Holy Sh-t, We Have A New Comment Thread

March 19th, 2012 // 107 Comments
Boba Fett Jango Fett Swing

Sorry for the slight bit of lull after posting about Charlize Theron‘s love for the massive Fasswanger, but you’ll be surprised to learn we weren’t spending the entire time Googling pics of it. Mostly. What we were doing is getting ready to unleash our new comment experience on you which has the following features for people that are awesome (Read: Registered.):

- Ability to add photos.
- Embed video through “Add video” link. (YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu only.)
- Comment voting.

On top of that, comments on individual pics will now show up in the main thread which you’re probably already noticing. So there’s that, and eventually we’ll have avatars for you to try to put cock pictures in and then get banned. It’ll really be a lot of fun. In the meantime, there might be a couple bugs here and there (Like the galleries being funky, whee!), so maybe have a couple drinks before using the site today.

In other site news, Photo Boy is back and I also talked him into starting a Twitter account. Unfortunately, @PhotoBoy was already taken, so for Twitter purposes only, I’ve promoted him to @PhotoChrist. Blessed art thou who tweeteth him.

- The Superficial

(Quick note on the top photo: It’s from Stormtroopers 365 (etc.)’s just fucking amazing “52 Weeks with the Fetts” which I highly recommend you scope out. My ejaculate looked like the Millenium Falcon afterward. No foolin’.)

Photo: Stormtroopers 365 (etc.)


  1. [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/19/oh-you-340_362.jpg[/img]

    Katy Perry approves.

  2. [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/19/fancy-340_308.jpg[/img]
    Vote for me!

  3. Richard McBeef

    Finally a place for us to post political/religious you tube videos. I knew there was a corner of the internet missing that shit.

    • Richard McBeef

      And I’ll never register, you filthy child molesters.

      • Can you imagine commenting on here with your Facebook account? Or am I the only person who thinks that’s a horrible idea?

      • that should be interesting. i should also be posting pics of my artwork.

      • Richard McBeef

        stinky, last time i saw somebody posting with their facebook acct, it was about 10 seconds before somebody posted the picture of them in their football uniform and their publicly available salary.

      • What makes this funny to me, McBeef, is that I remember exactly who that happened to. And she’s probably a very nice person, too.

      • I don’t have a facebook account. Or Twitter, or… I don’t need people knowing that I just went down the hall and bombed the bathroom so bad they had to condemn it.

        Seriously, I have a friend who tweets every thing; “Joe cut the bagel. Joe put creme cheese on the bagle. Fletch came by and crammed Joe in the bagle and threw it out the window along with any electronic gadget that allows Joe to tweet. Geez.
        (And I bet you thought I was gonna tell you about some great dating site or how to make a bagazillion dollars while sitting on your ass behind a computer)

        So what’s past tense for “Tweet”? Twatted? Tweeted?

      • And now the “ADMIN” has to approve the posts? Seriously WTF?

      • [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/19/texas-fletch-200_200.jpg[/img]

        Had to get a different shirt; Magic and Kareem are in the wash.

      • Tech Boy

        Fletch, nothing changed here with comment approval — it’s the same as before. The only change was the messaging that appears when a comment gets caught up in the spam-filters. Fish does a marvelous job checking the Spam nets and releasing actual comments that were incorrectly caught… either for weird links or specific words (in your case, because you had “tw*t”).

      • So basically what you’re saying is, even with these changes, I can still end up waiting two hours for one of my posts to show up because I include a link to, say, a New York Magazine article to illustrate the point I’m making.

      • Tech Boy

        Tom — No, one link and you’ll be fine.

        2 links and it will get held for approval since you’re likely selling Gucci wallets or Russian trophy wives.

      • Tom, that was my bad. I made the Spam filter a little too tight a month or so back. It has now been loosened like a filthy vagina.

      • HAHAHA Fish, love it. “loosened like a filthy vagina”.!!!! OK, That one deserves about 10 thumbs up.

      • dooood

        the future is here n its tight like a man anus.
        i can’t figure out how this stuff works.
        maybe, a tutorial for us computer illiterate knuckleheads.

      • yes Tom Frank nothing hath changed much.

      • Interesting, OK. Just never saw that before.

      • Replying to Tech Boy; I totally understand TF’s explanation.

      • Nope. There have been people moronic enough to post links to prove they aren’t fat and ugly, with predictable results.

        The fact that they WERE actually fat and ugly was sorta beside the point.

    • merciful percival

      Testify, brother.

  4. Bane

    Fish, you sure you want to do this? lol

  5. This new stuff is cute, but I still think the auto-blocking of any first post with the word “first” in it is still the best comment section addition to the site, ever.

  6. Oh, this is gonna be a fucking hoot :)

  7. El Jefe

    This is when things go corporate, then suck and then die. This site is over.

  8. As long as I can say inappropriate things, I’m good.

  9. Cock Dr

    From a realatively clean and simple site comment design to clusterfuckedness 2012. Bravo.

    • Richard McBeef


    • Dan

      I agree as well… I think this is going to degenerate rather quickly.

    • Clarence Barthurd Joseph Dinglewear Florthtood Cycleberry Jackoffer Smithington III ™

      Dude change is good. I was ALMOST going to say too much chat bubble, too many icons, too many different colors, too many different fonts but then I remembered that I’m a fucking idiot and what the fuck do I know anyway, I don’t have a fucking website. Furthermore I was going to comment that I prefer it the old way but I stopped because I remembered that I’m old enough to appreciate the hard work people put into things that are fucking free to me.
      I was going to make a snarky reference to the new registration process but then I remembered that I’m not going to fucking register because I’m wanted by the fucking FBI so it doesn’t even fucking matter to me what bullshit registration process people have to go through.
      Then I was going to comment about how this site is now like so many out there but then I fucking remembered that this is really the only site I goto because all the others are ass sliced up with no gravy. This site has gravy, sure everyone here is a fucking fiend that would probably kill a baby for a quick laugh but the occasional witty post keeps me coming back.
      I was going to post this long post about how I think the thumb up and down bullshit is too much like fucking facebook suck a cock but then I checked in at one of posts and saw that it got a thumbs up. A thumbs up for my shitty nipple comment, well aren’t I surprised my shitty nipple comment got a thumbs up. Holy fuck I can’t argue anything bad about a thumb up a shitty nipple.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Yep. It’s cluttered and harder to read and so far I’m not liking it.
      Also, when I tried to thumbs-up some funniness, nothing at all happened. Apparently my thumbs aren’t as good quality as other people’s thumbs.

    • Snack pack

      CD, I’m gonna miss you and all the other regulars on here. I’ve barely been able to stay interested because of how all the advertisements make this site so slow. But now this comment thing makes it so much slower. I think it is all the aditional pics that must be downloaded. Too bad, for me that is.

  10. I think I just found the perfect site for my Cock Self-Portrait A Day photo project…

  11. stacy

    They are getting paid by the scum sucking Kardashians to do this probably so they can flood it with there STD laced garbage.

  12. Yay! You brought back “Cancel Reply”!

    (I am such a nerd for getting excited over that.)

  13. Internet

    Christ, everybody unleash your shitty memes now.

    • Yeah, I’m a little worried about this. But with the photo-embedding feature, maybe I can find a kitten- or puppy-themed poster that expresses my anxiety in a heartwarming fashion.

  14. Jimbo

    Hey Fish dude!!! How about a new feature called Boobs. Remember those things you use to put on this web site???

  15. Herr Gruppe Sechs

    This is me when I heard about the new comment thread capabilities:


  16. alex

    First you register, then they issue dog tags, then they try to stick you with a needle to rid you of your mutant powers. Fuck that. I like my mutant powers.

    Seriously, what good could registering do for the user? It gives the owner of the site a ton of great stats and makes the site ‘sticky’ (as in you come back not cum on your PC screen). It also helps monetize the site so it can be sold to fuckingcocksuckers, Inc.

    Fish, I think you should sell this rat hole for big money if you can get it. And if this is the first step towards that, good for you. If not, then screw it, we dont require fancy schmancy features; just lots of tits and ass.

  17. Dan

    Fish, the sweet expansion of the file upload field looks busted in Firefox. Attached photo.

  18. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I’ve a feeling I don’t belong on here any more…all the cats I know are very serious.

  19. Jiminy Cryptic

    This blows

  20. cc

    Okay, voting and links, fine. But posting pics? No thanks, as much as I like Katy Perry’s glorious cleavage.

  21. j

    How about making it so the page does not load like crap… stop making the content move arround (obviously trying to cause people to click by mistake). And never have crappy popups or maleware… I don’t know why I come here .. it is a shiltty habit I need to break.

    • JPC

      Yeah, those ads that push the site down are pretty shitty. I’m just trying to click next photo, and bam, now I have to close a Bing pop-up ad because I forgot to wait 10 seconds to click.

  22. Ronald-Ann Smith

    This is a bad idea. Photo posting privileges for everyone?! Even for that weird foreign guy and the odd, crazed Justin Bieber fan who stumbles over here from Celebuzz? The Superficial does have some good commenters, but for every hilarious person there are about 12 “i’d pee in her but” guys (a classic, but still). You should have done this like uproxx, where only your favourite commenters can post things. I’m going to post SO MANY self-made memes, just so that you see the error of your ways.

    Also, the new reply feature hurts my eyes.

    Also, I like to complain.

  23. Sure we can post pictures, but can we delete them too? For example, that shot of Kris Jenner with the belly full of octo-wookies. Yeah, I know it’s not even Kloe in there, but seriously, Rob Kardashian should now be on a quest to find the whereabout of his seven missing twin siblings. The last time I saw a stomach that distended, it involved manga, devil worship and a giant space-squid with eleven phallus shaped tentacles. Oh god, I just pictured Kris Jenner having sex with a space squid. Time to go jump in front of a bus.

  24. testing to see if i can delete pics.
    [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/19/Majickandthe NewMutants b-340_430.jpg[/img]

  25. errrr

    The grey boxes in which responses are posted are more visible then the original comment which is a little irritating. Other than that its alright.

  26. Kenlin

    Oh fuck, you too, Fish? You’ve joined BUZZMEDIA? I stopped reading WWTDD because he sold out, and now you’re part of the same company that promotes the Kardashians? Fucking OK magazine?

    Anybody know anywhere still holding out against this horde?

  27. Cori

    Interesting. Although I don’t read the comments. They’re always full of guys saying “Ugh, she’s damn ugly. Wouldn’t hit that it I had to.” or “Damn, she is crazy hot, I’d hit that all the time.” I come here for the scantily clad ladies, not the people looking at the scantily clad ladies. Not bashing, it’s a great new feature and I’m sure many of the people here are going to enjoy it.


    [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/19/Template you what you have done-340_340.jpg[/img]

  30. Great, so now shitty shitheads can be shittier- to “celebrities,” each other, and YOU.

    In other words, congrats on the new comments thread!

  31. dooood

    so how do i load my dumb pictures?

  32. thundercatsHO-OH

    Fish since these features were added the mobile version of this site is fucked. It froze my phone to the point that I had to remove my battery. But I have a piece of shit Droid, so there’s that. But just FYI.

  33. zomgbie

    JQUERY IS NOT A FUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Brooke


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