Here’s How Awful Everything With Amanda Bynes Is Going

Like most people, I just assumed Amanda Bynes was off somewhere being heavily-medicated while her parents took fancy vacations with her money. But then over the weekend, she was picked up for DUI and everyone found out her conservatorship is over and she’s out there doing whatever the fuck she wants. As for how and why her conservatorship is over, it turns out her parents willingly chose not to extend it because they’ve convinced themselves her problem isn’t mental illness, but pot and being a spoiled brat. TMZ reports:

Multiple sources connected with the family tell TMZ … Amanda’s parents do NOT think she has a mental illness. As one source put it, “They think she’s a bratty kid who thumbs her nose at them and smokes a lot of pot.”
We’re told everyone around her parents are urging them to get the conservatorship, but so far no luck. That said, it’s impossible to put Amanda on a 5150 psychiatric hold until she creates a substantial risk to herself or others.

On top of that, multiple sources at FDIM in Irvine told TMZ that Amanda was kicked out in August – before her conservatorship ended – for coming to school high, paying classmates to do her homework, cheating on tests, and generally being insane:

Amanda often ditched classes … but even when she showed up, she was clearly high, and not good at hiding it … she almost always wore sunglasses and laughed out loud at inappropriate times.
We’re told the pendulum would often swing and she would then get in “horrendous arguments.”

In her parents’ defense, they are old and probably don’t want to waste their twilight years taking care of the daughter they sold to Nickelodeon. Plus, it’s not like she’s Britney Spears whose conservatorship not only pays for itself, but turns a profit once you shove her on stage like a bear on a unicycle. Family should always be about return on investment.

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