Heidi Montag has lunch with John McCain’s daughter

July 16th, 2008 // 131 Comments

And it’s time to expatriate. Apparently, Heidi Montag is a political force worthy of entertaining lunch with John McCain’s daughter Meghan. The two met yesterday at the Ivy where Meghan tried her best to wish herself into her cell phone. I’m pretty sure, when her father loses in November, his campaign manager will point to these photos and say: “There. Right there. When Jugs Chinsterton smiles directly into the camera. That’s the moment we were fucked. Well, that and the fact that, dude, you are old. Tell me a story about living with dinosaurs.”


  1. lola

    heidi es tan estupida!

  2. Sam

    I think these two bitches would look better with a head cut, oooops sorry I mean hair cut.

  3. Do_Freebird

    Hey all you younger people out there. I don’t know if you have any idea how fucked up our country has gotten. Chew on this gristle for a while.

    The current administration have fucked you and fucked you bad. They stole an election and sent a man who at one time would have been adjudged as dull normal to what USED to be the most powerful position in the world. They’ve gutted controls on the oil industry, banking, even communications. They sent us carrening down the bloody hole that is Iraq. They’ve fucked us and they’ve fucked us bad!

    I’m going to be right up front. I’m 57 years old. My wife and I are both in education and when we get the hell out of teaching in 3 years, we;ll have a combined pension of nearly $9,000 and full paid health care. When Social Security kicks in at 62, we’ll be taking in more a year than when we were when we were working. We are set for life.

    It’s my daughter that I’m worried about, and anyone else under 30.

    This administration has put YOU people in a hole YOU may never dig out of.
    We have a crushing national debt.
    We have a tax/revenue system that favors the upper 6% of the population. All you folks maiking $500,000 a year, raise you hands
    Other countries are coming here and buying anything of value.
    This Bud is not for you anymore, and it hasn’t been Miller time for three years.
    Haven’t seen any Mobil or Getty stations. That’s because RUSSIA has bought them up and now when you fill up at a LukOil your dollars go directly to the Kremlin.
    President Hugo Chavez of Venezuella collects your money when you go to any Citgo Station.
    I spent two weeks in Florence Italy 4 years ago. Back then it cost $1.22 to buy one Euro. The exchange rate TODAY is 1.58 for 1 euro.
    CHina is buying US bonds so that George can finance his war. Who do you think will will pay for those bonds in 3 or 5 or 10 years?

    They’ve stolen YOUR inheritance, they left YOU with a crushing debt, YOU are now at best disliked throughout the world, YOU now live in a debtor nation.

    The gap between the richest 5% of our country and the “middle class” is larger than ever.

    The inflation rate for last month was 1.5%.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll lose whatever part of my audience I have. Just go to utube and watch yesterday’s press conference by our president. Pretty frightening stuff.

    One last thing. I have not used the word Republican at all until now. It’s the republicans in control of the situation right now that scare me shitless. And of course as always….


  4. patriot

    hendero- you are a HUGE IDIOT. No wonder you are a democrat. Lazy, uneducated and you feel like everyone owes you something, right?
    How dare you make a dumb joke about McCain’s brave service to this country? I bet you’d be crying and pissing your pants from day one in a POW camp. Then you’d off yourself because you couldn’t take it after two days. John McCain is a HERO- no wonder what party you are affiliated with, you should be respectful of that.
    That is what’s wrong with people like you. Now go try to buy more cigarettes and beer with your food stamps and go home and play your video games, loser.
    You’ve got to work for things you want in this life. Try making yourself useful instead of spewing your ridiculous, judgmental uneducated garbage on the internet!
    Voting for someone with NO EXPERIENCE who was smoking dope in his twenties and spending 20+ years in a racial ignorant church instead of someone with a ton of experience, served our country, was a POW who chose to stay with his men when offered release, and has a proven record….yeah, that’s smart. But Obama is offering you some big “change”, right? Dream on.

  5. Freebird you are correct. Funny, did you notice that Dubya went on the air at 10:20 am yesterday which just happened to be the exact same time the Fed Chairman was speaking to Congress? Dubya did it so the live report would be on him and not what the Fed Chairman was saying.

    The last 8yrs have set America back 50yrs in the eyes of the rest of the world. It is the younger generation that will suffer for this idiotic administration for many years to come.

  6. Ann Drojeness

    If John McCain’s daughter is prettier then you, shouldn’t you just go home?

  7. zizzy

    Heidi makes me want to bludgeon myself in the face.

    I may not be voting for McCain but I still feel infinitely sorry for his daughter.

    Meghan: Get the f*ck out of there.

  8. #54 – FYI, W had very little experience as well (and the GOP didn’t seem to mind one bit) and is well known to have had all types of substance abuse issues. Where was this “tons of experience” arguement when McCain 2000 (RIP) was clearly the best man for the job in 2000? Sudden’y, being a hero is the primary qualification to be president? Then I vote for Hancock.

  9. BoundGagged

    I’d stuff either of these pigs, provided I could duct tape their mouths shut. Perhaps I’d just silence them with a fat tube steak sandwich. Yeah, that’s what I’d do. They are both quite bangable until they speak (like most women).

  10. EP

    I hate to do this in the middle of a heated political debate but…

    who here can NOT stand Heidi and her ugly fucking wardrobe?

    This girl needs a fucking stylist. You don’t wear Chrisitian Louboutins in the middle of a summer day while wearing a peasant white dress. Where are your wedges or even flips flops girl? Save your other shoes for the red carpet (not like you should be going anywhere near a red carpet since you have absolutely not talent other than sucking Spencer’s dick).

    Someone get her a stylist quick. The next time I have to see her pretending that she is a celebrity or someone even remotely significant in this world, I will voluntarily throw a brick at my head.

  11. Racer X

    #53 I’m glad you took the time to write that.

    /well played sir.

  12. patriot

    oops- no MATTER what party you are affiliated with…

    Hey- I never said I was a fan of W’s! I’ll be the first to say he made more than his share of mistakes. Just another reason to NOT vote for someone with a similar lack of experience again!

  13. Cash907

    Oh cool, more political bullshit on the self important celebrity blog. That’s why I come here: to listen to the webmasters fucking political opinions.

    This should be your criteria:
    1)Are Heidi’s tits showing
    2)Is Heidi being beaten repeatedly

    If neither of those criteria are met, move the fuck on to the next story. If we wanted a political rant, we’d go to moveon.org.

  14. kix

    Oh, Freebird, sadly you are right. That’s why I will be moving to Germany. This country has really gone into the shitter. There maybe some hope when Obama wins but there is a hell of a mess to clean up. American’s need to pull their heads out of their asses and stop being overly emotional drama queens and start making decisions with their brains.

  15. Man chin…..Is her Dad Jay Leno …..man she is butt ugly …….and God loves whores too……..

  16. who cares if gas prices are high, that shit is gonna run out anyway. get a scooter – gets 100 miles per gallon BITCHES!!!!

  17. Buck

    The irony is that we are going to elect a liberal Arab to the presidency just 7 short years after 9/11

  18. Buck

    The irony is that we are going to elect a liberal Arab to the presidency just 7 short years after 9/11

  19. IFuckingHateYou

    #53 – You sir, are a fucking idiot.
    You state that you are “in education”, yet your little fucktard manifesto was full of mangled sentences.

    All politicians suck ass, but generally speaking:
    Democrats want 96% of my money.
    Republicans want 50% of my money.

    Easy choice in my mind.

  20. Tom

    I would fuck both these chicks. Ordinarily, I don’t find Montag attractive, but here I do for some reason.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  21. better than an evangelical idiot!!!

  22. WAIT! let’s get to the real issues here. shouldn’t Old Man McCain’s daughter be about 56?

  23. Chupacabra



    I say we trade Heidi to Hugo Chavez for a break on some Citgo Oil Prices, ZING!

  24. Racer X

    Are they going Quagmire chin convention?

  25. buck

    the irony is we are going to have a liberal Arab in the White House just 7 short years after 9/11

  26. Harry

    Both dumb and doable. Just the way I like them.

    And McCain sucks. Has he found Czechoslovakia on the map yet?

  27. Diana

    I love how Meaghan doesn’t get off her phone for any of Heidi’s attempts at posing. Poor Heidi, going in for the hug, posing next to the Prez candidate’s daughter, and Meaghan won’t even look into the camera.

    LOVE IT!

  28. dianne

    ew who does she think she is? goodness

  29. brian

    Go ahead and put a monkey in the white house and see what happens to your stupid fucking economy when hes starts giving even MORE handouts to the black and spic community. Work like the rest of us you fucking leeches.

  30. buck

    If I keep repeating it, maybe you will all think it’s true. I hate myself.

  31. Johm M

    I’m sure you are mensa material yourself
    do they let you man the drive-thru?

  32. uh, webmaster?

    I’m thinking number 79 is dangerously close to putting a shotgun in his mouth.. I, for one, welcome his free-fall into oblivion. I just don’t want to see his sad, hateful kindergarden posts on here. What a depressing sack of shit.
    These poor right-wing shills try to make their case on a celebrity blog and it always comes down to race-baiting. Stay classy neocons.

  33. #82 – Hey, don’t forget fag bashing and flag burning.

    #69 – 96%? Really? Wow! Where’d you get that number? Amazing… So lemme see… if I earn $100K a year, I get to only keep $4K, just because Obama becomes #44? You, sir, need help.

  34. Kelsi

    Some of you people are so stupid, gas prices are high because gas companies can charge whatever they want for it!!!!! We need gas and that’s the bottom line, they know we will pay whatever they set the price at because we have to! It has nothing to do with Republicans…and anybody who wouldn’t vote for McCain because his daughter hangs out with Heidi Montag is an idiot, it’s like not voting for Obama because he is black, you should vote based on their stances on the issues

  35. Do FreeBird


    You Sir, are nothing more that a fetid misshapen lump of human offal.

    Thank you for your time.


  37. robes

    Heidi is worthless, Obama will promise anything to anybody to get elected…he has political magic that will cure everything and will make the world filled with sunshine and roses for everybody but even more so for those who always expect the Government to bail them out of any difficulties they cause themselves. I’m really impressed with all the super smart people on this site who call anybody with a differing opinion stupid….just like the arm chair sports fans who always second guess and criticize the player but were never good enough to make any team themselves

  38. h

    What happened to McCain after the 2000 campaign? While gasoline ,and nearly every other commodity, has seen its “value” increase substantially in the last 7.5 years, heroin prices have decreased. /twirls moustache

  39. Buck, does your family tree look like a wreath? Most Arab countries are super conservative. Trying to equate liberals with what you fear about muslims is enough to make that little troglodyte brain flatline. Go back to your daydreams about loofahing O’Reilly’s stretch marks.

  40. Lindsay

    Wow, I’m republican and all, but his daughter needs to lose some weight before he hits the campaign trail. Definite fail.

  41. TRUTH

    in pic #10, Meghan looks like a fat version of kate hudson!

  42. TRUTH

    in pic #10, Meghan looks like a fat version of kate hudson!

  43. B787_800

    #89 – LMFAO (Never a bad time for a loofah reference!)

    I have to agree that the views expressed here on politics, tend to remind me of the time I was in rural Tennessee at a county board meeting. It was the Welfarettes against the Rednecks. Good times….good times!

  44. mon ami

    Actually, I’ve seen his daughter in other outfits. she’s not fat. She has just about the biggest set of knockers I’ve ever seen. Seriously. They make her look fat because she doesn’t wear clothes that flatter her frame properly.

    And WTF is she wearing in these pictures? Those jeans and those shoes = fugly.

    As for the rest of the political debate, we can blame the rising gas prices on capitalism run amok, particularly corporations who are in bed with not only the current administration, but just about every fucking politician out there, Democrat or Republican. We’ve all been sold out to the man, ladies and gentlemen.

  45. PostmortemG

    Fake boobies.

  46. Shep

    Is it really that surprising that John McCains daughter has the IQ level of Heidi Montag……. I mean I’m not really blown away by this. Get George Bush’s daughter in on this group and we can have the beginnings of the 3 stooges take hollywood Boulevard.

  47. rob frost

    For your perusal, some anagrams of Heidi Montag:
    Imagined Hot
    Mediating Ho
    Gate Hominid
    Thiamine God
    Imaged Hit On
    Gonad Time Hi
    Eating Do Him
    Aim Die Thong
    Main Diet Hog

    and my favorite:
    A Mind Hogtie

  48. stephanie

    Heidi looks like she has Meghan under her powers and she’s telling the camera that with her evil stare.
    Heidi is going to turn into (if she’s not already) Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in that weird ass Star movie or into the evil queen from Snow White. She really scares me.

  49. stephanie

    On the phone while greeting/hugging? Rude. But it is Evil Heidi.
    Also, Meghan is prettier than Heidi, but I hate jeans with flap button pockets.

  50. whatever

    what in the f’n hell.

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