Hayden Panettiere still making this guy look like a pedophile and other news

February 2nd, 2010 // 60 Comments

- Reese Witherspoon opened Gerard Butler’s Dick in a Jar? [Lainey Gossip]

- Elle MacPherson almost showing some old supermodel groin. Almost. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Mischa Barton was actually invited somewhere. [Just Jared]

- Tiger Woods is afraid his kids won’t remember him, but I’m sure they’ll recognize the face their mother glues to the Mexican help before lighting them on fire. [PopEater]

- Johnny Depp apparently doesn’t know defending Roman Polanski isn’t a residency requirement to live in France. Or is it? [Celebslam]

- Kourtney Kardashian is already grooming her son in the ways of famewhoring. The circle is now complete… [Amy Grindhouse]

- Jennifer Lopez and Diddy might have been a sex tape. [Betty Confidential]

- Jesus Luz finally broke it off with Madonna. Hope he likes Voodoo. [ICYDK]

- Christina Aguilera’s being played by a Wayan brothers isn’t she? You can tell me. [Socialite Life]

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  1. Taz

    I’d do nasty things to her

  2. Que

    Que height differential.

  3. maudina

    Hayden Panettiere may have the worst taste in men ever.

  4. Taz

    X-tina looks very hot

  5. Robot

    @3 I am pretty sure you wouldn’t say that to his face.

  6. stupidass

    So what’s the story here with Hayden and Wlad Klitschko? Seems odd to see them standing together.

  7. friendlystoner

    @5 i would, but i am David Haye`s secret twin brother

  8. Superficial Press: Rough man bites fleshy parts of a dozen crows

    Well, well, well look who wants to feel protected…Trash it (klit)schko !!!!

  9. Yoda

    A good looking red headed leprechaun she does not make.
    On a good note, no knee pads required.

  10. Boner

    You just know He’s looking around at everyone with a smirk on His face cause He’s bangin’ a little petite nymph. I’d have a smirk on my face too.

  11. HilarityIWantYou

    Seriously, what the fuck does she see in this guy. Guess it’s good to know that looks aren’t important to her though…

  12. God

    I happen to know he has a cocktail frank in his pants, so don’t worry too much about it stretching out her mustard catcher.

  13. @12 – is that because you like the cockmeat sandwich?

    RPG, over & out

  14. Vee Dee

    I don’t get why everyone is so confused over these two. She’s fucking hot and 20 years old. Older men obviously like her since every dude she bangs is in their 30s. Maybe these guys know something the rest of us don’t, Maybe Hayden is a real ball-draining, nut-busting superfuck. I’m thinking that’s probably the case. I would bet anything that every night Ivan Drago here pins her legs behind her ears and drill the shit out of her pussy. I hope he makes he wear heels while they fuck. I would.

  15. 5,6,7,8

    Hayden’s hot. She’s like the mainstream version of Gauge.

  16. Sara

    If thats the height difference with heels on, she must keep them on when they’re fucking.

  17. Assbestos

    I’m a straight dude but find myself legitimately wondering, are nude heels really adding to that outfit?

  18. footclan

    She looks skanky. That’s good though.

  19. john

    That’s Wladimir Klitschko, IBF, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine heavyweight boxing champion. He used to go out with Karolina Kurkova.

    He’s an awesome boxer, has a PhD and has scored with numerous hot women.

  20. Robot

    @7 Well if you are as tough as David Haye then i guess you could.

  21. Spock

    Ahhh…. I think it is great he brought his daughter….

  22. Truth

    Wow someone has a daddy/protector complex. I would make her call me daddy as I hit it up the pooper! Wlad can watch, I’m not selfish.

  23. Vito

    She’s so fucking hot and so petite …I’ll bet he puts his dick in while it’s soft and listens to her bones creak as it gets hard.

    Lucky bastard.

  24. datroof

    Looks like promo photos if they were turning The Professional into a tv series.

  25. Its this kind of publicity that causes normal celebrity women to become anorexic!

  26. gen

    Best. Headline. Ever.

    By the way, she looks cute, but its obvious that she goes for older men (meaning the relative term, not as a euphemism for being old and nasty) because her daddy is fucked up. Didn’t he beat her mom or something? I seem to remember something like that on the news. Anyhow, all those stories about having a bad dad making you want to fuck older men are absolutely true. I would know.

  27. Gorilla Bob

    Oh my god, seriously, what the fuck is going on here. She’s 20, so she probably will use the term “boyfriend” to describe him, but even that seems somehow bizarre. @10 is right, I’m pretty sure I’d be smiling too.

  28. Since when did Hayden start wearing pointy black hats?

  29. adult

    she is fat. too much chub for her little body. although, those fake titties aren’t looking half bad.i like ‘em tall, so i am biased, but i can accept ‘em shot when they aren’t too thick. she looks like a meatloaf with a trashy little face. long and lean…or even long with some curves…but not stout and thick…ever. esp when the face can’t even pass for average. he also looks like a creep here.

    but hey, if he likes banging 15 year old trolls and she likes getting railed by giant men, who am i to judge? f they are happy, that is all that matters!

  30. BeeTee

    Hayden: Hey Baby! You ready to get it on?

    Klitschko: (Slams two fists downward and hits her hands) “I must break you!”

  31. She is very pretty but that guy is too tall. This situation prove that “love is blind”.

  32. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I laughed my ass off at the comments above. She is such a doll face.I want to see more pics of her!!! And #29 Please, post your own picture!!!I am dying to see what you look like!

  33. Eva

    And people laugh about me and my mans height diff (nothing in comparison to this, lol.) It’s going to give him back ache just bending down to kiss her!

  34. Nero

    Hello! How’s the weather up there!?

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  36. G&T

    For that to be true she’d need a little surgical upgrade on her chest don’t you think?

  37. JPRichardson

    I’m OK with interracial.. but… interspecies???

  38. haha so small))) Punch her)

  39. Not sure who she is, but she looks hot!

  40. Maniacfive

    He must be splitting her in two every night. Nice work if you can get it.

  41. Anonymous Realist

    I really hate this fat little troll, so I take great joy in the fact that she’s regularly getting her cervix smashed in by this beast.

  42. arealcad

    His unit is thicker than her forearm.

  43. BigOne

    Wellll….they sure do look ridiculous together. She must be searching for her “father figure”.

  44. pork


    I think you are right about the ear pinning thing, but i think that guy is way older than 30. he’s got that dangly chin thing starting to happen, that means he’s in his late 40s.

  45. Pal

    “She’s so fucking hot and so petite ”

    She’s short, but I wouldn’t say she’s petite.

  46. Dark hair does wonders for her. She looks good!

  47. Ally


    That’s the best way I could describe this.

  48. OH! Its cool but the hight of a guy is too long………..

  49. oh no

    Wlad is hot, he used to go out with supermodel Karolina Kornkova.
    Why he is bothering with this ugly little midget that looks about 7 years old is beyond me. He can do better and already has done. Get rid of Hayden, she looks like a little boy.

  50. jonnyL

    Hayden is so overated, she is also fat. She won’t age well. This guy should be dating someone like Miranda Kerr.

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