Heidi Klum Finally Got To Wear An Insanely Elaborate Costume. Suck It, Weather!

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy flooding the east coast with her salty menstrual waves, Heidi Klum was forced to cancel her annual Halloween party where she shows up in some crazy elaborate costume that I’m almost positive she starts putting on in April. So here she is hosting her Haunted Holiday Party Saturday night where she showed up as Pixelated Face Cleopatra and handed out presents with Santa Claus. A sequence of events so random, there’s no way it wasn’t a Nazi plot.

GESTAPO: Herr Fuhrer, Fraulein Klum has delivered ze prezents.
HITLER: Wunderbar, wunderbar…
GESTAPO: Herr Fuhrer, if I may ask, vhat exactly are ze presents?
HITLER: … Sweaters.
GESTAPO: Scheisse!

Photos: Getty, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News

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