Holly Madison turns 30 and other news

December 7th, 2009 // 71 Comments

- Alexa Ray Joel attempted suicide in case you missed it in between talks of how many women took pictures of Tiger’s penis. [PopEater]

- Chris Brown ironically gets blown by the same ABC who has night terrors about Adam Lambert. [Lainey Gossip]

- Leighton Meester performing at the Kiss FM Jingle Ball will immediately drive you to Team Blake. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Alexander Skarsgard likes to bite dudes. [Just Jared]

- Blake Lively and Rihanna party with SNL cast. [PopSugar]

- Pamela Anderson wants to break into music now. Will her breasts also sing? Because that’s the only way I see this working. [Celebslam]

- Elin Woods told the cops Tiger was drinking when he crashed. When will her unquenchable thirst for vengeance stop being a turn-on? Seriously. [The Blemish]

- Jesus Luz in his underwear. [Socialite Life]

- Christina Aguilera and her husband Hans Moleman shop for a Christmas tree. [ICYDK]

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  1. dograce

    Those aren’t stretch marks, they’re hand prints and fingernail scratches from all the guys & gals checking for implants.

  2. wtf

    Honestly, where is her nipple? Why isn’t it where it’s supposed to be?

  3. the Great One

    of all the celebs that show up on sites like these, this chick has got to be in the top 3 on the strokeability scale. Who gives a shit about a little stretch mark. I have, and will, always want to hit this about nine different ways until this chick is 100 years old.

  4. Donnie Brassballs

    Definitely looks like a knob gobbler.

  5. bmose


  6. I like Holly but she seems like a good candidate for breast reduction (or restoration I guess). I think conservative works much better for her. Or just naked, one or the other.

  7. Anonymous

    I was confused at first too, but I realized Holly has silicone nipple pasties on to cover her nipples and prevent a nip slip! They are usually used to prevent your nipples from poking through thin clothing, but Holly is using them for coverup. I recognized them because my friend uses them when she goes braless.
    Here’s what they look like: http://www.dhstyles.com/SILICONE-NIPPLES-2003-BEAUTY-SILICONE-NIPPLE-COVERS_p_1998.html%3C_c=GoogleProduct?gdftrk=gdfV2382_a_7c797_a_7c3111_a_7cSILICONE_d_NIPPLES_d_2003

  8. wow.. beautiful boobs..

  9. heather

    Sorry but her boobs look nasty!

  10. PsyKo

    fake boobs are uck… she wen’t ffom A to D… what a wack!

  11. LissLiss

    There is no WAY this chick is only 30. She looks 40, easily.

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  15. hot fork

    just a slut, and a bitch nuthing much to her,

  16. hot fork

    just a slut, and a bitch nuthing much to her,

  17. wow.. beautiful boobs..

  18. There is no WAY this chick is only 30. She looks 40, easily.

  19. It looks like her lovely boob is scratched, not stretch marks.

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