Hayden Panettiere hugs a dude named Sarah Silverman

September 12th, 2007 // 111 Comments


  1. Faggot

    46. I was referring to Hayden after her excruciatingly lame comeback.

    Picture 13: That man is embarrassed.

  2. courtney

    who is that wrinkly, ducky lady behind hayden in the white dress?

  3. Sarah Silverman go way back. She tried to make out with me under the bleachers in high school. I said look, for the last time, I’m NOT a lesbian!!!

    So I let her feel me up instead. But only for a second!!!

  4. Danklin24

    Sarah Silverman is the fugliest most unfunny jew on the planet. No one laughed at her jokes except for out of sympathy. I dont care if they’re Britney’s kids, making fun of someones children is uncalled for.

  5. Scott

    God bless both of them.

  6. Cynthia

    Sarah Silverman is NOT hot. Those pictures of her here…that’s what she REALLY looks like without photoshopping and careful lighting and lots and lots of makeup.And she’s NOT funny. Here’s an example of her cutting edge humor: “Paris Hilton likes penises”. “Britney Spears is slutty” “I was raped by (fill in the blank). Her fans are utterly moronic, which is why they find her “hot” and “hilarious”. She’s a ghastly cunt.

  7. FRIST – How was it to be felt up by Sarah Silverman?

  8. Danklin24

    Wtf? people are calling Hayden ugly? The girl is fucking hot as hell.

  9. Jimbo, she was surprisingly gentle

  10. Andrea

    Whoever the dude running this website is – STOP TRYING TO BE FUNNY. You are not Perez and you never will be. I’ve just wasted 5 min. of my life on your stupid site and I won’t be back.


  11. Danklin24

    Is it me or does Hayden have six toes on her left foot in the third pic?

  12. Danklin24

    Haha Andrea thinks Perez is funny. Thats rich. Perez is nothing but a self indulged homo.

  13. tjones

    #61 Andrea – did you really leave, or was that just my Norton Antivirus kicking in?

  14. lambman

    #57 – great analysis! spot on

  15. Chauncey Gardner


    The upper lip is probably how high her pubes go.

    PS – I really want to cum on Hayden’s little eyebrows.

  16. Wanna know whats really up with Sarah? Visit GetURFix by clicking my username. Haha I said User.

    The Gossip Dealers

  17. jrzmommy

    They edited out the part where Sarah writes a really edgy joke on the wall above her urinal.

  18. Bosco

    If I was on a flight and seated next to Hayden in those short shorts, I would calmly buckle my seatbelt, patiently wait until takeoff is over and we’re airborne, then unzip my pants, turn directly to stare at Hayden, and jerk off furiously while trying not to blink. I bet I could get in a good 3 minutes before being ducktaped to my seat for the rest of the flight. It’d be totally worth it.

  19. topazgolightly

    That can’t be Sarah Silverman. It’s obviously Dave Grohl.

  20. The Fierce & Loyal Bitch - JCha

    I love Sarah Silverman. Britney is washed up… shes rotten stank pussy trailer park trash and I wouldve said so if Id had the chance to…

    Out of all the celebs today, Sarah is the only one who doesnt censor herself to please everyone else. The bitch is as fierce as me… and thats sayin something.

    lotsa love,

  21. jrzmommy

    Oh joy. Hours later and we’re still on a Jewish sasquatch manhandling a little girl. Wake me up when something fun happens.

  22. LadyJane

    I heard her fingers smell like a walrus’s ass.

  23. combustion8

    sarah is far from funny and far from good looking… and anyone that thinks perez hilton is funny needs to just end their life this instant.

  24. kennermman

    lol, you called a girl a guy … roflmao.


  25. Jim Smith

    Those paparazzi are so annoying …

  26. smegma

    I’d love to do a 3-way with them. I could probably fuck Hayden for hours if Sarah was there naked to keep me from being able to cum.

  27. Mr. Skin

    A long time ago, when she was struggling to get noticed, Sarah Silverman did a short film in NYC where she got naked. At one point, she picks up her panties off the floor, and you get a direct shot of her bent-over butt. It strongly resembles Richard Nixon’s face, complete with the 5-o’clock shadow.

  28. buddhaface

    Is that a pic of Hayden hugging Fez from that 70′s show?

  29. D. Richards

    Ya’ know, I didn’t think Hayden Panettiere was very hot. But after seeing her so much, I have become incredibly attracted to her. Look at her, she just got off of flight, all be it a short flight, and she looks that like she just had herself styled. I just wanna take a bite-out of her little bubble-ass while inhaling violently through my nose. And Sarah Silverman, I’d do her too. Maybe not. She’s more of a girl’s guyish girlfriend. Or a guy’s girl. Whatever.


    I wanna eat Princess’ Hayden’s pussy & rim her fudge tunnel something wicked!!!!

  31. Tito

    I liked that. “You can ask her yourself. She’s right there.”

    “Look, the girl from Heroes!”
    “Look, it’s Sarah Silverman!”

  32. Damn, Sarah’s hot!!!

  33. Revenge Facials

    I’d make the hairy christkiller kneel down, then scream “This one’s from Jesus!” and spurt a gigantic thick load all over her face.

  34. nagger please

    Hayden’s got a cute little body..

  35. liz

    i met hayden over the weekend and shes so fake shes almost a barbie

  36. I hate hate hate sarah silverman…but loves that hayden…
    come hate more http://www.myspace.com/wewatchreality

  37. Andie

    For some reason it give me a little peace that Sarah was attacked instead of Britney in this post. I never really hear anyone dogging on her…him, her. Whatever :)

  38. alf oldland

    silverman is a shock-value lowest-common-denominator “comedienne” whose unoriginal style of humor is based specifically on the put-down and upon being “edgy”. her prominence is an access issue.

    for the record, i’m no fan of spears.

    hayden is about to go for a ride. o, the things she’ll do!

  39. jack benner

    #89 above: Spot on.

    Sarah Silverman sucks. Aren’t her 15 minutes up already?

  40. please drop the chewing gum! you look like an ugly cow

  41. Katie

    Hayden’s eyebrows look like two twats on her face.

    And Sarah Silverman is one scary looking dude.

  42. JrsyGrl

    As if I didn’t like Silverman enough. Now I find out she (he?) is a Red Sox fan.

  43. luciddreamer99

    Hayden’s got a nice @ss.

  44. 666 tatooforearm

    Sarah SilverJew is a filthy, insensitive, vulgar Khunt. Just like all nasty Jewz. Se needs to go on vacation back in time to Auschvitz. Pig and whore.
    ONLY reason she exists publicly is because she is jewish. Inn way is she funny or talented in the least.

  45. Brinkman

    I don’t understand all this “Sarah S is hot” shit. Do the cons at San Quentin have internet access? MAYBE the lifers there might want to fuck her.

  46. Realist

    Jrzmommy is a self-hating jew.

  47. gOd


    No, you’re the only one with 6 toes on your left foot.

  48. Boo

    Hayden’s mom is a zombie. Or the creature from LA’s black lagoon.

  49. Rufus

    @ 61, Andrea,

    “Whoever the dude running this website is – STOP TRYING TO BE FUNNY. You are not Perez and you never will be. I’ve just wasted 5 min. of my life on your stupid site and I won’t be back.


    I’ll bet you read this, you 36 year old valleygirl wannabe troll.


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