Heidi Montag on Regis & Kelly = streaming idiocy

April 16th, 2008 // 106 Comments

Heidi Montag brought her funbags o’ stupid onto Regis & Kelly this morning. If you love seeing interviews where Heidi is considered a legitimate human being and The Hills is touted as real, holy shit are you in luck. Topics also include Heidi’s John McCain endorsement and her struggles of being a recently-named feminist icon by the New York Times. Can somebody check on Gloria Steinem and make sure her head hasn’t exploded. She’s okay? Digging out her sniper rifle? Bitchin’.

EDIT: Added pics of Heidi and Spencer outside ABC studios and moved the video after the jump. If it doesn’t play, just refresh. I’ll assume Heidi Montag pushes RedLasso’s bandwidth past it’s moron threshold.

Photos: Splash News, Video: ABC, RedLasso.com

  1. George


    There will always be problems in the Middle East but eventually factions that fight against each other will tire and make peace with each other. By US staying in Iraq will only encourage more people to hate America and encourage more people to fight the American’s in Iraq. But since the elite rich CEOs of American companies make billions of money off war, they can encourage the media to stand up for the war that can never be won.

  2. Anonymous

    Mellie, DO NOT go to those sites. They are identity stealing sites. Someone else told me about this moron, I researched it, and he is the asshole who posts all those fake sites. I’m trying to figure out who to contact about it, any suggestions?

  3. Dedra

    #51 The world will start liking America again when US leaves Iraq. Big deal if some people say the US was defeated. If saving American lives from ending a war that cannot be won means admitting defeat then so be it. War is not about ego. America fought the good fight in WWI and WW2 but the Iraq war is a war that cannot be won.

  4. Scott

    I just sat through that whole video, and I know am dumber than I was. And that says a lot!!! I do drugs, drink a lot, watch a ton of porn, and have a Bea Arthur fetish!! I would LOVE to run over her with a back ho!!!!


    Also, think about how bad I,——- er, I mean ——hookers feel when some damn John busts a nut inside them and it turns out he ripped the condom off a minute earlier while you were doing reverse cowgirl. You’re thinking to yourself, “Crap, I really can’t afford another rug rat…”

    NOT that it’s ever happened to me, I’m just sayin’.

  6. jzz

    I nominate Spencer Pratt as Douche of the year!

  7. roastbeef

    Do these two EVER go ANYWHERE without each other?!?!? GOD they are SO ANNOYING!!!!

  8. dude

    lovin’ 11 and 14 and 18

  9. Scott

    Also, that fuck bag boyfriend of hers!! When I see that bag-o-douche, I swear to all that is holy my blood pressure goes up!! And not in a good way like when I’m strung out!!! More of in a “I want to crush his skull with a sledge hammer” sort of way!!!

    Damnit!!! Now I need to take some Valium to calm down!!!!! Some Kate Beckinsale pics would help too!!! *hint hint*

  10. BleedingEars

    Just wondering if anyone on here is a big enough masochist to actually “click to hear Ashlee Simpson’s new single”

    go ahead I dare ya

  11. #13, BTW, that is a FRIST troll, you idiot. FRIST is voting for OBAMA.

  12. @36 Nip, I think you’ll like this. Good Dennis Miller qoutes..


  13. Who cares about celebs anyway

    “Big deal if some people say the US was defeated.”

    The point is, the “some people” will be the American voters, and yeah, it’ll be a big deal to the POLITICIAN who lives in the White House.

    There’s no chance the “war will be ended” by electing a new president. We’re locked in by a myriad of interlocking factors, just like in any other major military conflict in modern history (especially unilateral invasions of sovereign countries). At best, we’re halfway through a 10-year involvement, but 20 years is much more likely.

    Don’t pick a president on the basis of “ending the war” (won’t happen). The biggest impact of the next president in terms of Democrat vs. Republican is how the economy is handled. Republican = stay on the sidelines and let the economy fix itself (same deal, essentially, in terms of the environment); Democrat = programs to help those who are suffering now financially, programs to promote job creation, and, just, you know, programs. To taxpayers, that will be a big and immediately noticeable difference between Dems and Repubs. It’s also a rational basis for voting, instead of all the mindless emotionalism being promoted right now.

  14. #11,

    I live in Santa Clara Ca. It’s a 5 min. ride on the freeway to this doucebags office in Mountain View. I’m gonna find out who he is, stock him till I find out his car, then scratch a dating site into his car. As for Spencer, i didn’t think anyone could be more annoying then K-fag, but at least he went after someone who was way hotter and richer than he and he actually eaked out a name for himself thru Britny. This raging fag got with the nastiest guy in Hollywood, the poorest and the most hated and annoying tranny looking horse faced douche ever! Spencer it’s been how long since youve been with that troll and what has it got you? You’d do better for yourself if you dumped her! You want fame and to be loved, paid, worshipped and awed by us little people, do something more deserving of it. Dump that beast and you will be awed, loved and respected. I guarentee it.

  15. jlslkd

    #65, YOU ARE MY HERO. Be sure to get some pics of this douchebag and (hopefully) his car and/or office when you’re done with it!

  16. Label

    Heidi Montag a feminist icon? What is the world coming to when women who would rather die then not have a small bust are named feminist icons? Good job New York Times, mother fuckers – set the feminist movement back 300 years, as a few before mentioned. UGH!

  17. hyper69

    Why does she ALWAYS fucking smile like that? Waiting for the inevitable dick to enter her mouth?

  18. Ghandi

    # 64

    Give the elite 3 percent of rich Americans that make $250,000 or more a year the best tax breaks.

    Continue the war and continue the huge American deficit which will eventually be 3 trillion dollars due to the Iraq war.

    Continue a war that cannot be won just like the Vietnam war.

    Democrats=End the war and lower the deficit.

    Money that went to the war can go to programs for children, fix roads, etc.

    Remove some of the great tax breaks from the rich elite 3 percent of Americans.

    Improved American economy.

  19. America is Finished...

    …all hail the New World Order!
    It doesn’t matter people. “We” haven’t really had a say for a long time now. You need to realize this. The oil is running out and there is nothing at all to replace it. O I L is what it is all about. OIL can’t you get it through your tiny brains?


    L OIL oil OIL

    Don’t think so? OK.

    The human race is going to suffer (it has been so since the colonial era) a gigantic die-off and nothing you morons say is going to change the F A C T !

    It has started. World food prices are rising rapidly. Stick around (suicide is a viable option), it is going to be very entertaining. “They” will continue to blame it all on the terrorists or commies or NAZIs or socialists or what have you. We have always had a convenient enemy. “They” called it a “percieved threat”.

  20. Kel

    GOD I hate to say this, but she doesn’t seem so bad. Which is a PAINFUL admission for me, after having to look at all the stupid fake fucking pictures.

  21. Anonymous

    #65: Please let me know how it goes with the spamming jerkoff.

  22. Vote Democrat!


    As Brazil Fills Up on Ethanol, It Weans Off Energy Imports

    David Luhnow
    Geraldo Samor
    The Wall Street Journal, 16 January 2006

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — After nearly three decades of work, Brazil has succeeded where much of the industrialized world has failed: It has developed a cost-effective alternative to gasoline. Along with new offshore oil discoveries, that’s a big reason Brazil expects to become energy independent this year.

    To see how, take a look at Gildo Ferreira, a 39-year-old real-estate executive, who pulled his VW Fox into a filling station one recent afternoon. Instead of reaching for the gasoline, he spent $29 to fill up his car on ethanol made from sugar cane, an option that’s available at 29,000 gas stations from Rio to the Amazon. A comparable tank of gasoline would have cost him $36. “It’s cheaper and it’s made here in Brazil,” Mr. Ferreira says of ethanol. If the price of oil stays at current levels, he can expect to save about $350 a year.

  23. Grunion

    #73 you know why food prices are ging sky high? Because farnmers are selling thier wheat, sugar cane ect. to energy companies at a higher price so they can make ethanol fuels instead of food companies that make bread etc. Of course more and more arable land will be used for this as farmers make greater and greater profits.

    Not to mention the large amounts energy needed to turn crops into bio-fuels in the first place.

    Bio-fules are definetly not the answer to anything.

  24. Vote Democrat! you are a retard

    Talk about “a little knowledge”…

    What’s the flip side of your wonderful story? Gee, I wonder where they grow the sugar cane? Hmmm…hey, I know: where the fucking rainforests used to be! Do you think that turning to ethanol is greatly speeding deforestation? (hint: the answer is “yes”).

    The best part is that ethanol just might be the most energy-inefficient and environmentally counter-productive alternative fuel currently in existence. That’s not a right-wing perspective, it’s also what the environmentalists say. Good idea in theory, terrible in implementation.

    Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

  25. Banter

    74-OK Republican-Go watch some more Fox news and continue to be misguided.



  27. Clinton


    Brazil is a great example of alternative fuel sources.

    Do you ever get tired of not practicing logic and critical thinking?

  28. Vincent Foster


    Yes, Amazonian deforestation is a great example of the unintended consequences of developing alternative fuel sources without regard for the global environment or total energy consumption.

    Do you ever get tired of telling half-truths?

  29. ph7

    She’s like an inflatable sex doll, only human.

  30. Kennedy

    @@ 79

    The Bush Administration has lifted important environmental laws to help Corp. American make more huge profits.

    Deforestation is the conversion of forested areas to non-forest land for use such as arable land, pasture, urban use, logged area, or wasteland. Generally, the removal or destruction of significant areas of forest cover has resulted in a degraded environment with reduced biodiversity. In many countries, massive deforestation is ongoing and is shaping climate and geography.

    US does not need to harm forested areas to create alternative energy.

    Do you ever get tired of not practicing logic and critical thinking?

  31. Harry Ballzack

    Heidi Montag on Regis & Kelly = streaming idiocy
    What else would one expect from a streaming idiot ?


    U fucking Moron !! All the answers eh? Like nobody but you has ever given any of your stupid rhetoric any previous thought. You’re one of a kind…. Chh
    We as a free society fight communism wherever it rears its ugly head and tries to spread its tennacles of fascist ideals. (yes even Nam – I was there trying to help South Vietnam stay free. I didn’t want to be there – but then again the South Vietnamese didn’t want to be under “communist” rule either….. where were YOU? Whining out an essay? Still a gleam in your “FREE” daddys eye ?)
    I have learned to expect nothing from someone who has never felt the pride of actually laying down their life helping their fellow HUmans. It’s an remarkable feeling. (country affiliation not needed here) One you’ll never feel, because you’re a coward. A scared little boy offering nothing more than “lip-service.”
    Yep – one of a kind ….
    Genius – Bush is in Iraq because he’s an “Oil Man” and he just can not stand idly by now and watch another oil field go to OPEC after he spent so much of our money trying to protect it, while hiding his treacherous intentions under the guise of freedom.

    @America is Finished – The human race is going to suffer (it has been so since the colonial era) a gigantic die-off

    I duh-know … We’ve made it THIS far after that initial massive colonial die-off don’t you think ? I believe we’ll get by despite people like you and the Democratic Moron (and streaming idiots of course)

  32. Dear Ignorant harry #82, loser moron viet vet killer coward,etc.

    You were in Vietnam? If I were as old as you I would have been also? What did you accomplish there? Help kill some commies, tough guy? In the jungle in the middle of nowhere? You pussy. Why didn’t we take out China while we were at it? Pussy. It was and is none of our goddamn mutherfukkkking business in the first place. Period. Why don’t you help take out the Federal Reserve HERO??????????????????
    Scared little boy? Say it to my face homo.
    Dubya is pure evil. And you are on his side. Great and good for you dumbfuck.

    Listen up asslick. There is a finite amount of energy and minerals on this planet. The technological “civilization” (there is no civility so why call it that) your dumb ass was born or hatched into, has more or less just about used up all of the easily accessible hydrocarbons already. The remainder will be costly to extract (deeper down in the earth) and are in environmentally sensistive areas (hey sissy – you aware that the Earth is important because we consume living energy from it, right?
    The planet is in a mess and is going to get worse. You are aware that Sumeria died off because of thier inept agricultural practices and that part of the earth is still more or less a waste land.
    The Earth is in a process of desertification as we speak. D E S E R T.
    Do you understand what a desert is tough punk????
    And we are figthing commies yet 24% of American retail expenditure goes to Walmart where 80% of all goods are manufactured in a dismal evil empire of human rights abuse.
    God I hate talking to the very assholes that are going to be crying loudly soon enough.
    Of course this old fuck wont’ be around much longer at his age.

  33. Kennedy


    Dear Sir:

    Thank you for your service.

    My father died in the Vietnam war. Before he was killed he wrote my mom a letter saying this war cannot be won. US left Vietnam and America did not turn communist. America fought the good fight in WWI and WW2. US does not need to wait until 50,000 Americans have died in Iraq to end the war like in Vietman.

  34. War is a Racket

    That is the title of a book by General Smedly Darlington Butler.
    He was approached by Morgan and Big Business to lead a plot to overthrow FDR.
    This is true.
    Betcha didn’t know betcha didn’t know

    Read it brothers:


  35. justifiable

    This numb cunt gives numb cunts a bad name.

  36. Sid

    #81 – you’re acting dumb on purpose, right? To be annoying? Because the point, obviously, is the FACT that Amazon rainforests in Brazil are being clearcut more rapidly than ever, to plant crops for use as biofuels. Not speculation, not political opinion, just FACT: that’s where the crop expansion is taking place. That’s the completely unacceptable downside of the “wonderful example” of Brazil’s development of alternative fuels. These rainforests are the lungs of the planet. Their destruction is accelerating the poisoning of the atmosphere.

  37. rouge

    fucking shut you mouth already

  38. KillMONTAG


  39. sharpeidude

    Sorry, but I could only listen to those three shitbags for about thirty seconds and that was thirty seconds too long. For those of you who are loyal fans of these douches, I can swear I saw your profiles on http://www.imaworthlesspieceoflunchmeat.com

  40. @53 Anonymous—thanks and i wont go visit them…as far as reporting them to someone, cant we just use the “contact” link on this site and perhaps they will know better who to talk to…i dont know jack about reporting internet nonsense…i just know how to complain lol

  41. yall are stupid

    this girl is fine leave her the fuck alone damn

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  43. auzzie

    Everything about Heidi makes me want to puke.

    ..the dress ? How can you look someone like that in the eye? Regis was having a very hard time.

    Her ‘curled’ lip & ‘eyebrow’ arches are so strange…

    The shoes? Just fucking ugly.

    The adorable spot where Sphincter comes out & waves & Heidi, with a look of a woman who’s thinking “I can’t wait to get outta here and spank your little sphincter. grrrrrr!” That almost brought me to tears.

  44. SSJPabs

    You know, I am into bimbos. And I mean REALLY into Bimbos… but dear God Heidi Montag is just too stupid even for me.

  45. dude

    is it just me or is her face overly long? i mean if i saw her in a bar i would gladly take her in the bathroom but shit she doesnt look like girl that everybody should give a shit about

  46. Anal Fistula

    if Montag is a feminist icon, then so is Ike Turner

  47. MzQ

    DOES SHE EVEN KNOW that she’s a complete and utter moron? A total tool? What a bimbo…………

  48. Tim Barnes

    I’m sick of this horse faced C, and this guy

  49. leelee

    wait wait wait…. IS THAT A MICKEY WATCH ON SPENCER????

    Also, all you people spouting your unintelligent political mantras on oil and war and “Bush lied, Kids died!” garbage, maybe you should actually read the 9/11 commission report and the very lovely Senate Reports that are available to you.
    If you’re research into your opinions goes no further than CNN or The New Yorker, it’s time to stop talking and let the ones who’ve done their homework speak, k?

    I don’t tell me that those documents are corrupt by the “evil government machine” run my demos and repubs alike. Everyone knows your an idiot already. Stop shoving that fact in our faces.

  50. heather

    why are people even interested in this girl…umm…who is she???

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