Heidi Montag on Regis & Kelly = streaming idiocy

Heidi Montag brought her funbags o’ stupid onto Regis & Kelly this morning. If you love seeing interviews where Heidi is considered a legitimate human being and The Hills is touted as real, holy shit are you in luck. Topics also include Heidi’s John McCain endorsement and her struggles of being a recently-named feminist icon by the New York Times. Can somebody check on Gloria Steinem and make sure her head hasn’t exploded. She’s okay? Digging out her sniper rifle? Bitchin’.

EDIT: Added pics of Heidi and Spencer outside ABC studios and moved the video after the jump. If it doesn’t play, just refresh. I’ll assume Heidi Montag pushes RedLasso’s bandwidth past it’s moron threshold.

Photos: Splash News, Video: ABC, RedLasso.com