Halle Berry’s boyfriend is practically a terrorist

October 23rd, 2008 // 39 Comments

Godammit. First the stock market drops lower than Amy Winehouse looking for her imaginary crack rock in the shag carpeting, and now Halle Berry is pulling up stakes from America because her model boyfriend is a mama’s boy. The Montreal Gazette reports:

A small town in the Laurentians just got a little more beautiful. Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and her Montreal partner, model Gabriel Aubry, have bought a house in St. Hippolyte, Que.
The million-dollar home, which the Hollywood star and her boyfriend reportedly bought several weeks ago, sits on 63 acres of land overlooking Molson Lake.
Aubry, who is the father of Berry’s daughter, grew up near Montreal and his parents still live in the suburb of Laval.
“It feels great, Aubry said. “Anything we can do in our own hometown is always a good feeling.

Enjoy that good feeling while it lasts, Aubry. First you compromise the integrity of Halle Berry’s vagina by getting her pregnant. Then you try to rob America of one of its most precious natural resources altogether. We’ve invaded countries for way less than this, and if you think we won’t resort to biological warfare, you’re sadly mistaken. That’s right–we’re not above stuffing Pamela Anderson full of Ecstasy and shipping her right back across the border. Try us.

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  1. Lisa


  2. emj

    Ha, Pam gave up her Canadian citizenship a couple years ago when she became an American citizen. Keep her – we don’t want her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’d smoke Halle Berry if she was covered in blow as well..

  4. BEAM

    I blame Sarah Palin.

  5. HA!
    Molson Lake is filled with http://www.molson.com/

  6. Mike Hawk

    sixth or seventh, and a tool!

  7. lidsay

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  8. Hamper_Lint

    Damn, they make a good looking couple !

  9. Bob

    The title makes no sense.


  11. bootlips

    The only reason she’s considered to be beautiful is because she’s half black. She’s looks like a tranny with that wig. She wants to look white yet she wants to cry about being half ape.

  12. Bippity Boppity Boo

    Her boyfriend is voting for Obama?

  13. Frank JA

    bootlips you are a incredibly dumb, and you can’t even write english properly. Halle is a beautiful woman and you sir are a half baked racist moron.

  14. Frank JA

    bootlips you are a incredibly dumb, and you can’t even write english properly. Halle is a beautiful woman and you sir are a half baked racist moron.

  15. Rant

    Next you will threaten to send Celine Dion back to us Canadians.

  16. fuhbu

    it is amazing!

  17. Canukman

    Pam Anderson didn’t give up anything. She’s a dual citizen. Shes both and can come and go as she pleases as a result.

  18. That’s HOT !!! lucky Bastard…

    XOXO !

  19. ………………………………….HULK HOGAN?

  20. lulu

    this woman DOES NOT age

  21. J@cko

    Well I hope this time Halle has found true love. I wish her the best.

  22. tc

    I’d just like to post a general complaint about the lack of racist comments on this blog.

  23. Kahlee

    @11 Halle is gorgeous. Get over it.

  24. FACE

    #11 such hatred to call black people apes. Get ready to bow down to a president who is “half ape”. Whites will never release their superiority complex

  25. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    her mother is English hardly a natural resource, fucking Americans want to claim everything.

  26. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    All humans are apes, we belong to the family “hominidae” with gorilla and chimpanzee & orang utans, and we are in a sub family with chimps and gorillas, so get over yourself, black, white or yellow we are all hominidiae and thus apes. Everyone writing on this forum is an APE.

  27. lookwithin

    We are all one, and nationality, color, creed, financial status, physical shape, etc. doesn’t matter. We all come from the same universal essence. When people can understand that, they will awaken to their true selves, and there will be no reason for petty fighting. You fight because you perceive of yourselves as separate.

  28. FACE

    #27 when a black person is called an ape, it is not like any other person being called an ape. All that science doesnt supercede the context in which the ape reference isused in regard to blacks. It is used to imply the concept that blacks are further down the evolutionary ladder than whites. Thus, making them less human than whites. This was the basis of all the atrocities and evil committed by whites against blacks – including slavery. That is why I wish a slow painful death upon anyone who promotes or endorses this conpet.

  29. richcapo

    > Whites will never release their superiority complex.

    That’s an awfully racist comment, don’t you think. I’m white and have bo “superiority complex” towards blacks. Don’t be so white-a-phobic. Obama’s not.

  30. bootlips

    At least white people have something to feel superior about. Look at the civilization they created. Look at all the inventions, museums, schools, libraries, buildings, hospitals, etc.

    The negro just likes to act like they’re all that while they dress like clowns, do nothing, put gold in their teeth, drive new BMW’s, talk like idiots, rape, rob, assault, and cause chaos wherever they go. They live and act like animals yet they all seem to think they have mad skills or that they are something special.

    It’s time to stop babysitting them and let them see what life would be like with just negroes. They would starve to death in a Month.

  31. ooo ooo eeee ee shut the fuck up idiot.

    you make it racist by saying “when a black person…” .

    get past your white guilt (if youre white) or get past your ignorant self pity (if youre black) and get on with your life.

  32. Tits

    Who gives a shit about race anymore? No one is of a “pure race” and I don’t care how far back you can go. At one point, your ancestors were not what you think they were. And, we’re all the same color when the lights go out.

    This is a BEAUTIFUL woman and I PERSONALLY would still hit it and quit it.

    Racism is what brings this country down. If you have so many complaints about black people and the black community, why not try to make an improvement? You feel that it is beneath you to help a different race that is in need and that is sad. It’s funny that when other races have pride in their race it is a celebration. When whites have pride, they are complaining about jewish people, black people, etc etc. and how everyone and everything is against them. You all sound like paranoid schizo’s. I’d implore you to show your pride with a bit of intelligence.

  33. Lola

    Of course she has to move to Canada.. Once her boy is elected here, he may just go after all the money the celebrities hide so they don’t have to pay taxes on it.. Sweet justice if all the stupid celebrities in Hollywood are made to actually pay up… Then they wouldn’t be so quick to elect a socialist. Hope it backfires on them and they all go broke.

  34. J@cko

    @ Bootlips. Sir Isaac Newton, one of the forefathers of Western science, was humble enough to say “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of Giants”; thus admitting that contemporary knowledge is nothing but a patchwork of intellectual taken from other cultures that ignorants like you call inferior.

    Architecture and music come from Africa. Medicine, Mathematics and Chemistry come from the Middle-East. Philosophy and Democracy come from Greece, where they consider your people as apes.

    And so much for our civilization: we invented financial products so sophisticated that everybody bought them without having a clue how they worked. The rest is History.

  35. Yes I cosign for everyone who agrees that bootlips is an idiot. First of all Halle is half white, and she is gorgeous even without that nasty azz make up wome call themselves wearing.

  36. CT

    Yes, it seems that just about every time there’s a post about a black person (or half black person, as the case may be), this Bootlips character comes around to demonstrate his unquestionable superiority by calling them “guerilla” or “ape”.

    Many white people have accomplished great things, but I wonder what Bootlips has accomplished. Bootlips thinks that because some OTHER white individuals have actually contributed something to the world, that makes HIS undoubtedly worthless self superior to blacks and other people. So, if a black person is more attractive, successful and wealthy than our friend bootlips here–which probably isn’t difficult–then bootlips can still feel superior to this person due to crime statistics.

  37. Paul

    I wonder if she’ll get her first Canadian DUI?

  38. Wow…, she is pretty and gorgeous. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

  39. James

    They can’t do anything about their looks but I’ll stop calling blacks apes when the majority of them stop acting like a bunch of dumbass apes who don’t care about race, fuckin jew slaves. Beauty like Halle Berrys has a right to exist.

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