Holy Sh-t, We Have A New Comment Thread

Sorry for the slight bit of lull after posting about Charlize Theron’s love for the massive Fasswanger, but you’ll be surprised to learn we weren’t spending the entire time Googling pics of it. Mostly. What we were doing is getting ready to unleash our new comment experience on you which has the following features for people that are awesome (Read: Registered.):

- Ability to add photos.
– Embed video through “Add video” link. (YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu only.)
– Comment voting.

On top of that, comments on individual pics will now show up in the main thread which you’re probably already noticing. So there’s that, and eventually we’ll have avatars for you to try to put cock pictures in and then get banned. It’ll really be a lot of fun. In the meantime, there might be a couple bugs here and there (Like the galleries being funky, whee!), so maybe have a couple drinks before using the site today.

In other site news, Photo Boy is back and I also talked him into starting a Twitter account. Unfortunately, @PhotoBoy was already taken, so for Twitter purposes only, I’ve promoted him to @PhotoChrist. Blessed art thou who tweeteth him.

- The Superficial

(Quick note on the top photo: It’s from Stormtroopers 365 (etc.)’s just fucking amazing “52 Weeks with the Fetts” which I highly recommend you scope out. My ejaculate looked like the Millenium Falcon afterward. No foolin’.)

Photo: Stormtroopers 365 (etc.)

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