Heidi Montag takes inevitable step toward becoming human billboard

January 8th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Heidi Montag had her nails painted with the Chanel logo while shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday and, wow, what a huge mistake. If you’re going to advertise your company on Soulless Barbie here, you probably want to chose a bit more visible location. Something that grabs your eyes and doesn’t let go. I’m talking, of course, about Heidi’s large, heaving chin.

On a related note, if you own stock in Chanel, congratulations. You’re poor now.


  1. Emily


  2. 12inch

    what an idiotic whore

  3. britney's weave

    … lame.

  4. whore detector


  5. Jes


  6. feces

    The girl may be a douche but she is fine as Hell in my book. My book doesn’t include Homos and liars.
    I still hope she walks into a train though.

  7. Randal

    Heidi is a walking genius, not a walking billboard.

    Ten beautiful fingers, each painted with a small advertisement means money for each advertisement, times ten. Heidi is certainly a defined woman with beauty but also a defined woman with smarts.


  8. Jes

    Much better. I’m with others, she is indeed a stupid whore -might add ‘label whore’ too. I like/own Chanel things too, but i’m not going walk around like ‘oMg, I lUv DiS bRanD!!’ (Unless there’s a contract) ;)
    She’s ugly, everything about her. Teeth, chin, eyes, nose oh and her PINK pale skin. Sick!

  9. Jes

    Randal, I highly doubt the company would spend a dime on someone like Heidi.

  10. Whatever happened to the embargo?

  11. Bigo

    I heard she went to finger f**** herself afterwards…

  12. Ann

    That’s really classy. If Coco Chanel was still alive she’d barf.

  13. Christin

    UMMMMM I think the ridiculous necklace “SPEIDI” she is wearing should be addressed more than those stupid claws of hers!!!!

  14. Therapist

    Heidi does not have enough class to promote chanel. shame on her!

  15. mike d

    who is annie lahey?

  16. missy

    her nails always look so nice, better than anyone elses

  17. mimm

    #7, well said, she & spencer are working it for all it is worth. you ahve to admire that

  18. Talentless whore. Why paint the logo unless they are paying you to do it?

  19. she might be talentless, but be whore.. but id still hit it.

  20. natural wonder

    i hate when food and crap get stuck in acrylic nails.

  21. taxpayer

    And here we see Heidi, in her ever continuing cause to show those with lock jaw how to open wide.

  22. Elizabeth

    I thought you were finished with telling us about this useless girl…. I’m never reading The Superficial again.

  23. the Commish

    FAIL!! This post fails on so many levels. Who the hell cares!?

    This is exactly like that time when warriors defending their land painted themselves in colors representing their homeland. Some of them decided that they would use the color blue. Their sworn enemies got wind of their use of the color blue and painted themselves blue and went into battle. Nobody knew who anybody was so they all just ended up killing each other without knowing who the hell was winning. In the end, stupidity triumphed over all.

  24. Geoff

    @7, Randall, Chanel doesn’t need advertising from that idiot. She is just doing it for attention (shocker!) and to see if she can get free stuff from Chanel after that. I really doubt Chanel will be sending her free clothes anytime soon.

  25. #24 – wait… it’s not THE Commish? Is it? Not the one with the Guats? No, it can’t be..

  26. glace neuf

    i’d hit it then hate myself immediately aftert

  27. glace neuf

    i’d hit it then hate myself immediately after

  28. JJ

    Does she even know that Chanel didn’t offer her money to do that? This girl has got to be one of the signs of the apocalypse…

  29. mofo

    I bet Spencer got his nails done too, only he made a backdoor exit.

  30. Jrz

    Wait a minute…..are you REALLY the Commish? THE Commish? If so, what tragedy befell you around Thanksgiving????????? Hmm???

    Hello Richport’s Ghost.

  31. aslkfj

    her chin IS HUGE

  32. Sharon

    She is a typical attention whore stupid white girl!

  33. Alan Osborne

    She looks the masked killer from the Scream movies!!!

  34. #31 – JRZ!!! I know what tragedy befell her, but really, did she really have to take out that whole police station?

  35. Jrz

    Hey, Commish is perfectly within her Constitutional rights to own those shotguns and rifles, Richport’s Ghost…..they shouldn’t have scuffed up her Louboutins the big brutes!

  36. Guest

    Stop posting about Heidi!


  37. Guest

    Stop posting about her!!!

  38. eeek! classless, gauche, completely lacking in subtlety.

    so basically, just another day in the life of heidi montag.

  39. Actually. Know what I think we need?


    “Too many brain cells? Lose ‘em quick! Success stories include entire hypothalamus, cerebra, gone in a matter of hours!”

  40. STINK

    “WhoCares paints her nails”

    Not even a booty shot to ease my pain. =(

  41. Dr. Nappy

    Why are you showing pics of her Fish?

    I love where the shoot took place. Check the cars on the window. Just come out of a pawn shop when the paps ‘surprised’ you honey?

    Dr. N

  42. Dr. Nappy

    Why are you showing pics of her Fish?

    I love where the shoot took place. Check the bars on the window. Just come out of a pawn shop when the paps ‘surprised’ you honey?

    Dr. N

  43. Dr. Nappy

    typos ftw

  44. Kurgen99


  45. Jamie's Uterus

    I thought we were only going to see this piece of shit, if she were in a bikini? I don’t see a bikini in these pictures. She is doing blow job mouth, so maybe that counts?

  46. Primadonna

    ummmm Commish, how is this like “that time” with the warriors???

  47. Heidi Montag

    Your fuckstock is assprone, nutcocker.

  48. azalea

    Her hands are bony, and she has fat ugly knuckles. And let’s not forget she’s a dumb cunt too.

  49. azalea

    She also has terrible taste in sunglasses

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