Heidi Montag releases new single (OMG!)

March 25th, 2008 // 84 Comments

After the rousing pseudo-success of Heidi Montag’s first single “Higher,” I presented to you her latest single “No More.” (Audio after the jump.) This single, unfortunately, wasn’t accompanied by a low-budget video of Heidi in a bikini to soften the crushing blow of the music. So, because I love you guys, I included bikini pics of America’s fakest sweetheart. You know, it says something when your record company won’t even fork over the dough for a video when they could market the hell out of it during the new season of The Hills. I’m not really sure what that says exactly but, God willing, it translates out to “Heidi, please, get eaten by piranhas.”


  1. Chauncey Gardner

    I’d prefer to see her doubles.

  2. Jane_Says

    She sounds like Ashlee Simpson drunk.

  3. Kevin

    Looks like a slut

  4. veggi

    No more? Wonderful title Heidi. Please do that.

    And I’m all for a nice guy, but if this guy carries her around anymore, rubs her shoulders, wears bunny ears, ahhhhhhhhhhhhrrgggggrrrr! What a fucking daffodil.. He should wear skirts..

  5. jim

    FIRST! oh my gawd im so happy i got first !!!!

  6. FRIST!!

    I’m no lesbo, but I would tongue rape the tiny donut of her anus.

  7. pilot

    Man those are some fake boobs. ….she was a ho, fo sho.

  8. pat

    She should stick with what she knows and release a song called “Opening My Mouth to You”.

  9. Bunny Ears

    Heidi, Playboy is on the line and they would like to airbrush your face, but they want to photo your tits.

  10. sall

    some good toons and beats there heidi, nice.

    better than my fathers beetles collections.

  11. @4 Veggi, Nice guys open the door for you, they cook dinner for you, They buy the beer, and they make sure you get in the house ok when you are drunk off you ass. This guy is just a pussy. He does not deserve to have a pair of balls..

  12. eric

    nice guys EAT the dinner the woman cooks as she is usually tied to the stove

  13. Yo Momma

    OH NO!!! You ever notice how people who can’t sing always try to alter their voice ala Zapp & Roger, Funk Parliment, etc.? You know, people like Britney Spears, Paula Abdul, Madonna, Cher, Daft Punk….LOL Horrible & pathetic!

  14. kenny

    FRIST is a lesbian? no shit einstein.

  15. sweets

    whats her problem why does she hang like that are there no bones in her

  16. mimi

    Yep… she cannot sing.

    Very nasal and unpleasant.

  17. mimi

    For those who care… that means no one here…

    I am a professional singer… that means I get paid to sing…

    no… I am not famous… but I sing 100 times better than that!

  18. @14 That is a troll asshole..

  19. Auntie Kryst

    Ok it’s after 5PM somewhere in this world. Listening to this shit is driving me to drink. This screeching whore’s music is absolute shite! I’m pouring whiskey straight into my ears. Old fart comment coming but do teens and 20-somethings even listen to rock anymore? I need to hear some Stooges and Ramones.

  20. Missy

    Wow she really sucks! I hate to say this but Paris Hilton was better at her attempt to sing…

  21. veggi

    Ah, thank you little room I’m in for not having sound on the computer!! Bless the unicorns!!

    Gimmie some whiskey Auntie!!

    Agreed Jimbo!!

    PS: can someone untie me from this fucking stove!! I can’t get to over there to microwave your fucking chicken!!

  22. norton

    Does she ever do anything but pose all of the time?

    How much do they pay some douche to follow them around and take pictures subsequently “released” to the “news” agencies?

    What a sad, sad pair.

  23. Veggi, Can you give FRIST a lesson on microwaving chicken??

  24. kingnoony

    so who’s the asshole with the camera that continues to follow these two idiots, snapping photos of every contrived pose that they can muster….? this person must die.

  25. declan

    @ Norton

    unfortunately, this is what we term ‘news’ today. Go figure.

  26. kingnoony

    why, oh why did i listen?!? i knew not to listen, but i did anyway… oh god, the pain! please kill me now! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. dafeedil

    my ears are dripping blood

  28. Felipe Valdez

    Man this chick fucking sucks bad. She has no talent and is completely fake. The thing that sucks is that people are probably gunna listen to this shit. Fuck the Hills or the O.C. or whatever gay ass fucking show this no talent bitch was spawned from. She should just fast forward her life a few years and just do Playboy and get it over with, so we can finally see her naked and not have to hear about her any longer.

  29. sticky-armadillo

    My wife just came in and found me pouring battery acid into my ears. Some things you can never un-hear.

  30. I still have no idea who this bimbo is but those are some great fake titties!

  31. Grunion

    I’m pretty sure my ears are now planning a coup d’etat against my brain for subjecting them to that.

  32. Kate

    Oh my god I can’t stand this bitch. She and her fiance are the biggest douchebags. I can’t even look at pictures of them. I scroll right by. I just need to comment on how much I hate them.

  33. Andy

    That motherfucker (literally) Ashton Kutcher should use Heidi and Spencer for his new Pop Fiction show. But if it’s going to be a prank, he’d have to find a way for the paps to catch them actually having sex. So Spencer will need lots of Viagra, and maybe a compass for his penis to find its way out of Heidi’s mouth after it throws up.

  34. xagonyxscenex

    girl has an amazing body

  35. Spazz

    One of the scariest faces we all know and dont know why we know her.

  36. Hasn’t this post gone on long enough? There has got to be some other sort of news worthy post the fish dude can post. Have we not suffered enough? Why must you make the pain continue??

  37. haroof

    she might be the fakest bimbo on the planet, but i would plow into that ass like there was no tomorrow.

  38. Mike

    The name of the song is “No more”?

    Come on, that’s just way to easy…

  39. momo

    Listen to the words people. Serously.

    nahhh !!
    just f’n with you.

  40. Sarah

    If this song was written and given to… Oh, I don’t know, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, countless others…it would probably be an okay tune.

    Sadly, this boobalicious bitch and his girlfriend, Heidi, ruined it.

  41. lulu

    OMG, I don’t think I could hate these people more then I do right now. GOD, they are SO full of themselves!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And her “fiance” is PUSSY-WHIPPED!!!!

  42. TT

    wearing a dress and being pussy-whipped is not a bad thing…………..i like wearing the prettiest panties in the family……

  43. veggi

    aaaaaaahahahaha @ Ed!!!!! WTF??

  44. Harry Ballzack

    HOLY SHIT !!!!
    I play freaking music and I could only listen to the first 4 lines, before my ears started itching so badly I had to turn her off. I was worried about the threat of them internally bleeding or scarring for life.
    Saaaaay ……… Did K-Fed do a little “underground producing” of this thing?
    Because It has “Kreepy-K Productions” written all over it ………..
    Damned good thing she’s pretty, “cuz she cain’t carry a tune in a bucket y’all”

  45. Obviously Obvious

    Tara Reid Bikini –
    Simona Fusco Bikini –
    Heidi Montag Bikini –

    Am I the only one who noticed the resemblence ?

  46. veggi

    the more i see of this bitch the more i want to spank her on her bony naked white ass.

  47. Dr. Enema

    If she just wooda gotten a better surgeon. Those implants look like shit…

  48. The Laughing God


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