children.

      I can bet, however, that there are many single mothers out there who are much more deserving of the fame and money Kate gets. That is why most people would rather see her working 80 hours a week and living in a trailer park.

      I think I can sum it up perfectly with this line from Maid To Order (as spoken by the lovely Beverly D’Angelo): “Some maids deserve to be princesss. Some princesses deserve to be maids.”

    • mcfeely smackup

      “There are plenty of single mother actresses out there and I don’t see anyone all up in arms about it”

      so you missed the ENTIRE week of uproar about Jennifer Anniston saying single women can raise kids just fine?

    • Lady Blah Blah

      She is a good mother, and here’s a photo of her feeding her kids to prove it.

  28. Turd Ferguson

    They dont come much more WORTHLESS than this hag and shitty parent. Ok, the Kardashians make it a debate.

  29. fug

    The reason she’s famous is sites like this keep continuing to write articles about her.

  30. Froghammer

    Wow- she’s learned to smile without frowning.

  31. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    Very pretty.

  32. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    Very nice.

  33. Lady Blah Blah

    What bothers me most about this kind of thing, things like this shrew, is this: Imagine a new restaurant that offers valet parking, has a very strict dress code, a menu with no prices, waitpersons dressed like butlers who behave like they are serving the Queen of England, and the food on the plate looks appetizing. And then you eat it and it’s got all the quality of canned corned beef hash. It’s rank.

    I bet that with enough money we could take an actual pig off a farm, and through plastic surgery and makeup and diet and forced exercise, make it into something that would trigger sexual desire in men. Men are hardwired, if you believe in Darwin instead of “intelligent design,” to be sexually attracted to symmetrically featured women of child bearing age whose shapes indicate that they are fit to bear children. But thanks to cosmetics and surgical procedures, women who are far from a natural child bearing age (i.e., they’re not taking hormones so they end up having twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc., because they are trying to force nature after having gone over the hill), and whose features and shapes are no longer sexually appealing unless their appearances are virtually “photoshopped” via the use of cosmetics and surgical procedures, are creating an illusion to fool men into being attracted to them. It’s as if a poor man who wants to attract women were to pretend he’s wealthy. It’s a rip.

  34. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    she had a c section you idiots…do you honestly think they would let anyone pass out 6 kids from the vagina…get a brain.

  35. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    Very pretty for a clown car of a woman. Plus 100 grand on surgery helps too.

  36. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    Why doesn’t she stay home and raise her children?

  37. anonym

    i don’t care what you say.

    i’d hit that. Here she looks better than a lot of the other plastic hollywood whores.

  38. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    wtf? is all i have to say. she should NOT be considered a celebrity.

  39. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    Please put a side by side pic of when she had brown hair and was 9 months preggers next to that photo.

  40. Team GWoP

    Aw… C’mon! We all know Kate’s snatch is a smelly freebie-grifting greedy goblin. Fucking that whore is like banging a bowl of organic split pea soup. Congratulations on your clown car uterus- Katie Kreider… worthless lying trailer park bitch. She’s a tangerine Tanya Harding without the ice skating ability. And her kid is bipolar– just like her mommy.

  41. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
    Team GWoP
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    Cunt face

  42. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    Why does the middle of her top lip sit over her right front tooth and not the centre gap between her teeth? Like her mouth has slipped sideways. Dentist fail.

  43. captain america

    just knowing Captain America supports women?

  44. captain america

    ……..she saw “The Light”, folks?

  45. sir francis bacon

    id like to chew on her tits for a while

  46. flivver

    Riding a sea turtle to freedom? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Brilliant!

  47. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    But I think she looks good. Also pretty :)

  48. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
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    heh it just goes to show that anyone can look good when they have an army of make up artists and hairstylists.

  49. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys
    Frassington T Bear
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    She should stay home and bake cookies… I’ll have 3 trays worth please.

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