Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2008 // 103 Comments

Here’s Paris Hilton celebrating New Year’s Eve at The Bongo Virus party in Sydney. Hold on, she’s in the future already?! Jesus, how did this happen? Aw man, she’s going to get VD all over 2009 before we even get there. Guess I better start practicing having it burn when I pee. Anyone got a lighter?

Happy New Year! I think. Goddammit, Paris…

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  1. bush

    happy new year

  2. CC

    First Bitches

  3. Captain Sprocket

    Christ those legs are fugly…

  4. Max Planck

    Who’s the good looking one in the middle?

  5. scabbeus

    Ladies and Gentlemen – the Lesionettes!

  6. Is it me or does Nicky Hilton look like “Roller Girl” from Boogie Nights?

    Happy New Year!

  7. Cornelius

    Ugliest legs ever? On both.

  8. the next year's year

    Hopefully she’ll catch something called the bongo virus. Is her sister wearing the hottest new fashion of 2009, the trash bag?! OMG, so hottt!

  9. Julie Ann

    They have cooties.

  10. Ripper

    Damn… those legs made my dick retreat to it’s safe haven… the Katy Perry in a bikini post.

  11. Pathetic Worm

    Paris’ises wonk-eye is so endearing and vulnerable. I want to pluck it from that stupid head of hers and envelope it in love.

  12. toolboy

    WTF is she doing with Christina’s husband?

  13. missy

    a happy new year would be if paris was dead

  14. dude

    I thought this might be the two champs of the “2009 World’s Grossest Legs Contest”.

  15. p

    they both have really weird looking legs…

  16. Im going to avoid those who wished me a 2008 last year…

  17. Jjs

    I feel kinda left out since the rest of the world is already in 2009. :(

  18. The Laughing G-D

    For some reason pic 6 made me flash on all those stories of people in, “real America,” who get kidnapped and anally probed by aliens. Someone should check if these incidents occur more frequently when Paris is in the area.

  19. Damien

    So when is the new Porno coming out? We all know that every time Paris gets burgled she “releases” a new porno. It’s time for “Another Night in Paris 3″.

    By the way is it me or does she look pregnant in some of those shots?

  20. bathturd

    Horrible knees, damn!

  21. London is Calling.

    WTF happened to Paris Hilton? What is that web of chicken skin under her armpit? Does this girl never work out? The future will not be kind to Paris.

  22. mrs

    DIE BITCHES DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Balls McCoy


  24. Cali

    Nicky had her nose done…

    …still fug Nicky

  25. Stabby the Guard

    Damn! Those bitches are getting old quick!

  26. jon

    i’d stick my hot dick in her hot vagina

  27. bootlips

    How long do you think it will take the neegers to kill their first innocent victim? I’m guessing 12:00:01am.

  28. STevec

    damn they’re both bony as sculpin

  29. itoldyouso

    How do girls with disposable cash manage to always look so cheap? I swear — all their clothes look like they come straight from Walmart (no offense intended to Walmart). When you’re outlclassed by the Olsen twins you know you’re in trouble.

  30. ?????? ????? ?? ????? ????? ????

    yes, this is sexiest lady i have ever seen. but two other womens on sides, both need food and no shave, please.

  31. hawr

    bad legs must run in the familyl…

  32. you

    wonky eye hahaha

  33. joho777

    This is a beautiful lesson for women everywhere.

    “Heavy makeup does NOT make you attractive! ”

    As you can see, it doesn’t even help you pass for human.

  34. Guest

    Paris has really REALLY short legs.

  35. Guest

    Paris has really REALLY short legs.

  36. Guest

    Paris has really REALLY short legs.

  37. Guest

    Paris has really REALLY short legs.

  38. Guest

    Paris has really REALLY short legs.

  39. Guest

    Paris has really REALLY short legs.

  40. grobpilot

    #34-39: We get it, dumb fuck. She’s got REALLY short legs

  41. Delgo


  42. Delgo

    Oh, & #34-39: They get it, dumb fuck. She’s got REALLY short legs

  43. anthonyOA

    Both are looking quite haggard lately.

  44. anthonyOA

    although… i suppose my knees would look like that too had i spent most of 2008 on them.

  45. Wish you all a very happy new year !!

  46. gustov

    what’s up with Nicky’s three knee caps?

  47. Book

    FIRST of the new year

  48. friendlyfires

    Happy Burning Penis New Year Soup Or Fish Al Wry – Duh!

    Say, The Superficial should have it’s own party in the desert festival – Except, instead of Burning Man – Burning Penis! A giant wooden penis bonfire to the sky. It’ll be awesome. We’ll sacrifice Paris, Amy, Lindsey, all the usual suspects, oh, yeah, this is gonna’ be the event of 2009.

  49. BIGFOOT & the hiltons?
    YEP……………………………………………………………they’re here, all right!!

  50. EuroNeckPain

    If this continues, skinny will be out of fashion FAST.

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